Thursday, July 16, 2015

Vanessa is Going to Use Deductive Reasoning #BB17

Vanessa says she's been using deductive reasoning, and has it narrowed down to three or four different scenarios.  (Clearly thinking about those four pesky votes for Jeff to stay.)

Vanessa:  I can tell you, but I need to show you...I have to show you.

Liz:  Maybe we'll have gummi bears in the HoH!

(i.e. to use the candy to strategize)

Liz got called to the DR and started scrambling in her drawers, looking for something.

Shelli:  Liz don't worry about getting a necklace---they'll have one in there for you.

They can't believe that the HoH comp only had three questions, but Jason reminds them that last year Derrick won a competition after only one question.

In another bedroom, James says Jeff was a tough guy to be on the block against---he was scrambling for votes until the very end.

Johnny Mac:  He wanted me to get more votes for him, but I told him he already had my vote, and he needed to get more.  I was kind of worried about you James, because I knew Jeff was gonna go hard.

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