Saturday, July 25, 2015

Will One Twin Twist Up the Plans This Week? #BB17

Shelli ran into Jackie in the bathroom and they had a quick whispered conversation. Shelli assures her that Austin has no idea what the plan is, and is talking about the upcoming Double Eviction, when the Jury will start, and other game topics.

(Shelli just left the room and this is fresh info she is sharing.)

Alone in the bathroom with Austin, Liz is a little agitated.  She feels like something is going on.

Liz: I have a bad feeling.....I just don't know...

Austin:  Why?  You're safe!  You saved yourself!

(Liz and James won the BoB, but she suspected James wanted to throw it.)

Austin: It's because no one is talking to Clay right now...he's in danger with the other side of the house because of the accusations Audrey made about all of the alliances.  Steve is getting sent home this week...that's the plan.

Liz: But why would anyone waste their HoH on Steve?

Austin:  We have to get Clay off the block.  He really wants Julia to come in the house.  He said that if he thought James was trying to throw the BoB, he would have thrown it to make sure you were safe.  But you won're safe.

Liz:  Uh huh.

Austin:  You're too good....having to come in here again and clean up fucking Julia's mess.

Austin:  We just have to make sure Clay is safe so Vanessa can put Steve up.  We have to support Vanessa because she's put her neck on the line for us so many times....two HoH's and a PoV.

Liz:  Yes, she's done so much.

Austin:  Look, we can't tell Vanessa that I voted to keep Audrey yet.  That is going to cause too much shit that we don't need right now.  They already think Vanessa is working with Steve because of maybe their plan was to let Jackie be the HoH so she could backdoor Steve instead of Vanessa.

(But Julia was the Twin that got nominated, and she went right up to the HoH afterwards and told Vanessa about Austin's hinky vote, his intentions, and his "Judas" performances in the DR.  I think Julia did tell Liz about at least part of this during their switch, based on what Liz says in a few minutes.)

Liz:  Something is just not right though about James.

Austin: I think he wants to just play the goofy role. It was obvious that he has been throwing the HoH comps,and also that BoB comp.

Liz:  Well, I'm onto him.

Austin:  If I found out he tried to do that to you, then I'll have a problem with him, too.

The camera crew wants to be sure we experience the subtle nuances of this Austin-Liz interaction.

(I regret to tell Austin that once the JokersUpdates crew starts posting about your hygiene, you are in Big Trouble.  For example, live feed updaters are now posting to report when Austin goes into the WC and then does not wash his hands, when he scratches his junk, and so on. It's virtually impossible to recover with the fans once this type of info is widely disseminated.)

(And let's not even talk about this issue.)

Liz:  I just think Steve is a fucking decoy!

Then Liz wanted to hear Austin's report again regarding what Jason said about the Twins....note that Austin is now telling that story as if Jason initiated the whole thing.  (But that is a lie....Austin actually started that whole conversation...)

Austin:  Jason says he wants both of you to be here..but he said he likes you better than the other one....I think we can align with him.

Liz:  Julia thinks you were trying to hurt her by telling Jason that stuff.

Austin scoffs at silly Julia...denying everything.

Austin is troubled, however, by how many times Shelli was trying to help Clay and Becky find the letters they needed during the BoB.

Liz:  I know...what the hell-ah? I could hear them saying, "the H is over there".

Austin:  I was getting so mad about that...I was about to go over there and see how I could help you.  Who was going to stop me....the Beefcakes?

(i.e. they call the Production crew who works the competitions "Beefcakes".)


Julia was trying to help by going to Vanessa to squeal on Austin.  Both Shelli and Vanessa are carefully planning the best time to talk to Liz about their plans, and everything they discussed with Julia.

How will Liz take the news?  Will she rebel against everyone trying to help them, choosing Austin over them?  Will she spill the beans to Austin, giving him the opportunity to try and stay in the game this week?

Personally I don't think they can keep a lid on these plans until the PoV is safely in a trusted person's hands.  There are too many people involved.  You know that old saying, something about the only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them dies.

And there are a lot more than two people who know this secret....

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