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And So the Cycle Begins Again.....Apologies and Lies. #BB17

After the PoV ceremony yesterday, things in the house started to settle down, but plans began for next week.  Vanessa went up to the HoH under the guise of listing to Liz's Sublime CD, and ended up having what sounded like a friendly conversation with Austin.

They both apologized to each other for their little tiff last Thursday before the live show.

Vanessa:  I honestly didn't know how mad you were getting----I thought you were just kidding around since that's how you usually are with me...and Liz told me that you can only stand about 20 minutes of game talk before you can't take it anymore, and now I know that.

Austin:  And it didn't help that it happened about 20 minutes before the HoH competition.

(Austin's timing is a little off here, unless they are referring to some other fight.)

Austin discussed how tense it was last week, with both Vanessa and Shelli on the block.

Austin:  Obviously I wanted us to vote to keep you, but Shelli kept watching me walk up here to the HoH ---I was just trying to find out what was going on---but I was worried she would blow up my game.

(Austin is trying to explain why he spent so much time last week with Becky and The Goblins, but Vanessa is certainly no dummy as far as that is concerned.  Everyone is just hedging themselves while they wait to see who the new HoH is on Thursday.)

Vanessa said it makes sense for Johnny Mac to go next week, because it gives them the best chances going forward, when someone comes back in the game.  She does some simple math with them, saying they will be down to 8 next week, and if they stay a strong 4 they will have the advantage.  But if they leave Johnny Mac in the game, either Becky or Jackie will certainly join forces with him for an attack.

(Vanessa is clearly trying to remind the AusTwins that they need to have numbers going forward, and that sticking together is the best option for their games.)

They are all dreading the thought of Jackie coming back in, particularly Liz.

Austin:  Jackie is jealous of you because she kind of fell for me, too.

Liz: Yes, you were her type-ah.

Vanessa:  There was definitely something there....

(Hatred?  Disgust?  ha ha ha)

(And let's not forget that just one month ago, Austin was trying to get Jackie---take a look at this and see for yourself.  Jacke also reported having to sit in a darkened room with Austin massaging her and feeling very uncomfortable.)

In fact, here is a tease from that long, chatty post, in case you aren't sure you want to read it.  So fucking creepy....

OK...back to our story.  The meeting with Vanessa ended up being a productive conversation, and it seemed to clear the air between the four of them.  After Vanessa left the room Austin said it was great that she seemed to be feeling better, and Julia mentioned that it might be good to keep Vanessa around for another week, since she wasn't targeting them, and the points she brought up made sense.

Julia:  Plus, it leaves a big target out there, in front of us.

(But later in the evening, of course, the AusTwins started trashing her again, at least to the other house guests.  But of course they want to start finger-pointing early, to get the others to target Vanessa instead of them.  This is a good time to mention that what these people say to each other may not have any bearing on how they actually feel, or what they will actually do in this game.  You can tune into the live feeds at any given time and see a conversation that will lead you to believe one thing, but if you tuned in an hour later you may think the opposite.)

(They are ALL lying to each other in there, not just Vanessa.  But it is convenient for ALL of them to pretend like Vanessa is the only one....which makes all of this so entertaining.)

(And I wish we could see one good DR session from Vanessa or someone else admitting to being a big fat liar and schemer.  We've seen Steve tell the live feeders that, and Austin has hid behind Judas, but it would be great to hear someone own their Dastardly Deeds, wouldn't it?)

After Vanessa left Becky showed up---I don't even think she knocks---she just barges right in and takes a seat.  She has an announcement to make.

Becky:  I just wanted to let you know that I am going to act calm all week, like I accept that I'm leaving.  Then I will check in with you on Wednesday, just to see if anything has changed.

(Becky thinks they are voting to keep her this week so she can go after Vanessa, but this would not explain her PoV speech to Liz, where it sounds like she threatened her and her sister.)

Becky:  I'm just going to tell everyone that I know Vanessa and Steve will want to vote for Johnny Mac, and Meg and James will want to vote to keep me, and I don't know how Austin and Julia will be voting.

