Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lots of Down Time is Making This Complicated.... #BB17

After the buzzer issues that were discussed on the last post, the live feeds return and I see Steve pacing on the sidelines as the girls wish the guys luck on the next heat.

Apparently Johnny Mac lost the battle on this heat.

This is as good a time as any for the quid view... the girls start cheering to the tune of  "Mickey You're So Fine" and we get FISH again.  We have had less than five minutes of live feed time since the live show ended 51 minutes ago...


  1. Lame week. Lame lame lame HOH - unless Austin has balls to take out Vanessa, I'm not interested. Total waste.

    Ideally, if he does, and she leaves on Thursday - yet comes back ( I will then resume watching with glee! *Fingers Crossed*)

  2. I would love to swap JMac with Rachel
    and Meg with Amanda. That would bring some fireworks. These hgs seem to be like lame ducks biding their time until jury. There aren't enough strategists to keep everyone on the edge of their seat--which is why I fell in love with BB in the first place.


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