Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is it HoH PIcture Day Again....Do We Have To? #BB17

Liz was the first person to wake up and stay up today.  She was eating, of course.  The girl likes her food.

Austin got his camera for the HoH picture session and he wanted to put a bar of Irish Spring in just about every picture.  Liz and Julia yelled at him for this, because they don't think CBS will use the pictures.

Meg got hit in the eye with a piece of chocolate yesterday and I think she has a purple bruise.  Someone in the DR looked at it and gave her an ice pack for it.

Another Irish Spring ad.

They all pretended to laugh in this picture like they were on a cheesy sit com.

Supposedly there was light rain or mist coming down out there and some of the photo shoot models were angry about it.  Hint:  "What the fuck-ah."

At one point they saw one of the Production Beefcakes on the roof and Austin tried to take a picture of him.  We got FISH, of course.

Poor Johnny Mac has to act interested in this process for the second week in a row.  Being on the block will force you to do things you don't want to do.

This was a good picture of the guys jumping.  Julia made them do it again so that James wasn't blocking Johnny.

Meg and the Twins wanted to take a picture of their heads in a triangle, but Austin gave Julia a really hard time about the placement of her head.

While this was happening, Vanessa and Johnny could have a quick conversation using normal, non-whispering voices, because they knew exactly where everybody else was at that time.

Vanessa:  Wouldn't it be funny if the person competing to come back in was from the first five evicted, and not the last four?  And we've been going crazy about the wrong thing?

(What Julie Chen told them about the Jurors still having a chance to come in the game would refute this, though.)

Vanessa says this was the worst HoH picture day yet...everyone is so tired and they really didn't put much creativity or energy into it, except for the Twins.

Speaking of the Twins, the original BB Twins, Adria and Natalie, aka the Fitness Twins, are now on Twitter.  I can still tell them apart---that is Natalie on the left and Adria on the right.

Those Twins had to make it unnoticed until after the fifth eviction, and then both of them could come in the game.  They were big mumblers, and also very big pro-Christian fundamentalists and ended up being very polarizing once they were playing together in the BB house.  But the anticipation of the big reveal was one of the most exciting Big Brother moments ever.

This You Tube video gives some background on how the the twist played out in the early weeks of the game, when the Fitness Twins were switching out, and then the live reveal from Julie Chen before the Twins began playing as individuals.

Obviously Michael "Cowboy" Ellis couldn't digest the information that Julie gave them, because he kept saying "it's Holly....it's Holly" even though Holly had been evicted from the game weeks earlier.

The house looks so tacky!  And the show was so low-tech!  And Diane Henry's tan....my god...her tan.


  1. I think the producers, DR sessions are feeding the houseguests certain information or details that the houseguests are picking up on. Austin is aware of this problem of both the bodyodor(which is illustrated on the comic) and Liztins dating being a topic of contention. They've officially become "serious" - and are talking on the feeds. Fuck them. I hope they repost the letter he wrote to his girlfriend before he left - which by the way is questionable tactics because aren't you supposed to refrain from writing or telling people about your plans to be on Big Brother. Whatever. I'm sick of these types of stunt castings. And of course, Van has turned on Jmac as predicted. She didn't even entertain the idea of keeping him. She doesn't care about this weeks outcome. She knows that Austwins are on everyone's hit-list. I just wish it was next week already. Hopefully, James can pull off a win. But if he doesn't it's over - Van has won.

    1. Even if James pulls off a win, he will go after the Austwins. And if Becky returns, shes going after Liz. The only person that it's confirmed that would be going after Vanessa if she returns is Shelli. And even then, Van is that good a manipulator that she will get the Austwins targeted before her. It would have to be Van and Austin on the block. Julia will evict Austin, Liz will evict Vanessa, and then the rest is up in the air. Van will always manage to get herself to be safe because she is ''their'' pic of the season. I know, tin foil hat, but I am into conspiracies so why stop at Big Brother. The show's name in itself is a big reveal. If I,m mistaken, fine. But as much as I don't want her to win, m ready to put money on the table that she will. I'm broke, but won't mind losing that money if it comes down to it tho lol

  2. Well, as of this hour, she's flipped again and wants him around. When it matters is the hour before eviction. We will have to see.


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