Thursday, August 13, 2015

Julie: Houseguests...I Need Your Answer, and Don't Forget to Reset. #BB17

Double eviction episodes are always a fan favorite....exciting and terrifying for all of the house guests, and also most of the fans, too.  Here is what you can expect to see on tonight's show.

*  A clip package showing us all of the scrambling and scampering that has taken place over the last three days. Probably a little crying, and maybe a little frantic begging, too.
*  The 1st live vote and eviction, where either Vanessa or Shelli will make their way to the couch to sit with Julie Chen, and then to the jury house.
*  The live HoH competition, which will likely feature "True of False" or "A or B" questions, as discussed below.
*  Frantic and/or jubilant meetings being held in the Hammock Room by the new HoH, sandwiching a commercial break.
*  Live nominations.
*  A live PoV competition, perhaps the famous "Clown Shoe" competition.  I can't imagine Becky not dominating that comp, by the way.  It is physical and favors height and speed.  If Austin wants to win it, he could be a contender as well.
*  More frantic and/or jubilant meetings being held in the Hammock Room, punctuated by heavy breathing.
*  Someone may cry in the bushes, too, ala Rachel Reilly.
*  The 2nd live vote and eviction.  Note that this person will not go directly to the Jury, but will lag behind a day or two and then surprise the 1st evictee at the Jury House.

Then later tonight, before the Big Brother After Dark episode airs on POP, the feeds will be down while the 2nd HoH competition takes place.  We'll get to see that one on the Sunday night CBS episode, along with expanded clips of the frantic Hammock Room meetings that we didn't get to see due to the CBS commercial breaks.

The worst I can remember is Judd Daughtery begging like a dog about to be put down during a BB15 double eviction.  Remember McCrae going in the photo booth to cry with Andy?  Whew, that was a rough one.

The BB13 episode when Shelley turned on Big Jeff was tough to watch, too.  Jeff was so mad he barely even said goodbye to Jordan when he left.  Then sweet Jordan attacked Shelly and had to be pulled away by Rachel.

Unless the Twins get put on the block tonight, I don't expect to see that level of emotion.  But who knows?  I'm nervous just thinking about it.


OK.  Becky certainly has an idea that her plans for this week might not work out.  The Goblins have let her know that they might vote to save Vanessa. As you might expect, Becky was not happy about that, and seems to be regretting how forceful she's been towards Vanessa.

And she's spent a lot of time alone in her HoH room, which is kind of sad.  Meg, James and Jackie all volunteered to be Have Nots this week, but that means that they can't stay up in the HoH, and certainly can't share any of Becky's HoH goodies.  They probably don't want her kale or brussel sprouts, but I'm sure they would have liked some of Becky's red wine.

But maybe Becky wanted to be alone.  Who knows.

Yesterday Julia saw something on Liz's neck, and wanted to pull her out in the backyard to discuss it, where everyone in the house wouldn't hear about it.  Austin came out there with her, and Julia told Liz that she sees a hickey on the back of her neck.

Liz was very upset, saying that she can't believe that happened, and planned to wear her hair down, or say that she had a curling iron accident.  I noticed, though, that she kept her hair up in front of everyone else for a few hours, so she can't be that embarrassed about it.

Julia knew that the neck was one of Liz's sensitive areas, and Austin said he knew that, too.

By the way, I was very surprised to see Liz's DR session last night where she said Austin had grown on her.  I don't think she meant it in quite the way that it was presented on the CBS episode, but whatever.

The evidence doesn't lie, does it?

Last night there was a lot of commotion during the dinner hour.  The live feeds went down and the house guests were directed to the memory wall, where their pictures were replaced with short film snippets detailing various events that happened in the house this summer.

For example, the Gronk "shower party", footage of Vanessa falling during last weeks' "fill the bowl" HoH comp, and footage of Austin getting "punched" by Liz and Jackie.  Maybe even this very footage...who knows?

So everyone was chattering excitedly about seeing the videos.  It made them remember some good times in the house, and also some house guests who left weeks ago.

Shelli was kind of quiet, though.  The cameras focused on her a few times and she looked sad, and a little lonely while everyone talked over each other around her.  Becky was doing a lot of talking about a friend of her's who is adopted, and the struggles some adopted children face, so maybe that impacted Shelli.

Maybe she saw Clay Honeycutt in some of those videos, too.

(OMG...would the #BBScandal be featured in one of them?  I doubt it, since I didn't hear Meg mention it, but I guess it would be a possibility.)

