Friday, July 17, 2015

The Show Was Live, But Some of the House Guests are Drawing Dead #BB17

In the hours after the live show ended, life in the BB house settled into an uneasy calm.  Quiet, with undercurrents of tension.  Shit is getting real now, and they all feel it.

BUT FIRST...before you ask.

Vanessa sat with Audrey and Steve, discussing the two extra votes to save James last night on the live show.  As expected, she is on the warpath about those votes, but has moved from anger into analytical observation as she tries to get to the truth.

Vanessa:  I expected 9-2, not 7-4.

The camera shoots a close up of Steve twiddling his hands nervously, but I was not quick enough to catch it. Did Vanessa see that?  It was clearly one of Steve's tells---I've heard Jason say that Steve was fiddling with his hands throughout the entire first week, but has calmed down with the passage of time.

Audrey is probably under suspicion, but she knows she didn't cast a hinky vote.

Steve is playing a dangerous game now.  I hope he's ready for what comes next.  It's fun for us, though, I'll give him that.

And I'm loving all of these non-unanimous votes.

I know some people are calling them Blonde and Blonder.  But if BB doesn't put some touch up color  in those HoH baskets, things are going to get rough.

Did you notice how humongous Austin looks on the live show sitting on the couch next to normal-sized people?  I spend a lot of time watching Austin, but I'm still startled to see him in that light.

Someone baked some cookies, that are in various stages of gooey doneness.  Vanessa came over and scraped up a hot ball of cookie and housed it.

Vanessa:  That is one good cookie.

These two girls will finally get some camera time this week, for better or worse.

Becky is one of the prime suspects for the hinky vote.  She didn't do it, but she is getting blamed for it.  And she'd better start shoveling the food in, since she has a very good chance of being a Have Not this week.  (Only 5 people in the house have not had the pleasure yet...)

Johnny Mac just knows how this is going to go down, doesn't he?

Jackie knows she's going to be on the Slop Diet starting tomorrow. So she's making some english muffin pizzas.  I think this is the point in the week when they run out of groceries, so they're trying to make do with what they have.

I later heard Liz say that english muffin pizza was better than she expected it to be.

Meanwhile Vanessa huddled with Clay in the bedroom, saying she would stake her game on her feeling that Steve did not cast the hinky vote.  They are under the impression that whoever did it was trying to frame Audrey, and she gives several examples of things Steve has said to her about not targeting Audrey right now.

But Steve did cast the hinky vote, as we all know.  And I think that he did that to target Clay, the Golden Boy, after overhearing all of the drama yesterday about Clay being 90%...he and John were sitting right outside the HoH door, and may have even conspired about this.

Remember when Vanessa later announced that whoever sits at the chessboard can hear every word said in the HoH Room?

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