Monday, August 10, 2015

Old Enemies, New Friends - The Hearts of Reality Weekend Wraps Up #BB17

If you don't know, the Hearts of Reality event is in it's 6th year, and is an event to raise money for children who need medical help.  It is held in Orlando, so for people who think these reality show people are clawing for stardom by attending, you obviously haven't been to Orlando.

It's a great way for them to meet each other, and for the fans to meet them.  It was a weekend chockfull of themed events and parties, and there was also a convention center event with a long table set up where the reality stars were seated alphabetically to meet and greet their fans.

If the event was held in Atlanta, I'd probably buy a ticket and go.  I'm not someone looking to build my own profile in the reality blog community,  but I would enjoy meeting all of these people and would probably come back with all sorts of juicy scoop.

Someone on Reddit said that Jace was a big draw at the convention center, creating a lot of excitement for the fans who saw him. He was also reported be very nice.  I saw him tweeting over the weekend about being happy that he was included n the BB Comic PoV competition.

Here he is with Ian Terry and some sort of PoV medal.

There was an 80's themed party and it looks like Derrick met Michael Jackson.  And Judd was there, too.

Victoria Rafaelli was at the event over the weekend, so I'm guessing she took this picture by the pool.  Even if not, it is a beautiful shot and since she is a photographer, it can't be an accident.

The famous Boston Rob from Survivor apparently had a great time this weekend with Mike Holloway, winner of Survivor San Juan Del Sur. Rob actually lives in the Pensacola area, so the event was sort of close to home for him and many of the other event participants who live in Florida.

(Like Amanda, Victoria, Zach, Andrew Gordon, Jessie Godderz, etc.)

I love Boston Rob.  He's my guy, but he doesn't know it.


Ian is still gripping Nicole in this picture (like the picture yesterday).  You can't blame a guy for trying, can you?  There are two guys in here who must be from The Amazing Race, posing with Deena from Jersey Shore and a Minion.

And our own Jeff Weldon says this girl is his "future wife".  She is from one of the classic seasons of Survivor but I don't remember much about her game, unfortunately.

(So she must not have been on a Boston Rob season...)

Amanda is fun to follow on social media because she enjoys the process so much, and the medium makes great use of her penchant for over-sharing.  So thank you Amanda, for sharing with us so freely.

I do love Elissa's Minnie Mouse costume.

I think they took this picture at Gatorland.  No way in hell would I touch that nasty snake.  But I would touch Cody, which makes me pretty basic, I guess.  That girl on the far right is from MTV, I think. I'll bet she would touch Cody, too.

Who wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall here, right?

A guy on Reddit who attended the event said Audrey was the prettiest girl there.

So take that, haters.


  1. Great stuff Feed Watcher! Really enjoying reading and sharing your blog entries.

  2. "so for people who think these reality show people are clawing for stardom by attending" - oh clearly the people are there for children, instead of the fandom and partying, and free swag...just based on the total sum of selfies with other cast members.

    BTW, this organization has no 990 listed or available online - therefore they aren't forthcoming about their budgets or the amount of funds that actually go towards charity.

    It's just an expensive excuse to party, with a pr spin for charity to make it less self absorbed.

    1. I realize you are very angry about all of this, but you are wrong about the organization. Give Kids the World provides audited financial statements and also their latest Form 990 right on their website.

      I really don't give a shit about each participant's individual motivations. I just write a blog about a reality show.

      Maybe you should try a different past time, if the sight of their pictures creates such animosity within you. Life is too short.

      And if you are the one who wrote the longer, uglier comment that did not clear moderation, I am from Orlando.

      So you are wrong about that, too.

  3. The girl you mentioned being from MTV in the snake photo is from The Challenge - Cara Maria :)

  4. I love this blog! Been reading for years although never commented. Your writing style is awesome and funny. Love the way you write about the twins-ah.

  5. Thank you Katie! I always knew you were out there-ah!


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