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Steve Chats with James, the Live Feeders, Jason...Anybody Who Will Listen, Really. #BB17

In the wee hours of the morning, everyone was in bed but James and Steve.  They haven't had access to the backyard in a few days, so they are enjoying being in the fresh morning air.

I guess. I made that last part up.  I don't know if they are enjoying the air or not, but I know there was rare rainfall in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, so I'm imaging things smelling fresh and clean, like flower buds.

James has done a load of laundry, and is folding his clothes now.  One of his T-shirts is some sort of military training shirt, with a list of his graduating class on the back.  James showed Steve where his name was listed along with the other graduates. He said it was a class to train military corrections officers.

Steve says he would never be able to get through that, but James tells him not to sell himself short.

James:  I think you could get through the training class, but to be honest, in that job those guys would run right through you...they'd be like, "Steve, come over here", and "Steve, over this way".

Steve:  To be honest, I think you could run right through me.

Steve has never been in a fight before, other than play "chapter fights" with his brothers.  He points out that the only life experience he has so far is high school and college, saying James has a lot more experience than he does.

(obviously trying to play himself down to James....)

James:  I don't know about that...don't sell yourself short.

Steve:  James, I'm only 22.

James:  Oh.  Yeah.

James talked to him about how important it is to be willing to fight if you are out and someone "disrespects your old lady".  James repeats the "old lady" moniker several times, which many ladies might find disrespectful.   But it's James, so I'm not too shocked about that.

James loaded up his laundry basket and went in the house, after Steve said "have a good night, Mr. Huling" and James said "thank you, Mr. Moses".

Not two seconds later, Steve started singing a little tune that included "I don't trust James....I don't trust James", over and over and over, while he juggled two balls from the pool table, pacing across the backyard.

Steve: ....but James is safe this week from the BoB....if only Liz hadn't put him up....who do I want out this week....I want Meg out.....I don't want Audrey out, because I want to get Audrey out, but I have to win HoH first.....and throwing the HoH's is so hard...

He got too close to the windows with those flying pool table balls so BB said "Steve, STOP THAT".  Steve didn't realize that the warning related to being close to the windows, so he put the balls down and grabbed a racquet and started swinging it around rather violently as he continued his dialog.

Steve: ....with Shelli as the HoH, and Vanessa with the PoV.....

Like an answer to my prayers (and probably the camera crew, too), Jason comes out in the backyard, saying everything is still wet out there.

Steve, in a sour tone:  Oh....are you smoking again?

Jason says yes (of course) and that James just woke him up "with all of the chains" in the bedroom, and he was laying around talking to Meg, anyway.

Steve strolled over to sit down, still swinging his racquet.  He asked how Jason was doing emotionally, is Jason okay?

Jason:  Yes....I was kind of emotional for a few days there, but now I can only hope.  I'm not going to go crazy and start going off or anything...

Steve:  Like Jace did?  Did I tell you what Jace said to me in the days before he left?

Jason:  I can only imagine.

Steve:  He told me everyone was making fun of me and my nickname was Geek Squad Mickey.

(It was actually Geek Squad McGee.)

Jason never heard of that nickname, but he kind of likes it.  Steve thinks it would make a good Twitter handle someday.

Jason:  Or at least a hashtag.

Jason checked the laundry area and reported that all of the paint was coming out of their clothes (the PoV was a messy one, but more on that later).

Steve:  That was my biggest fear in coming here....being able to remain emotionally stable.

Jason:  Well, me too.  But not the stable part...I'm plenty stable, but everybody knows I'm not afraid to get in an argument.  I can be confrontational.

Steve:  I'm sure you've noticed the same about me.

Jason:  I showed everybody that on Day #10 in the Have Not room, yelling at Audrey.

(It feels like at least 10 years ago, but this is it if you don't remember.)

Steve wonders if there is a chance that Audrey can go up on the block if the PoV is played this week, because he knows that Audrey and Vanessa have "had their differences".

Jason:  In a perfect world, yes, but Vanessa doesn't name the nominee.

(Shelli does, and although she would love Audrey to leave, she is VERY worried about the backlash from America because Audrey is transgender.  Shelli doesn't know that America doesn't care about that anymore, and hasn't for weeks.  Plus, I'm not sure that the DR isn't reinforcing that idea with Shelli, who couldn't be sweeter, which makes her particularly susceptible to that type of propaganda.)

Steve:  Do Shelli and Audrey have a good relationship?

