Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dear Live Feeders: We Think You Are All Idiots! Yours Truly, Production. #BB17

This is this week's live feeder poll.


This is embarrassing.  I'm embarrassed to report this.

(You'd think they'd make the polls interesting enough to sell more monthly CBS internet subscriptions, right?  Well, you'd be wrong, I guess.)

I can only hope someone named Simon comes in the house and rips everyone a new one. Like Simon Cowell, maybe...


  1. I'm not quite sure I understand. I'm in Canada and ave CBS account and cannot watch live feeds directly. These polls, they are silly to say the least, but I heard that some of these have given results which CBS has ignored? Is that so? That te majority percentage went to one thing and CBS gave the houseguests te other thing. Where are the have-not food votes? I just hope when comes time to vote for fav hsg that you don't need a paid account and Canada can easily vote.

    1. CBS hasn't ignored any votes---they have done exactly what the live feeds voters have asked. But the problem is the lack of content in the votes. They are picking the Have Not foods themselves, since the Grunge Cakes choice, but even that is ridiculous.

      Why even bother to ask us anything, unless they are giving us the middle finger? Which is entirely possible.

    2. Thanks for the info. Yeah those votes choices are pretty lame. They could at least challenge the houseguests and give them prizes and punishments depending on each houseguests resut. Like for the hoolahoop. Have them hoop the hoop around a certain number of times, everyone who succeeds gets a prize, everyone who fails gets a funny punishment. Cash prizes, tickets, something they could leverage with others for jury votes and stuff. Anything.

  2. This is just them giving people a false sense of participation! Thanks as always! XooX


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