Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Becky's HoH Blog: Gather 'Round, Peasant Friends. #BB17

Becky already recited parts of this letter word-for-word on the live feeds, but here is her HoH letter in it's entirety.

Hello Outside World!

Oh, how I have missed you :) It’s jury time!! Can you believe it?! We are all so excited here in the BB house, we would jump for joy, but our legs are still too sore from the HoH competition. The slip 'n slide competition was brutal but fun! I think Steve and Grandma (Meg) are still finding new bruises. Luckily, potato rolling has picked up in popularity amongst the other Houseguests and its magical healing powers are giving us the ability to walk again. In combination with Austin’s yoga classes, we will all be better in no time.

Winning HoH this time around is definitely different than my first win. I feel the stakes are higher. I am ready to make a big move this week and take out a strong competitor that would ultimately change the game if they were to remain here. 

I won’t lie, I’m nervous to take out my target. I can hardly sleep at night! This will be my first big move of the game and I think it would be hard to win $500,000 without taking risks, sobring it on!

As HoH, I have definitely enjoyed my perks, like a fridge full of kale, a basket of granola, and my One Republic CD. :) But I don’t allow all of these luxuries to get to my head. I take walks to the Have Not room and visit my peasant friends in their dentist chairs. Hahaha! Meg, James, and Jackie are the funniest Have Nots yet. The sunglasses and beach towels are too much!

One other important part of being HoH is the letter from home. It’s hard to explain how much it means hearing from my best friend, Lindsey. The outside world truly seems so far away, even my dreams take place in the BB House, but seeing pictures and hearing stories from home help to remind me why I’m here and what I am working towards.

Thank you, Lindsey

Hey Live Feeders! Thank you so much for the inflatable shark. We have named him Gronk (because he likes to party) and he is fitting in well. Gronk enjoys tanning in the pool during the day, late-night hot-tubbing with Johnny Mac, and has even been known to take a selfie or two when the camera is around.

We love to know that we are being watched and supported by Live Feeders and fans! There are so many times we feel isolated in here and run out of things to do. When you guys send us fun tasks to complete or give us a new toy, it makes our day.

Thank you. We love you guys

Last but not least, to everyone back in Colorado! I miss my beautiful state so much! The first weekend in August, my family has always had a tradition of going camping with a big group of our soccer friends. Almost 35 people are in our group and we create a small city of tents near Buena Vista, Colorado. Right now, I would be hiking to the lake with my dog, cutting up firewood, and spending time with my family.

I am sad to not be able to hike any peaks this summer, but I am willing to give up the mountains in a heartbeat if it means living in the BB house!


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  1. At first I was happy to see Becky win HOH and to see her put Shelli back on the block. To target and send Shelli home I feel would have been best for her game. However, once Steve actually won Veto and saved himself, and the way Becky went about backdooring Vanessa made it Bad for her game. Now everyone can know Becky was the "rat" in the house and hopefully Vanessa will get the votes she needs to stay..blow up Becky's game..and on DE Becky can follow her "buddy" Shelli right out the door. The two of them should be happy in jury together..they can lie to each other! Next weeks targets should be Johnny Mac and Steve...sending Steve out first. He's too weird ! He acts like a mentally imbalanced child. His talking to the cameras all the time or just to himself, and his contant wandering and pacing of the house is totally unnerving!


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