Friday, July 31, 2015

The Eagle Has Landed. And Boy Her Wings are Tired. #BB17

Right after the HoH comp ended, everyone gathered at the memory wall to admire Julia's new picture.

Unfortunately for Jace, Julia's picture took his spot, over on the far right, second from the bottom.  Everyone said it looked so pretty.

I wonder if Austin would trade Julia for Jace right now in the game.  IF he doesn't wish that now, I predict he will very soon.

Over-the-shoulder, too.  Nice.

Jackie thinks Jace is probably calmer now about being voted out of the game.

Austin:  But he's probably mad about this, now...getting his picture swapped out.

I think it is important to note that the Have Nots performed in that competition without eating real food.  Not so impressive for Steve, who dropped right around the time Austin did, but it was a very good showing for both Clay and Shelli.  If the little rock climbing knobs were placed higher up, I think Clay could have won, due to his upper arm strength.

But having a lower center of gravity definitely helped James.  Vanessa is laying in the purple room, talking to him.  He admits that his military training helped him, and he kept thinking about all the crap he went through in basic training.

Vanessa:  Yeah. I was thinking about how they squirt you guys in the face while you train, right?

James:  I could have gone a lot longer up there.

James is humble and calm.

Shelli, however, is on edge and asks Vanessa to come talk to her.  She says she needs someone to talk to, so they go in the Have Not room.

This is really the first time this summer that Shelli has not had an advantage in the game.  And we will soon see how she  handles the stress of being targeted, or just in fear of being targeted.

Shelli:  When we walked out there and saw the set up, I thought I would never be able to do it,and would be one of the first ones out.  And I was thinking, I don't want to be HoH a third time and have that target on me.  I was just going to let someone else from our group win. But then people started falling, and I felt like I had to hang on...

Shelli:  And then there I was, the only girl still left up there.  And I made a deal for me and Clay...I thought about adding you, too..

Vanessa:  No, you did the right thing.

(NO WAY would Vanessa have wanted to be part of that deal.  NO WAY. HELL TO THE NO.)

Clay came in and I knew Vanessa DID NOT want to be seen huddled up in that room with them.  She assured them that they would be safe this week because James would stand by the deal, and that if anybody needs to worry, it would be herself and the Twins.

(Do you think James will stand by the deal?  I don't.  For one thing, Shelli bargained for "no backdoors"--even if he stuck by his word, he could nominate both of them straight up.)

After Vanessa left the room, Shelli told Clay she feels so bad, and guilty for not winning.  She's worried about Vanessa's safety.

Clay assures her she will be fine, and he actually wanted her to drop earlier because winning a third HoH wasn't a good look for her.

Clay:  The other members of our alliance should have hung on longer.  They can't depend on you to win every week.

Meanwhile, Julia is in the shower telling Liz and Austin about being on stage with Julie Chen during the live show. Production isn't thrilled about this conversation.

Julia:  She said, hey everybody this is Julia, and she asked me if I was nervous.

Liz:  Well, yeah.


Julia:  And then she told me you won Battle of the Block.

Liz:  Yeah.


Julia: And then she said, okay you can go into the house.  So I went in the door, and there was a beefcake waiting for me, and I was crying...


Julia:.....and I was like, shitting bricks.

Liz:  You need to put on a bra.

Julia:  Oh my god-ah!  That's so rude.

Austin snickers, enjoying this.

Liz:  Well they yelled at me!  That's why they gave us a million of those little nipple petals.



  1. All of them will come after Clelli, and Vanessa and James will bargain to be an alliance. I think this will be a bad week for them. I think if James was "smart" he would take out the head of the group of Vanessa. I think when Clelli goes on the block, then they will out Vanessa. Then if Veto places them out - which can happen, she is going on the block. But she is counting on Austin to be put up, or the twins. Strategy wise she is on point. But I think people are unpredictable. And if Clelli has amo(which they do) on Van she might end up on the cutting block.

  2. Honestly, I've never heard so much shit talking about production from Julia and liz on BBAD. "Production no longer does bob bcuz they can't afford it, gronk cost too much", "their mom having to buy extra clothes", they said a few more things and making their negative reactions about production. Oh and they were recruited didn't apply. I hope the other houseguests see how ungrateful they are, lol geezzzz, lol they are high maintenance. Oh and Becky is a little snitch, I can't stand her.

  3. I like the Twins and think they are going to add a lot of juice to the live feeds. It's like having someone new in there. Plus I think both Steve and Johnny Mac are interested in her.

    Some of you just like to complain and will never be happy. So as either Twin would say "whatever".

    1. I bet, with Jason gone from the feeds I bet seeing her is welcoming and nice,but they just have an immature attitude, "when I grow up" I think it was Julia that said Hun you are grown!!! Lol kids these jk

  4. see and I found the whispering sooooooo quiet, but BBAD is up to 20 on volume often just so I can hear them ..Anywhooo, I think Vanessa will be able to keep herself off the block because she has been pretty honest and can confirm that Clelli has been directing the votes. Thanks again XooX

    1. I bought Sony wireless headphones for my live feed-watching, because my dog just can't take any of it. She would hide in the backyard while I watched BBAD on TV due to al of the whispering and under the beds in the guest room while I watched the live feeds.

      So maybe the headphones are the reason why I can hear the Twins' whispers. Plus I can walk around the house if I need to.

      But I have headphone hair if the weather is humid. But it's not like I go anywhere during BB season, right?

    2. Bah, I'm sure you still look great despite the hair. The wild or dishevelled looks are in fashion anyway. I've seen people go to the hairdresser's to pay to get the look I get in a heat wave with poofy hair. He he I was once asked by another chick where I had gone to have my hair "so all over the place and voluminous like that" said it looked great. I said I went to bed. So you should be fine :p

    3. Good point about Vanessa. Something tells me James will make a big move to impress Meg. Thats just my thinking I hope he doesn't waste his hoh. This week will def be interesting. Also the fact that the next person out will be the last person that does NOT go to jury and with double eviction Thursday it willbe a very interesting week. Thanks For your updates FeedWatcher


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