Saturday, August 8, 2015

PoV Aftermath - The "Comic" Competition - We Cant Wait to Laugh at Ourselves Later #BB17

So we're back, and  it was the "Comics" competition, which was certainly not expected by me or apparently the house guests.  In this comp they usually rappel or jump on a trampoline to see a series of Big Brother Comics, only to be quizzed somehow on what they saw specifically.  I think they had to climb a ladder this time.

When the cameras return, we see Becky energetically talking about having to go first, and thinking it took her about 22 minutes.  The Twins are "obsessed" with their comics and can't wait to get a copy on Finale night.

(Production will actually ship them a box with the cartoon and a bunch of other souvenirs about a month after they get home.)

Steve played.  So far I don't see a necklace.

Johnny Mac is like a zombie, just sitting and staring, and playing with his teeth a little.  He was the PoV host, so maybe that five hour ordeal just took a lot out of him.

Meg doesn't seem upset, but she doesn't seem joyful, either.

There is a cloud of silence over the room as people move about the kitchen.  They have tried to fix the kitchen mess issue, but we'll see how committed everyone is to carry out their chores.

OK.  Steve comes in the bathroom and talks to Vanessa, who is in the shower.  She is talking to Steve about the different comics she had trouble with.

Steve asks her if there is anything she needs right now, and she congratulates him.

So Steve won the PoV.

Becky and James motioned to each other to go to the Have Not room, where they had a quick celebration.

Becky: That couldn't have gone better...and Steve wants Vanessa out!

They don't think Shelli knows about the plan to backdoor Vanessa, but she actually does know.

Shelli's eating ice cream, one of her favorite snacks.

Vanessa goes through the motions as she does her normal routine out of the shower.

Austin is pretty down, too, since he is worried about himself or a Twin getting nominated.

Probably just Liz, but we'll pretend he includes Julia in his worries, too.

Shelli came in and they had kind of a terse conversation about where the clean towels are.

Turns out there aren't any, and Vanessa has been using the same towel for a long time.

Don't they do laundry?

Meanwhile these Twins are doing their thing, being bubbly an talkative.

These girls like to eat, too.  They appreciate a good meal and I appreciate that.  They think they got about an hour of sleep while they waited for the competition to be over.

Jackie, who appears to be out of her Armor now: It was ugly sleep, though.  It wasn't good.

Vanessa thanked them for making her some chicken nuggets.  Julia asked Johnny Mac if he wanted some chicken nuggets.

JMac:  Are there any left?

Julia:  Yeah...go over there and get some-ah!

(Audrey used to bogart all of the faux chicken nuggets, which irritated the Twins to no end.)

Shelli and Vanessa finally speak with some meaning.  Shelli is very disappointed in herself, and Vanessa says she is, too.

Vanessa:  And I know I have trouble with the speed, too.  Like getting up that ladder....I know that I can't get up there like the younger kids, and I know that is an issue.

Apparently Meg came in second to Steve.  Julia comes in and Shelli starts going through the problems she had, and her regrets if she could do it over.

Julia:  Oh no-ah...

During the comp Shelli was isolated in the Hammock Room.  Becky waited in storage and Austin was in the Have Not room.

Liz says she was having a hot tub party out there.  Her comic said she'd "steal your heart and your wallet".  Jason's talked about Mylanta, and Austin's had something to do with a "barbarian".  Vanessa's comic featured her squire hat, and also managed to bring in her green beanie.  Maybe the squire hat was green.

Da'Vonne's comic said "One Tough Mother" or something like that, featuring the name "Mama Day".


  1. I just wanted to thank you for your updates! I didn't pay for the live feeds this year, but your posts give me all the goodness that I need for BB17!!

  2. Yes, a fine job of reporting, thanks!

  3. Yes, thanks for the updates! <3


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