Once again Liz is preparing a fairly elaborate meal for the group, assisted by her Sous Chef Austin.  Here they are dumping sliced zucchini into a pan.

I think there may be steak, too, from what I heard Austin tell James.  Those Have Nots were really hoping they would get an In 'N' Out Burger delivery tonight, so they must be disappointed.

The Twins' mother owns a catering company, so maybe that is where Liz learned to cook for a crowd.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom Vanessa had a pretty intense conversation with Johnny Mac.  I came in while they were in mid-conversation, but I heard Vanessa say later that she liked that he came up to her and asked if they could chat.

Johnny Mac has been rather morose lately, probably due to his plummeting status with the other house guests.  He has been going up to various people and telling them that he wants to be part of a group in the house, but it is a little late for that at this point.  The house guests who have chosen sides want him out of the house, and he knows it.

I think Vanessa knows he will be voting to keep Shelli, but she gives him some stats anyway, saying that if she stays, it is likely he will be going on the block with her for the second eviction (implying he will stay over her), but if Vanessa leaves, he will be on the block with Steve, with a more uncertain outcome.

Here are a few other tidbits from this conversation:

*  Vanessa says Shelli is a great girl, and she has no issue with her whatsoever.  Keeping Shelli is a great choice, too.
*  If Vanessa stays, she has some things to tell John, some information to give him, but she needs to think about it first.
*  One thing she will say now is to be careful trusting Becky---she is a proven flip-flopper and has done that twice already, with very little enticement.
*  As an example, she says that Becky tried to start an alliance with Vanessa and Shelli as her top two (i.e. "The Generals") but now both of them are on the block.
*  John admits he's really down, but Vanessa tells him the game is far from over for him, reminding John that Audrey had a dream that he won the game.
*  Vanessa:  And her name is like "I Dream"...did you realize that?

*  Vanessa tells John that he is seen as being very loyal, so why shouldn't he try to make some deals with people based on that?
*  Be creative, she says, because he has credibility with people and he can use that in the game.
*  As an example, she says he works out with the other guys..why not start up game talk while doing that and talk about plans for the next week?
*  Vanessa has no idea what will happen in the next 24 hours, and it is so awkward being put up on the block next to Shelli, because she really likes her.  I wish I didn't like her so much, Vanessa says, because this would all be easier.
*  Johnny thinks he might have anemia, but Vanessa says he's been working out a lot and might just need to eat more, and then he might feel better.
*  Johnny just feels like he's doomed in the game, but Vanessa tells him not to be a victim of it, he can make things happen instead.
*  She says that if she wasn't so introverted, and was more social, she would be doing better in the game, and tells Johnny to push himself to be more social, too.

As they wrapped up their talk, Johnny left the room.  I didn't see any hugging, but he might have needed a good hug after all of that.

Upstairs Becky was conducting a study session for The Goblins and Shelli, asking them question after question about the digital videos they saw tonight.  Becky is counting on them to win and wants them all to be ready.

Becky is a good taskmaster, and fires the questions while making a clacking sound with something she has in her hand.  Questions like, "was there a T-shirt slung over the shower during the Gronk party?", and "what type of hat was Jace wearing?" and so forth.

Becky, imitating Julie Chen:  James...I need your answer!

Downstairs in the bathroom Austin says he wants to go up to the HoH to see what they are up to.

Vanessa:  I'll bet you'll be back in 10 minutes due to the awkwardness!

But Austin seemed to fit right in, and jumped into the Q & A with them.  James excitedly told him that there was a Swiffer in the background of one of the videos.  (One of the fine sponsors of their bowling show.)

Austin:  Really?  That's huge!  I'm so happy!

The talk turns to the color of the trashcan in the video, and other potentially pertinent facts.

Meg:  It was so fun to see us all today!  But I was so creeped out by the camera angles.

Austin:  Yeah, those cameras are right there in the windows, so you don't think about them.

Meg:  You never feel how close they are!

Austin:  They're watching us right now, probably even focusing right on Shelli.

Downstairs the Twins sit with Vanessa in the Hammock Room to do some Jedi drilling of their own.  But first the Twins want to discuss the vote and Vanessa's chances.  Vanessa also told them a little bit about her meeting with Johnny Mac, saying he is very down about things, and wishes he was a part of a group.

Liz:  Well it is a little late for that!

Julia thinks he is like an awkward turtle, just flopping around with his flippers.

Vanessa tells the Twins that she is hopeful she is staying, but the situation with being on the block with Shelli makes everything so much harder.

Vanessa:  Imagine if the two of you are on the block together and you'll understand how awkward this is for me.

