Monday, August 10, 2015

Get Ready for a Becky Overload. #BB17

Today opened with Becky calling Austin up to let him know that Vanessa would be going on the block in Steve's place.  Becky made sure to let Austin know that this has been her plan from the start, and gave her huge list of reasons why she wants Vanessa to leave.

Austin apparently really believed that Becky would nominate Johnny Mac, to ensure that Shelli would go home.  Becky tells Austin that it's okay with her if he tells Vanessa that he had no idea about any of this.

Austin:  Is that okay?  Can we do that?

Becky got called to the DR but she kept right on talking to Austin while she got ready.  They really got rid of the privacy in that HoH bathroom, didn't they?  Not only do they not have a door to the main area, but the wall itself has all of those cut-outs allowing you to see right through.

Meg is excited about today, but is frightened, too.  She apparently thinks Vanessa is going to blow a gasket when she finds out she is on the block, and has been lied to all week about Becky's plans.

Liz makes a big deal about how dressed up Steve is today, and goes over to roll up his sleeves for him.  She is his Official Sleeve Roller, Steve says.

Butch Jackie.

This picture is crazy, right?

Liz gave Julia a hard time about the back of this shirt.  She told her that the top is meant to be a cover-up for a bikini, and that if she wears it like that it could create a scandal for CBS.

When the live feeds came back after the PoV ceremony, Vanessa laid in bed, talking to Shelli.  She was a little shaky, but was already alternating from wanting to cry, and wanting answers.  She wanted to know if Shelli knew about this, and Shelli swore that she didn't.

But Vanessa kept asking questions about what conversations were held, when they were held, and who was in the room.  If Shelli was smart, she would cut this off now, because Shelli did know Vanessa was going to be blindsided and it's only a matter of time before Vanessa figures that out.

Shelli went on and on making the case that Vanessa is the last person in the house that she would ever want to sit on the block with, so why would she want this?

In Becky's speech, she referred to people who are close to Vanessa that apparently don't trust her or want her gone.  Shelli says she has no idea what Becky was referring to, and that the speech had nothing to do with her.

Vanessa:  So you know about it?

Shelli:  No, I didn't!

Vanessa says that Becky is a huge hypocrite, and by the time she's done, everyone will know what that means.  She also has something to tell Shelli, but she can't tell her until later, in Jury.

Shelli: can't tell me?

Vanessa:  I just know what happened....

She finally whispers that the DR wants Johnny Mac to stay, and this is one reason why they woke everyone up so early for the PoV ceremony.

Vanessa:  I knew this morning it was going to be a blindside, because they woke us up early the last time, too. (Jason)  They don't want anyone to have time to change their mind.

Vanessa:  The Twins knew about it...I could tell.  Did you see how no one wanted to sit next to me in the backyard while we were waiting to come inside to start?

Shelli:  Yeah.  There was that perfect little empty spot next to you that I came over to sit on.

Shelli tells her that last week, when she was nominated, she could tell the Twins knew about it beforehand.

Shelli:  I think they were scared...and scared to tell me. I understood.

Steve came in and made a big production of sitting down and breathing loudly.  After several seconds of silence, Vanessa asked what he wanted.

Steve:  I just came in to see how you are.

Vanessa, sarcastically:  Great.

Up in the HoH Becky is still holding the floor, and talking, and talking, rehashing the speech she just made.  She is super happy and smug about her accomplishment today.  This is the New Becky, and no one gets in her way.

Back downstairs, the reality is starting to sink in, and Vanessa really just wants to cry now, I think.

Vanessa:  Sometimes I wish I wasn't smart, and didn't know things.

But she says that she has been through worse things in her life...MUCH worse, and if she puts this in perspective, it is small, very small. At some point Shelli told her that the week isn't over...they both have time to discuss the situation with all of the house guests, and anything could happen.

The AusTwins came in to offer their support.  Vanessa asked them what they knew, and they all said they didn't know this would happen.

Vanessa doesn't understand why Becky did that, and what her speech meant.

Austin:  She has a whole list of reasons why...

Vanessa:  So you knew?

Austin:  No, I just went up there after the meeting and she told me.

Austin proceeded to tell her about how that week that Jason went up was so hard on Becky.

(Note:  Clusterfuck Step #1 on this post is the exact moment that Vanessa started losing BB17.  Not that I think that Austin leaving would have been the best thing for her game, but that is the moment she let paranoia dictate her decisions.  And that is never a good thing.)

Vanessa thanked Shelli for being the first one to come in and comfort her.  That means a lot, she says.

Vanessa:  But I am going to fight hard to stay with logical arguments, but Shelli I will not say one bad thing about you.

Shelli nods.  She understands.

Everyone left but Julia, who told Vanessa that she and her sister would vote to keep Vanessa, but she didn't want to say that in front of Shelli.

Julia:  What about Johnny Mac?  Can you try him?

Vanessa: I can, but I don't think I have much of a chance there.  I might try James, though.

Julia:  Because why would James want to keep Shelli, when she's coming after him for getting rid of Clay?

Vanessa thought about this's a good one.

In the kitchen Johnny Mac is enjoying a sandwich on the Have Not buns.  Austin tells the group that Steve is "isolating in the Hammock Room".

So of course, the cameras show Steve, who is laying on the floor of the Hammock Room.  He hears the camera spin and looks up at us.

Steve:  I know I'm riding a fine line here.  Becky's speech could just as well have been about me, but I'm just better at hiding what I'm doing than Vanessa is.

Steve:  I'm throwing the next HoH.  I don't need to win.  They will go for Shelli or the AusTwins before they come for me.

