Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bro Code #813 - What Happens in Tampa Will Probably Show Up on Twitter. #BB17

Jace and Jeff are Bros now, if you didn't know.  They've been communicating ever since Jeff got booted from the game and met up last week at the Hearts of Reality event in Orlando.

Having such a fun time in Orlando must have been a big relief for Jace.  He has probably felt humiliated for being the first house guest evicted, and then to see that his picture was replaced on the memory wall with Julia's picture, and to hear that his picture wasn't included on the cast's halfway party's just like being kicked over and over again when you're down.

So it must have been nice to get such a nice fan reaction (according to Reddit) and to hang around with some Big Brother legends.  I heard Derrick Lavasseur say on Rob Has a Podcast this week that he ran into Jace right when he got to Orlando last weekend and Jace asked if he could ride with Derrick, Cody and Zach for a few days.  Not a bad crew for Jace to hang out with, so I hope he's feeling better about things and can roll into the Finale with his head held high.

Jeff Weldon likes to share on social media...and he shared this exchange with Jace about their plans for tonight (the Thursday live double eviction).  And it sounds like some fun will be had in Florida's city by the bay.

Well, Clay Honeycutt must be feeling lonely for his Big Brother Bros out on the ranch in Texas, because it sounds like he wants in on the Tampa action.

(The Annie that Jace refers to is Annie Whittington from BB12, who was the Saboteur, one of the big planned twists for that season, who was also booted first from the game.  She lives in Tampa so no wonder Jace wants her to join them.  She's fun, too.)

Well, a text from Jace turned into a phone call from Clay.  Clay is serious about this, it seems.

Yes, I think it very well could be a wild scene.  If you've been to Tampa, you'll understand.

 And Audrey wants in, too.  So it sounds like Audrey wants to party with Clay, too.

Clay might want to keep an eye on his cocktail at all times when Audrey is around, though.

Note to Jace:  You could invite your Bros to come party in the ATL, too, dude.  Audrey's already in the suburbs and can just hop on her broom anytime.

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