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Vanessa: You Can't Beat The House...The House Always Wins. #BB17

Nominations were held today, and were as follows:

Austin - nominated Jason and Meg
Vanessa - nominated James and John

The goal for both of them, of course, is to show the Dreadful Jeff the backdoor this week, although once again most of the house guests  think Audrey might be the backdoor target.  Vanessa and Austin had a few moments alone and she wanted to summarize all of the alliances they are in.  We can believe she's doing it for us, but I'm sure she needs to remind Austin a few times so he doesn't "forget" and make a costly error by saying the wrong thing to the wrong people. Austin notes that he did come up with many of the catchy alliance names, and says this is proof "his creativity is returning".

Vanessa:  Yeah, the thing about this house is that you can't do anything too bad, so you get a chance to clear your head.

(Of the drugs....I mean, allegedly.)

OK.  Here they are:

1.  The House - This is the Final Two deal between Vanessa and Austin.  She says this alliance began the second day in the house, and is the most solid alliance in the game for both of them.

Vanessa:  In my nomination speech, I said I was going to do what The House wants, but you know what that is in poker, right?  The House usually beats the top pair....and has the best odds.  The House always wins...ha ha ha.

Austin likes it.  And he seems to understand it.

2.  Sleeper Cell - This is a big alliance that has been around since the first week of the game, and includes Shelli, Clay, Audrey, Vanessa and Austin.  Vanessa says that things with this alliance get complicated, because they also have a version of Sleeper Cell that excludes Audrey.

3.  Sixth Sense - This alliance is a new one this week, and they expect it to carry them far into the game.  It includes Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia.  Vanessa notes that they really need Shelli and Clay to help ensure both Twins come into the game.

4.  Freaks and Geeks - This alliance was formed in the last 24 hours when Steve came to Vanessa with the idea of weaponizing the twins.  He said he thought that twist could be useful due to the extra vote, and wanted to work with Vanessa and Austin.    I believe this alliance includes Vanessa, Austin, Steve, and the Twins.  Vanessa says this is a nice side alliance for them to help ensure the Twins make it until Week #5.

(Note that Vanessa already had a Final Two deal with Steve called Students of Sound (SOS) that she may or may not take seriously, and likely WILL NOT tell Austin about.  It's insurance for her, I'm sure, a little side bet to makes things interesting.)

In this alliance Vanessa proudly says that she is a geek, and always has been.  As is Steve Moses.  Austin is "definitely a freak" and Liz says she is a freak, too.

Liz:  My mom calls me a freak of it fits.

They wondered who is smarter, she or her sister Julia.

Liz:  I am, but we both scored exactly the same on our SATs.

Vanessa, to her credit, did not ask what that score was.  (Vanessa, of course, was valedictorian at her high school and still holds the Duke University record for graduating in 2 1/2 years.)  Both twins went to Loyola, but are not roommates right now.  Julia lives with their older sister (by 10 months) and Liz lives somewhere else.

(Note that I am splicing in some of Liz's comments to punch up this post, but when Austin and Vanessa summarized everything, they were alone because they have certain business that does not include The Twins.)

I did see Vanessa say she needed a drink last night and went to pour a glass of her port wine.  Austin wanted some of that, too.  Vanessa went in the bathroom and turned the sink faucet on full blast for a moment to whisper with Austin, under the pretense of rinsing out the glass before she poured the wine.  (The actions of a frequent hotel traveler....)

While the water was blasting, Vanessa told Austin that she liked Liz, but Liz was understandably immature at times and they would need to discuss some topics without her.  Austin seemed to understand this.  I think he can take direction if told exactly what to do.  Vanessa knows this about him, of course, which is why she picked him for a Final Two.

But is he a Ride or Die Main Apple Scrapple?  I don't think anybody can really answer that but Da'Vonne Rogers.

6.  Vanessa's Angels - This alliance mainly seems to be a fantasy of Austin's, and includes himself, Vanessa, and The Twins.

I don't think that requires too much explanation for you.  Earlier Austin told Vanessa that he promised Jackie he would not put her on the block.

Vanessa:  Why are you saying that? You shouldn't be saying that to anybody right's too early for that!

Austin:  Well, she was sitting there, and she's really nice.

Vanessa:  You and women!  You just can't!

Vanessa said she felt they needed nicknames, and suggested "Twofer" for Liz and Julia, for obvious reasons.  Then Austin came up with calling this HoH reign "Happy Hour" and they liked that.

Vanessa thinks that this Gronk "Party Week" will be a fun one, with no punishments, because he seemed like such a light, happy character.

Austin:  He's a goof.

Well, I have to disagree with Vanessa there.  Gronk says he "likes winners", so that tells me that the losers are going to suffer.  Perhaps with some humiliating punishments.

For example, the Have Not room is free this week....they can use that for solitary confinement.  Or maybe just bring in an evil dentist to yank out some freaking molars.  Oh wait...we already have a dentist in the house....

I don't think this week is going to be a party for everybody....we're all too smart for that, right?  So let's all take this little moment to enjoy being just a smidge smarter than Vanessa Rousso, because we won't feel that way for long.

Liz switched out with Julia last night, and said the guys downstairs are being so mean to her. Jeff keeps firing questions at her about conversations they've had in the house (Jeff:  What's my middle name?") and it's very stressful for her.

Liz:  Before we didn't have to talk about every little thing when we switched, but now it's a problem!

She gives an example of the little Zoo game where they clapped in a circle.  She had no idea what gestures Julia made, and was thankful she guessed correctly when James asked her about it.

Liz:  And did you hear? Jeff told Austin that Johnny Mac is going to start examining our teeth!

(Oh my god.  Ha ha ha ha.)

Vanessa:  Well, you only need to worry about Jeff for four more days. (i.e. till the PoV ceremony).  But you know what?  If that doesn't work out, I wouldn't mind James going home, either.

Vanessa and Liz started talking about all of the wretched comments James says about women, repeatedly and often, without even seemingly realizing it or being concerned about it.

Vanessa:  I was going to take a log of that frozen beef in the DR to talk about how he thinks of women only as meat!  I wanna do that!



*  Please enjoy this memory from BB14, when Dan Gheesling was a captive in the Have Not room for a 24 Hour Dance Party.  I remember that the custom tune Production played almost repeatedly in that room was rather catchy the first 57 times I heard it.

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