Friday, August 7, 2015

I Feel Like We All Need Take a Deep Breath With Vanessa. #BB17

The last seven weeks have been quite a rollercoaster for Vanessa Rousso.  She entered the Big Brother house a bit of a mystery, with a successful gambling career and a pretty high profile in the world of poker.

She had a reputation for flashy smarts.  She had an image.  I think we all wondered why in the world Vanessa would want to be on Big Brother.  She started out the season crying on the first night of the live feeds, but then settled down and got to work in the background, making connections and eventually making things happen.

But lately, we've all seen Vanessa run right off the rails in what looks like a paranoid frenzy of words and confrontations.  She seems to know all about the inner workings of the BB house, but seems to be overplaying almost every situation and has all but lost the art of subtlety.

Vanessa might be in a lot of trouble this week.  She's getting backed into a corner and may or may not have the tools to get herself out.  Shelli and Steve are on the block, but everyone including Vanessa knows that Vanessa is the backdoor target.  What if Austin wins the PoV?  He said he would use it to save her, but would he really do that if Becky tells him she will nominate Liz in Vanessa's place?

Anyway, a lot of things need to take place before we even get to that point. I just thought we should reacquaint ourselves with the Vanessa we never really knew at the beginning of this summer.  I think you will see plenty of flashes of the Vanessa we see everyday, and a reminder that she came in the house with a full, exciting life behind her.

This 2012 video features Vanessa explaining to us what a "tell" is, and the information that provides to whoever is watching for them.  She actually mentions looking at the veins in people's necks to look for an adrenaline rush, which is what I heard her say about Austin....that she knew he was lying when she saw the vein in his neck throbbing.

This video is from 2014, where Vanessa is actively pursing her DJ career in addition to playing tournament poker.  She has on a new wave outfit, with new wave shoes!  We get to see her home studio, too.

And the studly hunk interviewing her is definitely flirting with her.  And she's kind of flirting right back.  Why not...he's hot.

And here's Vanessa in her first commercial.  No green beanie here.

Let me tell you something...those BB17 house guests would flip if they saw something like this.  Jackie might even be nice to her.

And this is a short video, but it is important to watch even if you aren't a poker fan, because we get to see a very familiar chain of behaviors by Vanessa.  I'l go ahead and spoil it by saying that Vanessa loses this hand, but the way she nervously babbles when it's over, and the small comments she makes to her opponent sound very familiar.   See if you agree.

(Oh, and the host says we all know that "Vanessa is Agressa".)

This video shows our Vanessa playing two hands with an "everyman" who flirts with her like crazy.  I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I have a new understanding of Vanessa after watching this.  Whatever happens to Vanessa this week on Big Brother, it will be an outcome that she is well-trained to handle.

And this is a 30 second video apparently filmed by some creeper who saw her Gallardo zipping down the streets of Las Vegas. He knows who she is, too.   It's kind of hard to believe our Vanessa would drive such an ostentatious car, given her relatively low-key style of everyday attire.

I listened to Vanessa talk recently about applying for The Amazing Race and nearly being cast---she was an alternate five years ago.  She told the others that she learned to drive a stick shift car, but did it only once, in case she needed those skills for the race.

Are Lamborghinis automatic?  

This is just a small sample of what is out there on YouTube featuring the many facets of Vanessa.  The funny thing now is that there are Big Brother clips mixed in with the other stuff.

And finally, just for fun, let's all remember what the late great Joan Rivers thought of poker players...a classic moment in Celebrity Apprentice history..

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  1. Loved...loved...loved, Joan Rivers. I really enjoyed her on the C.A. She cracked me up in that episode. "She's a pokah player! A pokah player!" Ha.


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