Friday, August 7, 2015

And the Reign of Becky Begins... #BB17

OK, so Becky won HoH, and also had time to go for the other two prizes, too, since she was way out in front of the pack.

When the live feeds come back, I was surprised to see Becky in the Have Not room, chattering a mile a minute with the Twins.

Julia:  Becky you were skiing down that lane....

Liz:  But Julia you were in second.

Julia:  But the difference was that Becky never fell.

Becky:  And Johnny was going faster than me in the beginning, but but he was losing a lot of oil.  And I watched you Julia...the way you were pouring and you didn't lose anything.  So I learned from that.

Becky:  And I was at the rock bottom of my savings, after having the accident.  And now I can pay off my debt and have some money to fall back if I need new tires for $750, I don't need to freak out.

Julia:  No more Abercrombie!

Becky:  Oh no, I'm going back there!

Julia:  Oh.

There is a lot of energy in the room.  Austin came in and joined the conversation, and I heard Vanessa come in, too.

Then the cameras go to the kitchen, where there is an eerie silence.  Isn't Becky part of their group now though?

Meg chatters about being hungry, and wanting to cook something.

James asks how Johnny is.

Johnny:  Oh, I'm okay.  I'm just trying to feel what hurts right now.

James:  Steve really put it all in perspective when he said we're just all in a parking lot.

Jackie:  We really were in a parking lot tonight.

You'd think Johnny would be happy, since Becky is his girl and he can still play for HoH next week.  But I guess he's so heartbroken over Clay leaving....I don't get it.  I really don't.

I honestly can't stand looking at him now.  He was such a poor sport and a quitter parading as a selfless giver.  I thought Julie Chen really stuck it to him with some hard questions about how he felt about Shelli, quitting the game, and also Meg drunkenly accosting him.

Clay said if Shelli wins BB, he feels like he won, too. I'll bet.

Time will tell about Clay, and I predict the story will be all too familiar.

Shelli needs to suck it up and move on.  And not cry all the time and talk about him.

Move on Shelli.  You need to start that process now.

I think Vanessa and Shelli have volunteered to be Have Nots, but I'm not sure.

***UPDATE*** Now I'm hearing that it will be Jackie, Meg and James.  So who knows, really.


  1. Vanessa is a backdoor target. I hope they do that to her.

  2. Clay's jab at Meg about her having showmances with everyone was tacky and classless. I'm glad to see him go. I was hoping all day for a Shelli eviction, but Clay's worked just as well.

    1. I felt Clay's statement about Meg was unwarranted as well. I've seen no evidence of her being the house slut. Thanks for bringing this point up because it really bothered me when it happened. Classless, clueless, Clay.

    2. Yes, if Clay wanted to go out with class, his comments about Meg prevented that. I just listened to the RHAP show that aired right after the live episode ended and they made the point that Clay doesn't even know what a "showmance" is---Meg flirts with James and also Jeff, but she wasn't hooking up with them. And certainly not Jason....

      Unfortunately I think Shelli will be mooning over Clay in a very public way, but Clay is a 23 year old stud with a HUGE ego and now a national TV profile. His Bold and the Beautiful appearances have probably already been scripted.

      Shelli is certainly no Gina Marie Zimmerman, but Clay might be a Nick Uhas.

    3. Sure wish there was a like' button. :-)

    4. Yea Clay is a classless dick!!!

    5. So...Meg is in a showmance with every guy in there because she is fun and friendly? If he thinks that is a showmance...No wonder he gave up a chance for $500,000 for someone he's known for 50 days...according to that reasoning, he and Shelli are married. What a weirdo.

  3. P.S. Becky's, "Who wants to see my HOH room?" was met with *crickets *. This group better sharpen their butt-kissing skills if they don't want Train Wreck Becky to toss them on the block.

    1. Train Wreck Becky is a perfect nickname Groucho !!

  4. It will be interesting to see what Becky does next

  5. Classless Clay (dumb,dopey,ignorant,loser,all could apply). That remark about Meg destroyed any fondness I might have mustered up for him.
    I am so THRILLED to see Becky win HOH!!!

  6. I'm so excited to see what happens now..will Becky point out that the girls could finish the men off really easily now?! and Yes Train Wreck Becky is a great nickname. Thanks as Always XooX

  7. The comments down here says "don't be a jackass." Don't think we have to worry because Clay showed that side of himself last night. The comment about Meg was totally uncalled for and how would he know anything about what Meg does when he was too busy trying to get into Shelli's Good graces. ( Wanted to say pants but II would be bumped.) And by the look on Shelli's face when they announced the ones left get to go to jury house ,priceless . 1 more week and they could have been there together. Too bad, so sad


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