(Will they? I'm not so sure about that...)

Yes, Steve is laying on the floor.

Vanessa walked through the house looking for Becky, and found her outside and sat down for a chat.  Vanessa wanted to know why Becky did that...why did she lie to her about putting her up as late as last night, and what did she mean in her speech?  Vanessa wanted answers.

And Becky was angry in her answer, saying she would say one thing, and that was all Vanessa would be getting.  She started off by asking Vanessa what her (Becky's ) face looked like when Vanessa told her Jason was going on the block.  Vanessa was stumped by this question, so Becky told her that she was PISSED, and that Vanessa FORCED her into accepting that decision.

Becky:  And when you POINTED AT ME in front of a ROOMFUL OF PEOPLE what was I supposed to say?  I just had to go along with it, and it was HARD ON ME.

Really, Becky might have a list of logical arguments for nominating Vanessa, but her explanation here seemed really personal and rooted in the past, not the many things Vanessa has done in just the past week to create distrust.

Becky got up and stormed across the backyard and closed the sliding door behind her, leaving Vanessa sitting on the couch saying she just wanted to know why....

You will see the next scene on the CBS show.  Vanessa went right into the Have Not room and found The Goblins napping, all wearing shades in an attempt to sleep in the bright room.  Vanessa started complaining about Becky, and told all of them that Becky did know about Jason going on the block.

Meg: Yeah, we all know that. Becky told us.

Then Vanessa told them about the alliance that Becky created, called The Generals, and how she wanted to target James first, saying that she wasn't comfortable with that side of the house.  James thought the name The Generals was funny, and it reminded all of them of the cartoon insurance company character.

Maybe we can sign up The Generals as a sponsor, James said later.  The Goblins have been laughing about how stupid a name like "The Generals" is ever since.  But it's true....I actually heard Becky tell Vanessa how as a leader, you don't need to tell everyone everything..just a few generals, and everyone else will only know what they need to know.

After Vanessa left, Becky came in to gloat, as you can see by her picture below.  She also went and got a blanket to put over her head like Audrey, which was pretty funny.  Meg thinks it is funny that all of them wore their shades during that entire confrontation, and James had on that stupid kitty cap.

Austin and Liz think there is no way to save Vanessa, but at this point they still plan to vote for her.

Austin:  Becky said we can vote however we want, because she has four votes already, and will break the tie herself.

(So, Becky tells Austin how to vote now?  Really?)

Later Becky sat outside and talked....and talked.....and talked.....  you literally can't shut her up.  She talked about how she was hired in as management at Victoria's Secret but quit after six months, even after all of the training she received about bras and bra fitting.

Becky:  It took 10 hours.  Literally 10 hours to learn about the bras.

Becky said she shouldn't have left Abercrombie to go to a different company so soon after her accident, because it is so stressful to open a new store in the first place, much less a new concept by a different employer..  Becky had been hired to open "Pink" which is apparently a new VS concept targeted towards younger customers.

Becky says the higher up you go in  retail, the more single, childless employees there are in management.  She would like a new career in a field that would let her be "an awesome mother".

Becky also feels that America voted to give them the inflatable shark because of her.  Becky says that  there was a similar one in the backyard during one of the Gronk parties, and she claims she said over and over that she wanted to keep the shark.

Becky  And you know how they listen to everything...and now that I'm HoH they gave it to us!

(Suddenly I find myself wishing America had voted to give them the fucking "pool noodle".)

If only that shark could talk.  Or bite.


  1. What is with meg/jackie/james changing their mind the last minute? They want to keep VAN now?!?! Good grief, they are stupid.

  2. Just found your site and LOVE the recaps. Thanks for taking the time :-)

  3. Vanessa is awful. She is so self-righteous and patronizing. Integrity is like's not credible if u have to shove it downs

  4. I actually think it is a good idea to keep Vanessa. They may never get another shot at Shelli, she seemed to bounce back pretty quickly. Vanessa is a mess right now, and either way, her game is shot. No one (other than the Austwins) will believe anything she says. Meg, Jackie and James are right. They need to get rid of Shelli while they can.

  5. I'd love to see Shelli go. Apart from winning a few contests, she spent every minute with boring Clay. She should husband-hunt on her own time, not ours.

  6. Very true. It was good to give Vanessa that backdoor experience, but it's definitely time to get rid of Shelli. Shelli acts too entitled, seems to forget she's 33 and acts more childish than the youngests ones in the house! I thought maybe she would be a little more defeated this week after Mrs.Robinson and her beau were seperated, yet although she moons over him, had the fit over James wearing one of Clay's shirts, the happy go lucky divorcee teams up with the delinquent twins and go digging thru James personal belongings to get the shirt back. Production should have called them out on that.
    It's past time for Shelli to go, and then once she's gone, get rid of nasty Austin. He's a snake who should have gone weeks ago too!

  7. I think the house guest's this year are all horrible. With the exception of Steve! I wish they would bring the twists back and the twist should be were getting rid of these people. Shellie, Van James Meg, Jackie Austin Liz and Julia Becky. I think that leaves Johnny Mac and Steve which should be the only ones allowed in the house. These people are just complete idiots this year. No game what's so ever. Just a bunch of people ganging up on the others that are on the block. So tired of the same old crap.

  8. Vanessa folded like a cheap shirt! She must be delusional to think she wasn't going up! Clay gave that hoodie to James because it shrunk in the dryer and I don't know why James didn't speak up?? Shellie should have gone last week, but once again these idiots couldn't keep it together with all their back and forth on who they should vote out. Once again this will probably be one screwed up eviction this week.


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