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The New Girls Get All of the Attention: Meet Giselle #BB17

Sometime around 4:00 am, a group convened in the kitchen, and was laughing it up.  Becky was talking about the gym she goes to at home, and how it is the one all of the hot single people go to.  Becky says she zeros in a guy she wants to talk to, and then will approach him when he's lifting to ask to cut in, or something like that.

Becky:  It's a way to get them to take off their headphones.

The conversation turns to Giselle, the plastic blow-up giraffe that they got after the PoV competition.  It sounds like Johnny Mac had Giselle by the neck and then everyone started to beg Production to let them keep the giraffe.

Meg:  We all cheered more about getting to keep the giraffe then for Johnny Mac winning the PoV.

They joke that Production will have to dub in their Giselle joy cheering and clapping  to add sound to Johnny's victory moment.

Da'Vonne appears, from the DR I think, and it is good to hear her laughing and having fun like the old Da'Vonne.  You know, before the Thursday PoV comps happened.  They all say this Wednesday will be one month since they were kidnapped for the show.

Jeff is escorting Giselle around the house while everyone cracks themselves up.

Jason:  Giselle, get your life bitch.

Day:  Where's she at?  What's she up to?

James:  Giselle feels some kinda way about Meg.

Jason:  Giselle has issues with other women.  She hates Meg!


Jason:  Giselle is a fucking THOT.

(ha ha ha)

Jeff took Giselle out in the backyard and everyone went out there to see what Giselle was up to.

Jeff:  She's killing it!  Giselle is killing it!

(She's apparently doing bench press.)

Day:  She gotta stay fit! Do what you gotta do, Mama.

Steve is trying to hang in there and stay up with the group. Apparently there was a dreadful hostage situation earlier when Steve held Giselle by the feet and hung her over the balcony, threatening to drop her if anybody came upstairs to get her.

Jeff:  It was a really nasty hostage situation.  Giselle passed out..I started crying, her legs gave out.

 It sounds like James used this opportunity to "fornicate with Giselle."

Jeff, yelling:  TWICE!  He did it TWICE!

Jeff escorted Giselle over to the couches and everyone laughed about how protective Jeff looked.  He put her on the couch.  Note that Giselle is wearing one of Meg's tops and one of her skirts.

Day:  Giselle!  Park that thing!  Park that thing!  (Da'Vonne is a repeater.....a repeater...)

Jeff:  She's got a donk.

Jason:  Sit your ass down Giselle.  You know all the girls when they wear a short skirt always put a pillow in between their legs so no one can see!

Jeff:  Giselle is acting like a bottle rat in the club...she's got her top halfway down!

Day:  And her face is like, you're getting on my damn nerves!

Meg, cracking up:  Her face is so good!

Jason:  She's so unenthused!  It's like half drunk, half sexy and half pissed off.

Day:  She was in that competition like, I don't wanna be here!  Don't take me to Kathy!  (Griffin)  Everybody get your life!

They say that Johnny Mac went and got Giselle fast, and had her by the neck.

Jason:  He was choking that bitch out!

Da'Vonne pats Giselle's neck and notices a "heifer lump" and wants to know what it is.

Day:  You gotta get that worked out!

Jeff:  Keep that under wraps!  James has been beating the hell out of her.  It's probably a damn bruise.

James:  She likes it rough.  In the heat of the moment, shit happens.

Jason says Giselle is giving them the eye right now.

Day:  Giselle is like Meg, did I ask you?  Did I ask you?  She's probably saying to Meg that if you could control these two, they wouldn't come for me!

Meg:  Giselle does not like me.  And she's wearing all my clothes, too.

Jason:  The voice that comes out of Giselle is like Day's voice, "you better get your mama!"

Day:  She's like get your man Meg!  Get your man!

James:  Do you know how boring our day would have been without this plastic giraffe?

Jeff:  Dude, it would have been terrible.

Day:  Who made her?  And made her face like this?

Jason says she needs a cigarette, and he might just pop one in there.

Day, checking out Giselle's outfit:  That's a cute skirt!

Jason:  Meg that skirt is going to be all stretched out after being around that fat ass!

Jeff: Yeah, that donk!

Meg:  Jeff was like, why is Giselle wearing clothes from Goodwill!  And I was like, that's my skirt, you ass!

Jeff:  ZING!

Becky dropped the bomb by saying that James saw her picture in her HoH room and thought she was SHELLI'S MOM!

James:  But I thought you were a hottie!

Oh boy...the talk turns to Frankie Grande, and how he acted on the live feeds.

Jason:  He was terrible...he was like Jace, but gay!  He got portrayed better on the show than he did on the feeds.  But that's just my opinion.  He annoyed me.

The cameras close in on Meg when Jason says this....I don't think she's told anyone that she is friends with Frankie in New York.  (Yes, she is.)  Jason said the worst person ever on the live feeds was "Wil with one ell from BB14".  (Whaaattt?  No....) 

Jason says the the live feeders:

*  probably hate him, because he's annoying
*  hate Audrey, because "everybody hates Audrey"
*  hate Meg, because she's annoying too
*  love Jeff, because he gives Meg a hard time
*  hate Day, because she's loud

Jason:  It's more about who they hate than who they love, especially in those first few weeks.

James:  What about Becky?

Becky: They don't even know I've moved in yet.

Jason explained the Joker's poll, saying "no one is voting for Becky" so she is probably in the middle of the pack.  FYI Jason is right about Becky's placement, according to today's Joker's poll results.  Note how Clay has dropped to the bottom of the Fan Rankings.  Ouch.

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