Liz:  Yeah...I'm not even going to vote...

After Becky left, Liz said she felt bad about it, but Becky has to go.

It was Becky Time out in the backyard today.  She was in and out of the sun at least three times, that I counted.  She talked about her mother's gay friend who lives in LA and how her mom loves celebrity gossip.  Her mom's friend actually gets invited to the Emmy's every year.

Becky:  Once you're on the invite list, you get to go every year.  That's just how it works.

Her mom got to go as her friend's guest twice--one year when the Desperate Housewives show won a bunch of awards, and that made her mom so happy. Her dad could care less--he is really a crunchy tree hugger and only cares about drinking good craft beers.

Johnny Mac listened.

Julia did, too.

I left in this picture of Austin bending over as a special shout out to Da'Vonne, in case she ever reads this.  Here is what she tweeted about Austin's shorts, this very pair of shorts.

Everyone in the backyard, presumably:  If only Becky would put that bandanna just a few inches lower.....


I forgot to post this yesterday, but after the booze got delivered on Sunday night, Meg got buzzed (of course) and went around the table asking every person sitting there who from previous BB seasons they would want to make out with. (Not date, she clarified, just make out.)

Liz, immediately:  Jeremy...he was hot.

Austin:  WHAT?

Meg:  I feel you...he was hot.

Julia:  Cody...the underwear model...yep...Cody.

James:  Nicole, from last year.

Meg:  WHY?

James:  Because she's country...she's a country girl.

Austin:  Well, I want to say Jessie from BB15, but she (Liz) will kill me.  So I have to say Janelle, but she's married now.

(Like Austin thinks all of this will really happen.)

I honestly don't remember what Becky said, but it was probably Cody, because I know a few people picked Cody and that is the basic answer.  I think they also brought up they don't like that he touches married women, but what does that have to do with this fantasy question?

Someone also mentioned Mr. Pectacular...maybe Becky? Whoever said it was shot down by the group, overruled by Jessie's douchiness.  Probably led by Austin, of course.

Meg:  OK....My first answer is Jeff, because Jeff is so hot.

This set off a storm of controversy...everyone seems surprised that Meg had a thing for Jeff.

Meg:  No....Jeff!  Jeff Jeff!

Liz:  You mean like Jeff and Jordan Jeff?

James:  Oh, you mean Jeff Schroder!

Meg:  Yes!  That Jeff.  And I have to say.....I wouldn't take him now, but I like Zach...his personality..

Everyone:  ZACH!  WE KNEW IT!

Meg:  But when Zach is 30...come see me when you're 30 Zach...and you've settled down.

Becky:  And there's that whole Zankie thing...

***uncomfortable silence at the table***

Meg:  Yeah, that's why I say for him to come see me when he's 30, because they grow out of that.

(Being gay?  They grow out of being gay?  You better check your facts on that, Meg.  Ask your roommates and your gusband about that.)

(And I don't think Zach is gay, and he certainly isn't claiming to be, but when you see and hear some of the things we saw on the live feeds last year, it is certainly a topic for discussion.)

Meg, to the camera:  And I love Frankie....hi Frankie!


The fact that Meg knows Frankie reminds me of another conversation that I never posted here.  A few days ago I heard Meg talk about her friend Andrea Boehlke to James.

Meg:  James you would love my friend Andrea.

James:  The girl from Survivor?

Meg:  Yes, she was on Survivor twice.

James:  But why do you think I would love her?

Meg:  Because she grew up on farm...she loves her horses and all that.  She talks about it a lot.

James:  WHOO!  Yeah, I like her already.  Why is she in NY with you?

Meg:  Because she likes the city better.

James indicated that his brief relationship with Andrea is already over, after hearing that news.

(So Meg may have told James that she knows Frankie, but if she did I doubt James would spill her secrets.  Not that it would hurt her in the game at this point, but it might make people suspicious of her authenticity.)

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  1. Great as always .. and I think Meg's comments about Zack were immature, He's bi friendly at least, and probably will always be! Thanks as always XooX


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