Monday, July 6, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 2 #BB17

Wil has plenty of material to work with this week, and he hasn't even delved into the whole Audrey fiasco yet (which feels like a million years ago already).  Maybe Wil is scared to really go there with Audrey.

The good news is that he doesn't need to, because he has all of this:

*  Da'Vonne counting and beefing with Clay.
*  Clay being a total ass.
*  Meg being totally Meg.
*  The Twins, who have aged 60 years in one week.

And Wil still hasn't even started working with Austin yet, either.  So much to look forward to....


  1. OMG, i cant wait to read ur Blogs tomorrow on what happened on the Feeds on Mon 7/6...What a Day !!!...
    Da'Vonne figuring out who the Twins were was So Awesome...
    and More Awesome when Da'Vonne WON the 7th Phone call to win the Power to Void 3 Votes on Thurs, lol... Oh Yeah !!! ... :-)

  2. Wil is a genius. Now I have to go back and look for Julie's 80's hairstyle. Does Julie appreciate his imitation of her? He doesn't hold back. I would have loved to see Wil and Jason in the BB house. They both are so funny.

  3. This one was awesome. I almost always love Wil's skits but this one just was so on point. The twins were hilarious!!


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