Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Morning Briefing - Here's What You Need to Know. #BB17

Of course you know that James won the PoV and will be taking himself off the block later today.  Here's a few other things that you need to know as we kick off this week in Big Brother.

*  Vanessa is planning to nominate Julia in James' place.

*  This move was discussed with the AusTwins and they somehow agreed to it, after Steve promised Julia that she had his vote to stay this week.

*  Julia is not excited about having to make a speech on the live show, but Vanessa has promised to help her with this task.

*  Vanessa helped sell the plan to everyone by pointing out that Meg will continually be used as a pawn, and whoever is sitting next to her on the block will be evicted as a much bigger target.

*  Steve and Johnny Mac plan to approach James to join them in their alliance with Vanessa, with the goal of targeting the AusTwins.  They know that after Meg leaves, James will need allies in the game.  And the four of them will have some big advantages in the upcoming competitions.

*  Austin told Vanessa that he realizes it is unrealistic for him to try and save the Twins, and wants to make deals to save himself.   He asked Vanessa to broker a truce between him and Johnny Mac to offer each other safety.

*  Vanessa asked Austin if he was considering sacrificing his game for Liz if it came to that, and Austin basically said "Hell No", and that his family would be livid if he did something stupid like that.

*  I don't think the Twins know anything about Austin's idea that they might be expendable.  But of course, Vanessa can tell them all about it if necessary at some point.

*  The house guests have NO IDEA that there will be a Double Eviction this Thursday.  They have asked Steve about it several times, and Steve has said he expects it to happen next week, but not this week.  So I think we may see the house guests truly surprised when Julie Chen makes the announcement.

*  This surprise may be spoiled, however, if Production tells Vanessa to wear athletic clothing.  As the outgoing HoH, she is not expecting to compete on Thursday night, but due to the double eviction there will be a live PoV competition that she will need to be ready for....typically the classic "Clown Shoe" competition.

*  Once he learns of the Double Eviction, will Steve be tempted to evict Julia instead of Meg, in hopes of eliminating two of the AusTwins in one night?  That's something we need to keep an eye on, for sure.  (Steve is trying to build his BB resume for finale night.)

*  Yesterday the house guests were locked down outside, and before being called back in, Production told them that was a surprise for them in the storage room, and that the Have Nots could partake, as well.  So they raced back there, with dreams of fast food deliveries or maybe the makings of a party, only to have their hopes dashed.

It was just the damn Fun Dip.  And no one was more irritated by this than Julia (a Have Not) and also Meg, who (correctly) stated that the last thing they need in there is more candy.  Because of course, the Have Nots already have an unlimited supply of gumdrops.

Austin was very sarcastic about it, saying that the live feeders are really sticking it to them.  I think the Ring Pops would have been sticking it to them, but whatever.

Johnny Mac (a Have Not) was the only house guest to rip open a packet of Fun Dip and dig in immediately.  His mouth was blue, but he told the live feeders it was okay to eat sugary things as long as you brush and floss immediately afterwards.  And he did, of course.

They have three flavors of Fun Dip.  He chose the RazzApple Magic flavor, saying it sounded like drugs, and later said with  Fun Dip, he "couldn't feel his face".

*  Meg approached Vanessa with a deal last night, promising to throw the HoH comp if Vanessa keeps her safe this week.  Vanessa plans to wait to hear James' side of the offer before committing to anything.   Not much chance of that, in my opinion, because Vanessa feels she has safety from both sides of the game in the next week.

OK.  Now you know what I know.  Unless I don't know I don't know about something.  Whatever.


  1. Production is sucking a$$ this year. Welcome to BB17, expect the expected :/ womp womp.

  2. "Production" and "Blood on my hands" are this season's catch words/phrases. The lesser relied upon use of " that being said" is welcome, but its funny how these verbal things become overused on this particular program. Or is it just me, and I didn't, in previous seasons notice the frequent use of "Production" and "Blood on my hands"? Sometimes I am kinda slow on the uptake.

  3. I'm tired of the "blood on my hands" phrase, for sure. I remember Aaryn saying she had "blood up to her elbows" in BB15.

  4. Last year's phrase was "at the end of the day..." I was SO SICK of that. Caleb said it most of all.

    1. Now it is Vanessas favorite phrase. Sick of it and her too.

  5. blood on my hands is more Vanessa than anyone else, although I wouldn't be surprised if Austin has said it a lot too. I just get these ideas in my BB head and this is a great place to let it out and I thank you, FW.

  6. "Blood on my hands", and "see where his/her head is at". Come on, I'm sure they have plenty of time to come up with something else.

  7. Don't forget "brass tacks" and Vanessa's "at the end of the day."

  8. I for one am sick of Vanessa's insane blabber/blubbering. I'm right with Meg when she says " I'm confused..."
    Of course this is the case with many highly intelligent people. It sounds right in your head, you just can't translate it into words that others can grasp.
    If someone doesn't make a move soon and get those twins out they have this game locked up. I would love to see the look on Julia's face if Julie said "By a vote of 3-to-two are SAFE!" Can you imagine the stunned silence? Now that would be dang good TV!! (georgy girl)

  9. We can only hope that Julie says that Meg is safe....what a kick in the a** for the asstwits....and then Vanessa will have to fork over 10K to Julia on top of it...lmao


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