Jason, carefully, because he DOES NOT trust Steve:  Well, they have in the past, but I'm just hoping the PoV is used, because next to Johnny Mac, I'm screwed.  There is a possibility they could put up Meg again, and I have no shot again.

Steve:  You think you have no shot against Meg?

Jason:  Yeah.  I think I have no shot against most of the people.  I don't have much of a relationship with most of them...I talk to everybody, but they think that if I'm not talking game to them, then I must be talking game to other people, but I'm really on a boat by myself.

(Jason clearly trying to play himself down to Steve.)

Steve thinks he and Jason seemed to have an early connection, and he also had an immediate connection with Da'Vonne.

(He did?)

Steve:  And word got around that Day compared us to Danielle and Jason (from BB3, not our BB17 Jason), and after that was being discussed we kind of drifted apart.  And I thought you were distancing yourself from me, because you were mad over the Day situation.

Jason denies that, but admits he heard the "Jason and Danielle" chatter about Steve.  Jason knew where he stood with Da'Vonne, so any relationship she had with Steve didn't matter to him.

Jason:  She had a lot of deals with a lot of people, and if those deals had pulled through she'd still be in the house.

Steve apologizes for what he thinks was potential friction between him and Jason, and also Day.  There was apparently some incident at the pool table that he feels Day always resented, even though he did apologize to her for the misunderstanding.

Jason:  No...she knows you are working on your social skills...she forgot all about that I'm sure.

Steve:  Well, everybody knows I'm working on it....I don't get social cues out the whazoo, and that's why I didn't get into the community service one told me, so I kept rubbing salt in the wounds and that made things worse.

(You mean the Fredonia frat? That was discussed here and more of his personality issues here.)

Jason thinks the problem with this year's cast is that everyone is talking to everyone, so if you don't talk to people about game, they assume they're being excluded.  Jason thinks people don't know how to approach Steve.

Jason:  That's why I don't approach people to talk game...I don't know who is talking to who...I'm just trying to chill and get as far as I can.  I don't have some big list of targets.

(Steve is one of Jason's targets...)

Steve wondered if Jeff talked a lot of shit about him, but Jason says he talked shit about everyone.

Steve:  Did you vote for Jeff to leave?

Jason:  Very happily I did.  And I left him a mean goodbye message, too.  Jeff hates me, but I'm okay with that.  The reason why I'm nominated this week is what Jeff said to Audrey and Shelli about me, saying I was targeting them.

Steve:  Shelli listens to Audrey?

(Steve is obviously obsessed with that topic.)

Jason:  I don't know.  But Jeff knows I didn't buy his bullshit like some of these other people did.

Steve:  Vanessa didn't buy it.

Jason:  No, Vanessa didn't buy it.  But I didn't buy it, either, and I was being friendly to him in general, but I wasn't buying anything he was selling, so he knew I'd have to be his target because I would stand in his way at some point.

Steve interrupts to ask if Jason watched Survivor Samoa.  Jason said no, but Steve went on to talk about Russell Hantz's game, where he made alliances with three different girls on the first day.  Each girl bought his line of crap, but when he approached a fourth girl and she declined, Russell  made sure she was the first one voted out of the game.

Jason knows that Jeff told Shelli that he was coming after Clay and Shelli in the game and that got him in trouble.

Steve:  If you were a recruit, you'd be doing that...

Jason:  Yeah, but I'm not playing for revenge.

Steve:   But everybody knows you are smart enough about the game not to do that.

Steve compares this to Rachel Reilly targeting Dani Donato in BB13, saying it was the wrong thing to do, but Jason points out it worked out for Rachel in the end. (She won.)

Jason:  I'm not here to play anyone else's game.

Steve:  We're both here for the same reasons, I think.  And this game runs way deeper for us than anybody else in here.

Jason:  For sure.  These people want to be on TV...I would play this if it was in a basement.  Jason wants the money, that's for sure, but Jason wants the crown, too.

Jason:  That's why I'm trying to savor these moments....and not go out of here all crazy.  I'd like to at least get to Jury, because what kind of SuperFan can't even make it to Jury.

Steve:  It pisses me off how much of this game comes down to luck.

Jason tells him luck is involved in everything, every game, and you can't be mad at luck.  Jason used to think he was the most unlucky guy in the world, and he would make jokes about God hating him, but now that he's been on BB he can't say anything about being unlucky anymore.  If he's out this week, he knows he'll never be on the show again.

Jason:  Some people on this cast may make it to an All Star season, but if I don't make it to Jury, I'll never be asked back.

