Monday, July 27, 2015

There Are Two "I's" in Blindside, Too. (Not Just "Christine".) #BB17

There is excitement in the air as everyone prepares for the PoV Ceremony.  Some people are excited for that anticipated moment where Austin takes a seat in the nomination chairs, but the people who really know what is going on are full of nerves.

Because somebody is getting blindsided.  And unfortunately it is Jason Roy.

Becky wants to look cute, since she's one of the nominees.  James probably would get nominated today, if he didn't have immunity this week after winning the BoB.

Upstairs Vanessa is being very cryptic with Jackie, letting her know that there may be some surprises today, but not telling her what they may be.

Vanessa:  I just found out someone in our group is lying...and not being straight with me.

Jackie's panic was obvious, even after Vanessa told her that she was perfectly safe today, and this had nothing to do with her.

Jackie:  Oh...good.  I mean, good that someone isn't trying to start crap with me by making stuff up.

(Oh but Jackie....Vanessa caught that and will probably use it against you later, whether you are aware of it or not.  Because even though I don't think Jackie is acting shady with Vanessa, it sure made it seem like she was nervous about something.)

Jackie is really pushing for the Dark Moon group of eight to stay together, telling Vanessa that right now they have the numbers, so why not just wait until they get down to the eight of them, and then let them all fight it out?

Vanessa:  I just feel like I'm still playing alone, and the only reason why I'm even included in the group is because I'm HoH, and that some people pretended to be into the alliance just to save themselves this week.

(Vanessa is trying to grease the skids with Jackie about her blindside of Jason.)

Vanessa:  Who in the alliance do you trust the most, or trust the least?

Jackie says she has had the least game interactions with Meg and Jason.

Vanessa:  Do you think you should trust Jason?

Then Vanessa brought up the fact that at the beginning of this HoH week, James agreed to throw the BoB competition, so that Jackie could remain as the HoH all week.  Somehow the topic of Christine came up....Liz had spelled "Christine" with only one "i", and they did not win until James pointed out that Liz had spelled it correctly.

Suddenly Vanessa seemed to have her "Eureka" moment, probably realizing that James wasn't really on their side this week, and did want to win the BoB, after all.  Because I'm guessing she will use this to demonstrate that James, Jason, Meg, and maybe a few others were just playing along this week, and not really with the plan.

Vanessa:  I'm going to go and find out about that....I'll ask him.

Vanessa went right to the bedroom and woke James up to ask him if he told Liz that "Christine" was spelled incorrectly---that she was missing an "i".  James said yes, he did.  Vanessa thanked him and went right back upstairs, after she had a quick chat with Becky.

Becky is all excited about the PoV ceremony...she wonders what she can say to other people after the PoV ceremony about what she knew and when she knew it.  Vanessa told her to just say whatever she wants to say.

Vanessa went right upstairs and told Jackie that James confessed to telling Liz about Christine's "i" I'm sure Jackie is like, who cares about the damn "i", but with Vanessa, there aren't many wasted motions.

Vanessa dabs concealer on her facial issues.  A few layers.  And a few issues.

Downstairs Jason is getting ready for the day.  The cameras follow him as he moves about, in a happy mood.

James is paranoid about Vanessa's brief interrogation this morning.  He described it to Jason, but he missed a few details to adequately explain it.  Jason tried to reassure him, telling him he's A-OK right now.

James: But it's the next week that I'm worried about...when Vanessa asks a question, I think she wanted an answer for a reason.

Jackie is really on edge, visiting Shelli and asking if she knows what is going to happen today.

Jackie:  Is Austin still going up?

Shelli:  I don't know...I know this seems really stressful for Vanessa this week.  I do feel like something might be going on, though.

Jason checked his look today with Meg, and she said he looked really cute.

Jason:  These colors are so's like your palette.

If Clay is going to stand around in his manties, then I am going to take pictures of it.  We can assume that Clay puts his pants on one leg at a time, like other human beings, but the cameras shifted up so I couldn't see that part.

Vanessa got called to the DR, before she got a chance to talk privately with Jason.


After the PoV ceremony, we see Jason sitting out on the patio with Clay, dealing with his new reality.

Jason:  Oh well.  He tried.  Sorry Fam.

Clay sits outside with Jason, talking softly to him.

Jason: Too many people already promised Becky their vote...they only need five votes to get rid of me this week.  That's not hard to do.

