Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cheese! Let's All Smile and Act Happy. #BB17

Well it's Tuesday afternoon, and that can only mean one thing...it's HoH picture day.  

Steve is excited, sprawled across the next-door dentist chair.

Outside Austin take a picture with Liz and Vanessa.  Vanessa says she just got out of bed (or, a dentist chair) and reserves the right to delete the picture if she doesn't like it.

Turns out both Liz and Vanessa hated that picture, so they deleted it and moved to a shady spot for a do-over.

OK...yes I know that Austin and Liz have moved their relationship to a more physical level in the "privacy" of her HoH Suite.  And that happened at least twice yesterday, that I know about.

And that's all I want to know about that, for fear of puking.  Please refrain from graphic comments about it in hopes that we can all move on with our lives.

Liz wanted to pose with Gronk the Shark, but didn't know what to do.

So she left him on the fake grass, for the time being.

Meg, Becky, Liz and Vanessa posed on the hammock, with James laying on the ground at their feet.

And look at Johnny Mac, suddenly so interested in HoH picture day.  I assure you that normally he doesn't give two shits about HoH picture day.  Amazing what being on the block does to your motivation level.

(And both Becky and John fully expect to stay at this point.  One of them is probably correct, and the other is being lied to.....but which is which?  And will the which be the same which on Thursday, which is at least two weeks from now....in BB time.)

Johnny Mac's back is so bored-looking, as he tries to pretend to care about this process.

Becky wants a selfie with Liz, but they both HATED this picture and deleted it immediately.  They did two more poses after this one.

Sorry girls, but I did not delete it.

I think Johnny is pretending to be eaten by the shark.  Or maybe he is supposed to be caught in a Sharknado.

Meg encouraged Liz and Austin to "make out" for this picture, but they did this instead.

Liz did a group selfie shot but was angry later to find that Austin held up a bar of Irish Spring.  She knows that CBS will never use that shot, due to lack of promotional consideration.  I have heard them say that bars of Irish Spring are scattered all over the house now.

For the freshness you can feel, and taste.  Which doesn't even make sense, of course.

Liz took a selfie with Steve and Austin was just behind them, telling Steve to "watch his hands".

(No, let's not comment on that comment, please.)

Body language doesn't lie.

Johnny Mac doesn't give a crap.  He's just playing a house guest who might give a crap on TV.

They went inside to film some shots in the kitchen, a call back to last night's BB Chopped competition.  Becky says all of the pictures they take in that house really pop with color due to the decor.

C'mon...he can't see the picture from there, at that angle.

They posed for a picture on the staircase, with Vanessa behind the camera.  This is somewhat of a famous shot for Vanessa and everyone loves the way it looks every week.  She takes her time framing the shot, telling various people to move their head, their arms, etc.

Steve said yesterday that he really needed to lay it on thick with Becky, so she wouldn't hate him too much on her way to the Jury.

He's worried about the votes at the end, of course, and also what Becky would do if she is the one who returns to the game.

(And Julie Chen didn't specifically say that a Juror would come back into the game---she said they may be able to influence it, or something like that.  We all just assume that someone is coming back in.  It's probably true---I'm just throwing out a curve ball here.)

Julia finally appeared for the photos.  She was upset earlier that the HoH room was locked, but all of her makeup was in there.  (Production locks the room while they retrieve the laptop Liz blogged on, etc.)

I guess she finally got in there and took care of her beauty business.  You can't really see her here, but Liz is in the picture next to Julia.

And here is Meg in a Twin Sandwich.

And James in a sweeter version of the Twin Sandwich.

I'll bet Julia will FLIP OUT-AH when she finds out what Liz and Austin have been up to.  She might even want to evict Austin, to keep Liz out of trouble, and her family from further disgrace.

That would be an interesting plot twist, wouldn't it?  If Julia wins HoH, I think she wants Johnny Mac out of the game, but I'll bet Austin would be a close second.

This is the Final 9 of BB17.


Earlier today I wrote about the appetizer and entree rounds of the BB Chopped competition last night.

The dessert round was even more competitive, and controversial.   This is a blurry shot of the Team Hisss desserts as they were being plated.  The blurriness isn't my fault...the cameras were trying to focus in on the food and this is what happened.

Previously, Team Liztin planned to share items from Liz's HoH room with Team Hisss, but after Team Hisss won the appetizer round they changed their mind, saying they would not be willing to share their jar of Nutella.  Liz did agree to share her carton of slightly moldy strawberries, though.

Team Hisss presented their "pancake crepe", saying they are "taking the judges to France now", and they should "visit the Eiffel Tower on their way home".  The crepes are covered with carmelized bananas and strawberries, with a side of vanilla ice cream and a Hershey's chocolate sauce.

