Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Clean That Kitchen, Squire! Or Someone Else, Please. #BB17

In the wee hours of the morning, Steve sat and chatted with Clay and Shelli, who are both totally oblivious to the fact that Steve is working with Vanessa.  He even tried to bait them into saying something bad about Vanessa, but they didn't.

They did badmouth Austin, however, vowing to make him a target for whoever stays in the house this week.  As usual, Shelli did most of the talking, but Clay did jump in here and there.  (Clay thinks the vote may be unanimous to evict Shelli, and told Vanessa that he no longer expected her to vote to keep Shelli.)

They also made a tentative agreement for Steve to check in with whoever stays this week, to stay in touch, to share information.  Not an alliance, you see, but an agreement to consider it.  Then Clay and Shelli went to bed.

Steve came outside and told the cameras that was an interesting conversation, and he planned to take them up on that.  Steve thinks he is an expert on the live feed cameras, so he is positive that we are watching him right now, and decides to talk to us.

Steve:  I do want to win HoH this week.  And Becky would be my target, because she's been saying way too much about me to way too many people.

Then Steve saw the cameras move and assumed that he was no longer on the live feeds.

Steve:  That means someone in the house is talking....not good.

(But Steve was wrong.  He was still on the live feeds. I have heard Steve talk crap about Becky a number of times, so I was really thinking that he would vote to keep Jason last week...)

In the morning,James got his HoH camera but no one was awake but him.  He took a picture of every sleeping house guest and finally found someone who was awake---Johnny Mac was in the kitchen and gladly took a tandem selfie with James.

James said that CBS would put the pictures on the website, but said he wasn't upset that people were sleeping.

James:  This is just what we do on Wednesdays.  (Except today is Tuesday, but whatever.)

The ants are back, and are back in a big way.  Becky came in the kitchen and saw the huge mess in the sink and immediately started bitching about the "egg pan".  Then she caught herself sounding bitchy and tried to soften it by saying that the "ants loved the egg pans".

(Yes, the word "egg" disgusts me as much as the object, but it is worse to hear someone say "aig" like Becky does.  Yuck.)

The camera shows us the ants crawling all over the coffee mug.

Becky can try to hide it, but the disgust shows on her face.  Johnny Mac must have noticed all those ants, but didn't say anything about it.

It really is disgusting in there.  The camera pans slowly over the pile of filthy dishes in the sink, showing us the trail of busy ants doing what they do best in the Big Brother house.

This happens every year.  Last year they tried to fix the dirty dish problem by issuing a cup, plate, knife and fork to each house guest, so that everybody had to clean their own.  And they also tried locking all of the extra plates and utensils in the storage room, but of course these initiatives didn't last very long.

Everyone finally got their asses out of bed and started preparing for the pictures.  Julia promised to take some pictures with James if he would promise to erase the one where she was sleeping.  They are dressing for a beach day, so Jackie is going to wear her "Knight-kini" for the occasion.

Jackie was her usual charming self, waiting in line to use the WC.

Vanessa says she was inspired to wear her "Whore-kini" today by Meg, who she claims was flirting with her as she adjusted Vanessa's mic pack.  All in good fun, of course.

Vanessa posed for a picture with Jackie in remembrance of her service as a Squire, but said she no longer had that costume anymore.  BB took it back.

The girls all posed for Julia, who held the camera.  Usually Shelli is the one who likes to manage the picture-taking process, but I guess she's taking this week off from camera duty.

Note that I think Meg is wearing the skirt that she loaned to Giselle a few weeks ago.  You know, the skirt that Jason said would be all stretched out from Giselle's fat donk?

Jackie is not required to wear her cape by the pool, but said she would wear it "for the hell of it".  Liz says that the bikini she is wearing is one she got in her HoH basket.  She likes it, but says it is a little small.

I like the big crab on the back of Liz's beach towel.

Liz had to find and wash a spoon so she could eat her slop this morning.  She says you know it's time to do the dishes, when that happens, because they usually have more spoons than any other kitchen utensil.

Johnny Mac turned on the charm for a picture with The Twins.  Austin said he was rocking out like a pimp.

(I wonder if Austin will target Johnny Mac now, due to this.)

The Twins wanted to take a Whackstreet Boys picture with Johnny Mac, and wanted him to get in the middle.  They had him do the pose that Jason did, standing on their knees, and told James to hurry.

A Twin:  James-ah!  Hurry up-ah!  We're burning-ah!

That California sunshine is hot, hot, hot.

When James got called to the DR, they knew he had to turn in his camera, so the group gathered for one last group shot, sans Clay and Shelli.

There was some confusion about where Becky would fit into the picture. I think she finally went to stand in front, probably blocking Johnny Mac's face.

Later, Clay and Shelli finally got out of bed and dragged around getting breakfast.  The cameras gave us a little tribute to James, a little nod to the drama he created with his bold nomination choices.

Shelli tells Clay to stop staring at her,because it weirds her out.


  1. Speaking of eggs, a man was ordering at a restaurant and he asked the waiter what the special was. The waiter said it was tongue sandwich. The man grimaced and said "I'm not eating something that came from an animal's mouth. Gimme a couple eggs."

  2. Ugh. When you stop eating eggs, then you can really smell them. They smell like sulphur---really disgusting.

    I was driving a car one time when someone in the backseat unwrapped an Egg McMuffin and I almost swerved right off the road, it smelled so bad.

  3. Speaking of eggs, a man was ordering at a restaurant and he asked the waiter what the special was. The waiter said it was tongue sandwich. The man grimaced and said "I'm not eating something that came from an animal's mouth. Gimme a couple eggs."

  4. Yeah, I've heard that somewhere.

  5. Replies
    1. Sometimes I receive text messages in double. And there are times where I just like to repeat myself. I just like to repeat myself...

      Anyway, that egg story is funny. Guess some ppl prefer what comes from ''the other end''. Or just the rear end...bacon mmm... But what is tongue sandwich? I know of cow's tongue cold cut (ozorek), its Polish (I's 50% Polish) and it's good stuff man. Most ppl who know me have gone ew and then tasted it and then went yummy lol

  6. Why does Steve hate Becky so much? It seems odd.

    1. Because Becky was the other half of the infamous "we have more privacy with all these cameras around than we do with Steve" conversation in the BR with Jason that Steve overheard. He can't get that out of his head.

  7. Because Becky is one of the other floaters..floaters push other floaters under the boat. Also, Everyone has made more of an effort to be humane to Steve imo..and from what I've read here. He's so awkward, lonely, she could be nicer. Thanks as always..also please let them create a HOH only Steve can win..PLEASE she types hoping maybe just maybe TPTB read this ;) XooX

    1. Yes, I would love to see Steve win. He would be such an interesting HoH and I want to see more of Steve. This would be good opportunity for him to get some info from people who don't know that he's working with Vanessa and those guys and he could use that to his benefit and for his alliance.


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