Thursday, August 20, 2015

And We're Back....Live at the Track #BB17

Wow...we're back and Julia is out, saying she's so pissed-ah.

Johnny Mac, James, Steve, Austin and Vanessa are still in it.  The air is tense as the words scroll on the screen,  We can't see the words right now on the live feeds.

Steve:  Bro!  Hey Jace!

Austin looks uncomfortable...that's a lot of weight to hold up, I guess.  James has both knees down from time to time, but this will make it harder to get up and sprint to the buzzer when the time comes.

A helicopter or something loud buzzes through the air.

Austin:  God damn.

Then there is a  loud buzz, and Vanessa stands up, saying it was her...she jumped and came off her buzzers.  We go to FISH immediately as the other contestants probably stretch and get ready for the next round.

When we return Vanessa is saying that her muscles were jumpy, and Julia worries that everyone will be eliminated by false starts.

The Twins start talking about dinner and the guys grumble, saying they are doing all of the work now.

Then they see the word Go, and the guys sprint across the field.  We hear Production (Heath?) say that all of the guys need to hit the buzzer, and Steve circles back and hits it.  There is no sound when he hits it, and we go right to FISH.

Technical difficulties, most likely.


  1. There's some buzz on Facebook about the clothes the two hgs OTB are wearing on eviction night. For at least the past three evictions it has been obvious who was going home by what they were wearing. What do you think about this? I think that eviction night is the one night that anything can happen and these boring ass hgs are taking that away too.

  2. Both Shelli and Becky were recruited, and both of them were told ahead of time by the other house guests that they were leaving. It's hard for me to see the game like a CBS viewer, because I usually already know exactly what is going to happen.

    Not sure the casual viewer would even pick up on that. Or wonder why there was at least 20 minutes of bullshit filler in the episode. I was actually thinking that those horrible pranks might have something to do with a future competition, because it really was pointless to show them.

    Didn't we just see one of them on the Sunday night episode?

    I'll admit it...I'm bored too.

  3. GROUCHO, I read about that. But they have been doing that for years. These must be new viewers.


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