When they set the plates down, both judges said "WOW" in unison.  Liz turned around from her frantic work on her dessert to see what the fuss was about.


They both took big bites and Meg made noises as she finished her bite.

Vanessa:  Is it good?

Meg:  Yes, it is good.

Vanessa:  The Have Nots are all salivating....damn.

In the background, Liz is yelling at Austin, telling him to put the blueberries in.

Austin:  But how much?  I don't know how...you need to tell me.

Liz:  Oh, I'll just do it-ah.

All of a sudden it was like the needle on the record stopped----Becky found a hair in her dessert.


James:  We've been sabotaged!

Julia:  Look----I wore a headband, and put my hair up.

Becky pushed her plate away but ended up eating more of the ice cream, assumed to be untainted by the hair.  Meg says the crepe was cooked perfectly and she was impressed by the skill level.

Julia:  Thank you.  We tried really hard.

Meg:  I think it might have been better with only one fruit, though.

Becky:  I don't agree. I enjoyed tasting both fruits, but unfortunately the chocolate sauce tasted burnt.  There was potential there, but it tasted like it was burnt.  I also would have enjoyed some confectioner's sugar on top, as a garnish.

Liz and Austin frantically put the finishing touches on their desserts, with Austin basically watching Liz work.

Also, take a look at the green plate in the upper right corner of the picture.  This is the Hershey chocolate sauce smeared by Team Hisss on the side of the plate.  The judges later said this wasn't a very appetizing sight, and Austin said it looked like Steve's shorts after a competition.   Steve took offense to that, of course.

So Team Liztin presented their dish...gluten free french toast with maple glazed bananas, vanilla ice cream and pistachios.  Becky announced she was allergic to pistachios, but will not hold it against the team because she didn't tell them ahead of time.

Meg took a big bite and was obviously in love with the dessert.  Team Hisss started throwing stones, saying they "found that french toast in the freezer", but Liz retorted that "no one was using it".

(I'm assuming they found the bread in the freezer, and made it into french toast, or else the entire outcome of this is grossly unfair.  Julia announced that they made their pancake crepes from scratch.)

Becky ate around the pistachios, and did not seem to find any hair, fingernails, or any other gross items in her dessert.

The judges took it to the hammock room to deliberate, and they discussed the plating and the consistency of the way the dishes looked.  Vanessa actually thought Team Liztin did a better job on plating this time, but admits that neither she nor John could eat anything, so they would need to rely on the girls for their opinions on taste.

Meg says the french toast was delicious, with a cinnamon aftertaste.

John:  You know they are going to blame the Nutella not being shared for the win....

Meg:  But the french toast was bangin'...that is what made the difference.

So Team Liztin won the BB Chopped competition, leaving Team Hisss to do the dishes and clean the kitchen.


  1. Can you explain the Irish Spring thing? I don't get it. Why are they all over the house?

    1. The HG (mainly Austin and James) do a bunch of fake commercials during their "podcasts" and also their bowling tournaments. Irish Spring has been a faithful sponsor since the beginning, along with Swiffer.

      It's a big joke, but a funny one. Here is a post from a few weeks ago that can get you up to speed.


    2. Maybe they shouldn't be a sponsor, since Austin rarely takes a shower.

    3. That is certainly a valid point....and Tresomme shampoo also became a sponsor a few weeks ago...it's not like Austin is using that, either.

      In the early weeks of game (when Jeff was involved) the birth control products were also presented as sponsors (condoms, dental dams) but Production asked them to stop doing that so they could air it on BBAD.

      They no longer bleep curse words on BBAD, however, which is nice. But they probably would say something if someone cursed constantly...this group doesn't really do that.

  2. Your Johnny Mac shade makes me lol. He aggravates me because he won't pick a side. But he's the only decent looking guy left, so I'm not in a hurry for him to leave any time soon. But how dumb can Dr. Mcguire be if he thinks he stands a chance to win by siding with Harry and the Twinersons?
    And that thing we aren't talking about....with the you-know-whos.....so gross.

    1. I don't really think it's shade...I'm just giving the facts as I see them. He's being made into some sort of A-List BB player on the CBS show, but in reality he hasn't tried to play at all, and is only trying to play now because he has to. It's totally defensive.

      (Kind of like a certain someone last year that all the casual fans loved....)

      I don't find any of the guys attractive AT ALL, to be honest. Even if I thought JMac was physically attractive, his wimpy attitude and poor posture would ruin it for me.

  3. I agree about a particular group of last year's fans jumping on the JMac bandwagon. It's definitely his DRs.
    His bad posture doesn't bother me as much as the fake laugh.
    I heard he was planning on putting James and Meg up if he won. What a dummy. He's not even in the top 4 with the other side.
    I hope James sticks around for a while.


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