Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 4 #BB17

Wil has released the 4th episode of The Saga and it's ironic that most people who are fans of Big Brother feel this is one of the best seasons in years, as far as casting and drama goes.  But Wil doesn't like it, and it shows.  He's really letting them have it.

I have to say I have a hard time recognizing some of the house guests in the video....maybe it's because Wil can't find anything distinctive about them...which might make this a hard job for him this year.

However I was able to pick out:

*  Austin (who has a starring yet unflattering role)
*  The Twins
*  Jeff, who seems to have developed a strong case of rosacea
*  Meg
*  Jason, whose voice and posture were quite distinctive
*  Johnny Mac, if he was "the muppet"--if he wasn't than scratch him from this list

I think that's it....the 90's dancers from the HoH competition are in here, too, and I found that confusing until I realized we weren't supposed to recognize them.

Or were we?


  1. What is with this asshat? He isn't funny and notable among the existing ex-houseguests. He wasn't memorable on his season he left week five, I had to google him. I kinda wish he take a hint and move on.

  2. For me, Wil is delightful and a necessary component for the enjoyment of the Big Brother aspect of my summer. Thank you , FeedWatcher, for posting the links to The Wil Show.


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