Liz: Oh no...if that happened we wouldn't even talk to anybody about it.

Vanessa:  Well, it will happen at some point.  And you should plan for that--figure out who has the best chance to go to the end and win and then tell everybody else to vote out the one who doesn't.

Liz thinks Vanessa should do more campaigning tomorrow with The Goblins, just to check in with the and make sure the plan is solid.  She says she will be so upset if Vanessa leaves.

Vanessa says she hopes she stays, but if she leaves then she wants the two of them to do well, so she wants to start drilling with the video on the bottom right.  (Probably the opposite of what most of us would do, which is start at the top left...)

Vanessa:  You know what?  We should get Shelli in here with us to drill.

The Twins:  No...she already went upstairs to study with them.

Vanessa:  What?  Oh no...

After a moment they jump into it, with similar questions to Becky's upstairs, except Vanessa also focuses on which direction people were looking in, and which hand and/or leg they were using in the forefront, in addition to colors and the order of people from left to right.

One of the Twins wants to make up a little song to remember details like right or left hand, and Vanessa says that is a good idea, and they will do that later.

Seeing how the study groups paired off behind closed doors probably didn't lift Johnny Mac's spirits much.  But he did have Steve to study with.  I think Steve could do very well in the HoH comp, if he is able to hear exactly what Julie is asking about, because he does tend to get distracted and veer off into other directions during conversations.

After John sits down next to Steve in the living room they hear the conversation stop in the HoH room upstairs, so they both wave to the cameras to say hello and let them know they know they are being looked at on the Spy Screen, you know.

Later Steve spent hours alone in the house, wandering and muttering to himself.  Probably studying, which is a good idea for him at this point.

And maybe cause for alarm for Becky, if she's still watching Steve.  I think that is "Larry" on the chair next to Steve, one of James' foil creations.


Janelle is pulling for Vanessa, which is a little surprising to me.  I thought Janelle would be more of a Shelli girl.  But Vanessa's girlfriend appreciates it, of course.

Shelli's family is pulling for her too, of course, and was doing so in a nice manner, until they retweeted a comment from Jun Song calling Vanessa a junkie.

Uncalled for, I say.  And beneath general Poole Family standards, I hope.


  1. I love that tonight's eviction is so up in the air. I would rather see Shelli go for the King Goblin's sake, but either way it will be great tv. I also hope a Goblin wins the second HOH tonight.
    I've seen a lot of fans getting nasty with the hgs' name calling. Junkie seems to be common.
    I think it's unnecessary to take such cheap shots....but what do I know. Especially when there's no proof.
    It's not like the - Austin rarely takes a shower - thing. The live feeders know the truth about that. The live feeders always know the truth.

  2. With "expect the unexpected" having become sort of a bygone BB cliché and motto, things being "up in the air" is truly one of what has become a seldom encountered example of the unexpected. The repetition, week after week, of the votes to remove houseguests being so completely pre-determined, are so tiresome. So I am glad to hear that things are up in the air. And actually I just realized that I sort of found something to like about Austin, those "unexpected" votes he made in the guise of whatever Judas is, I guess I actually like it that he did those.

  3. well, I guess that I overestimated the whole up in the air thing, but that in itself helped prime me for "expect the unexpected", I guess. and as a repeat offender on the whole " guy finds heat via BB houseguests" thing, seeing that JohnBoy also has hair on his chest was an unexpected plus on tonites show, and ol Steve being shown with repeated evidence of a bulging crotch, no doubt without ever thinking he was doing that, well heck yes, another expect the unexpected experience.

  4. SO did Steve really attempt to throw the comp in DE? I mean he is going around saying he didn't wan to do that. LMAO. Predetermined game. He wasn't interested in getting out the Van or the twins, so Grodner probably gave him the last question since he wasn't at the time going for her.

    1. Until we get to see Steve's DR sessions, we really won't know. Steve talks and mumbles to himself constantly, so we can't really rely on what he might mumble at any given time.

      I don't think there was any Production intervention. By eliminating the BBTakeover, they were admitting that the game would be better if they just stayed out of it and let the cast play.

      Personally I think Steve was afraid of being evicted last night---so he wanted to win HoH to prevent that, but was clearly unprepared to carry out the HoH mission on live TV.

      It was good TV, but extremely awkward TV.

    2. Well, Liz is HOH and she is scatterbrained, she openly keeps saying things about many other houseguests out of annoyance. She and julia will probably put up JMAC and Meg. Austin won't get his way - they don't like him. Van could use what they've said in the past to undermine them with other houseguests.


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