Saturday, August 8, 2015

More Action from Hearts of Reality #BB17

I don't think this picture should be at the top, but I'm too lazy to move it right now.  So it stays.

Sure Colton Cumbie quit Survivor twice, but he had a terrible tragedy soon after that made him a more sympathetic character.  And getting in the frame with Janelle doesn't hurt, either.  

Deena from Jersey Shore and Amanda Zuckerman from BB16, of course.  Amanda looks beautiful.

Amanda and BB16 Kingpin Derrick Levasseur.  He must be freaking out right now, huh?

Amanda' indicates here that these people are from The Amazing Race, but I have no idea who they are.

This should be the top picture, with Ian Terry (BB14)  giving Nicole Franzel (BB16) an awkward hug. Nicole really works that leg pose here.  Ian is now a high school physics teacher in Houston Texas.  So he's leading America's science-loving youth.  I think that's great.

That is Rachel Reilly (BB12 & BB13), and her sister Elissa Slater (BB15) with Jeff and Jace.

Kind of wild, right?  That doesn't even look like Rachel at all to me.

Where the hell is Helen Kim (BB15)?  Why isn't she coming to these events?  And why isn't Andy Herren (BB15) there?

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  1. The good majority of these people come for the attention and free bags of swag. The are a bunch of fame whores. If you had spent all summer with these people, would you want to spend it with these douches? NO! Andy and Helen are smart. They fit within the latter category that casting described as going back to civilian life with ease and without problems. They don't need to be famous, and never wanted to be.


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