Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cody Said It Tonight - Even a Train to the Face Won't Stop Becky. #BB17

Of course, Cody was talking about this.

Jackie's bowl of oil looks competitive to me, but I haven't heard anyone call her out as being one of the front runners.

That's Jackie's bowl to the left of Johnny's, so to me the difference isn't huge.

Steve probably knows that if Johnny wins, he's probably good this week.  But if Becky wins, I'm not so sure.  Becky went off about how evil Vanessa was in the HoH room this week, but she flip flops pretty frequently, so I'm not sure which way she will actually go.

So far I haven't heard about anyone going for the $5,000 or the Never Have Not prizes.

Austin is covered in Crisco from falling so many times.  He's keeping up the chatter, though, and keeping things light.

Someone out there are only 4 guys now, and Jackie told whoever said it to "hush".

Someone also said that if Jace was there, he'd be flopping around everywhere.

Meg:  You know Production says we're not allowed to talk about Jace.

They all laughed.  You know that Jace's face wasn't even on the Halfway Party cake, right?  I think it was more a function of space, and not malice, but who knows.

You think Vanessa regrets getting into it with Johnny Mac a few hours ago?  He just stared at her while she challenged him, which seemed stupid at the time, but not such a bad idea now.

Someone mentioned that James doesn't have cocktails to drink while he watches.

Meg: Can you imagine how great it would be if you had beer?

James:  I don't want to hear about it Drunkie...I think we all remember what happened last time.

(ie. Meg got wasted during the PoV comp last week)

James:  I think Julie gave us a hint that someone from the Jury might get to come back.

Austin:  She did tell us that..someone from the Jury will come back.

Take a look at Becky's bowl -- she's really close--an inch or more above Johnny Mac.

We're going to have to listen to Becky Burgess babble all week, but maybe it won't be as bad as I think it will be.

Becky:  James, I need you to come Swiffer over here.

Everyone laughs.  They have to....because Becky is fast becoming the most fascinating person in their little world.

Austin:  Somebody's got to be getting close...

Meg:  Yeah...Becky is.

Austin:  Oh shit.

Ha ha. Then he catches himself and starts saying shit constantly, pretending it's some sort of pain issue, to cover up his slip of the tongue.  It's a pain issue all right...the Pain of Becky.

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