Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Few, The Proud, The Hanger's On. #BB17

They've been hanging on a cliff for almost two hours now.

The rain pours down and James stands quietly.

He squats down to rest his legs, and is even able to stick them out straight in front of him.

Shelli's hurting, but she's still hanging.

Jackie hung on as long as she could.

Becky's down, and everyone cheers for her.  She did a great job.

She doesn't want a towel now, she says.  She still feels hot from hanging on so long, even though the rain was so cold.

Jackie's chest has a red mark on it, and might even be open skin.  Meg thought it was paint, but Jackie saiys it was those damn birds.

Clay is down now, and the crowd applauds his efforts.

His hands are messed up---I think he has some big blisters on them.

Meg:  This looks easier on TV.

Shelli, James and Johnny Mac are the only ones left.  I'm surprised Johnny Mac is fighting so hard.  Does he need to win now that there is no BoB?

He must want someone out really, really bad.

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