As a contrast, we see Liz and Austin in the Lounge, celebrating.  Liz shoots birds at the cameras, telling us the Sixth Sense did it again.  Austin, like, can't believe he got out of this safely.

Austin: I like, can't believe I got out of this safely.

Jackie came in looking for Clay and Shelli.

After she left Liz wondered what Jackie was up to.

Austin:  That bitch.  She's freaking out right now.  She's next.  I hope that Clay and Shelli don't throw Vanessa under the bus, though.  Jackie must think she has something going with them....she might, too.

Up in the HoH, Vanessa was explaining everything to James, saying that if the new alliance wasn't really working together to carry out the plan, it's not a good alliance for her.

I only watched part of this, but James was calm and agreeable with her.  As expected.

Outside Jackie is PISSED.  She is so confused about this, wondering why Vanessa didn't tell her about this, because she had an opportunity this morning.

Jason:  Well, Vanessa is here to play...don't sleep on her in this game.  And don't think you can count on an agreement with her...

Jackie:  Exactly!  How did this happen?

Jason:  I want to take my four cigarettes back from that bitch!  After the PoV she asked me for four cigarettes....four of them.

Jackie turned to Clay and Shelli and asked them point-blank if they were surprised by this like she was.  They had a distinct physical reaction to the question.  I think Shelli actually put on her sunglasses and clutched that pillow, and Clay shifted in his seat.

Clay, murmuring:  Austin was always the plan to me...

Jackie:  What?  You're working with Austin?

Clay:  No...I thought the plan was Austin.

Meg came out, and has been crying.  She sat in the sun but Shelli scooted over, asking her if she wanted to sit by her in the shade.  This act of kindness sent tears down Meg's face.  I tried to get a picture of her wiping her face but it was hard to get one that was flattering, to be honest.

Jason:  Meg, you okay?  Remember what you said about being an ugly crier...

She nods and wipes her face.

Meg:  Well, that alliance worked out well.

Becky had a lot to say about this.

Becky:  I got fucked four times this weekend!  First with the noms, then the BoB, then the PoV, and now this!

Meg went in to see Johnny Mac, who gave her a hug.  They agreed that something must have changed last night, because people were running around like crazy.

John:  As of last night, I thought it was Austin.

Liz went up to see Vanessa, and the topic of Clay and Shelli came up.

Vanessa:  Were they supporting me or throwing me under the bus?

Liz:  Oh, they were saying they had no idea this was going to happen.

Vanessa:  I'm not surprised.  But NONE OF THIS would have happened if it weren't for them...I changed the noms because of them..

(She did.  That happened.  And it's interesting that Vanessa is on to the game Shelli and Clay are playing....but can she stop them?)

Liz is excited about switching with Julia. She's going to try and play a joke on her about the Twin Twist not working out.

Jason is serious about wanting to stay, because he went to speak to Steve, who is napping through all of this drama (just like Johnny Mac is).

Jason:  Well, I'm playing this game and I need to ask you for your vote this week. I want to stay so I hope you will consider it.

Steve:  Okay.  I was kind of standing around afterwards to hug you, but...

Jason:  I didn't see that.  I just went right outside.

Steve:  Can I hug you now?

Jason:  No, it's okay....but if you want to..

Steve got up and gave him a big awkward Steve Moses hug.

(Steve used to want Becky gone....this could be an opening for Jason.  Maybe?)


  1. who was the prior season cast member who fought someone on finale night about statements made during their time in the house? Is that why they always cut to fishes or other convos when the turn to other people from prior seasons?

  2. I had to take a break from bb for a minute. I was too aggravated with Vanessa. Austin is a way bigger threat than Jason. I take back the comparison of her to Bobby Fisher. Right now she's playing like Gomer Pyle. Don't mind me though, I'm trying to lasso my bitterness, so that I can watch the rest of the season.

  3. I am writing a Pep Talk Post right now, Groucho. We all need a boost.

  4. Thanks, homie. I look forward to reading it.

  5. I think it was smart of Vanessa to put Jason up! He is a huge threat to her game. Let's face it, the boy has got game!!! I am also happy that she is seeing Shelli & Clay for the backstabbers they are. It would be awesome if Jackie went next! I am crossing my fingers for that. However, on the Austin note....Dude, you are soooo creepy!!!! He needs to go after Shelli & Clay.


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