Steve:  Not necessarily....Kaysar and Boogie...

(Kaysar couldn't play his way out of a paper bag, but having a handsome Iraqi man on the cast was like having Audrey this year.  And everybody knows Dr. Will refused to appear on BB All Stars unless Mike Boogie made the cast as well.)

Jason knows that his talking about himself in the third person is annoying, because it is annoying him, too.  Steve says Audrey is like BB10's Brian Hart, except she didn't get evicted the first week.

(Brian Hart had the skills, but played WAY too hard in Week #1 so he got the first boot of the season.  Ironically, he was a restaurant manager in one of Mike Boogie's establishments, so that is how he got the BB casting hook up.  He also had a chance to come back in BB11 as the coach of a clique, but was beaten by Jessie Godderz, which was much better for TV, I'm sure.)

Steve likes the way BB16's Christine Brecht ended up voting for Derrick to win, reasoning that she was much better friends with Cody, but she "wasn't there to make friends".  They both agree that Johnny Mac is in the game for one reason only...he wants the check and doesn't give a damn about anything else, but they don't fault him for that.

Steve then assessed the cast as follows (with my own comments):

*  Clay was a recruit (true)
*  Audrey was a recruit (maybe...but Jason and Steve do know about her BB ORG work, though)
*  Shelli applied (I thought so, too, but Shelli admitted she was "approached " for the show in one of her pre-season interviews)
*  Becky was a recruit
*  Jackie and Jeff were recruited (Jason says they are "transfers", Steve says they were recruited for TAR, too.  Jeff said he applied for one season of TAR though...see here.)
*  Da'Vonne applied
*  James applied
*  Vanessa applied  (well, I'm sure Vanessa told them that, but they have no idea who Vanessa really is...I heard Jason say recently that after hearing a few of Vanessa's stories, he thought she might be more interesting than he initially thought, and finally could understand why she was cast)

Jason:  I saw both Day and James on the spaceship a long time ago..there were no recruits on my spaceship, because it was the very first spaceship.  There was no time to recruit people for that spaceship.

Steve:  There were a lot of recruits on my spaceship.

(This must have been very late in the casting process, when Robyn Kass was trying to fill gaps.)

Steve says there was one girl that he kind of had a connection with who showed up on the last day, but she got cut.

Steve:  She'll be on Big Brother 18.

Jason: Maybe...who knows, you can be on BB18, too.

Steve agrees, "theoretically" but says it will be very difficult to get the time off from school again. If he makes Jury, he will have to skip fall semester, so he will be behind and will need to really push to apply to grad schools.

(Just like Ian Terry, as I recall.)

Steve says his initial connection with Da'Vonne was that they both spent the entire press junket talking about their admiration for Danielle Reyes.  Jason says he mentioned a lot of BB players in his interviews, but even mentioned The Friendship (BB6) and Diane Henry (BB5) and they agree that most of the people in the house don't know any old school BB players.

Jason:  I have to laugh at some SuperFans, who have only watched since BB12.

Steve says Derrick only started watching since BB12, and mentions Derrick seeing Ragan Fox on Showtime After Dark halfway through BB12 and getting hooked at that point.  Jason never heard that and is impressed with that little factoid.

(Well Jason, if you read this website, you would already know that...see here.  And FYI that is a fun post to read, because it covers Zach's little tantrum when he threw stuff at the PoV cameras and thought he broke one.)

Jason says he was a closet BB fan for a number of years, and was out partying and getting stoned.  He wasn't proudly waving the BB fan flag, but he still watched it.  They both agreed there were some dark BB years where the show was on the downslide and it was very uncool to watch it, but that it is now coming back and making it friendlier to be a SuperFan.

Jason:  I was out being a bad kid so it was hard to watch three nights a week.  And all of my friends were bad kids, too, so they didn't give a shit.  But I've pretty much whittled out...

Steve interrupted to ask if any of Jason's "girls" are BB fans.  Jason says his best friend watches BB US now, and also all of the international versions so the two of them discuss what happened in detail each day.  Steve has a friend who loves BB, and "was obsessed with Nick Uhas".

(Oh dear.)

Steve says he was still friends with that guy (ha ha ha) because he needed a friend to talk about it, because you can't "watch a season of BB alone".  Jason agrees that you either find that in person or online.

(I don't know ANYONE who will admit to watching BB anymore, so that is one reason why I have this website, I think.  Plus I can remember traveling on business and being frantic to know what was going on so I try to provide that info for other needy SuperFans.)

Jason has had a Jokers Updates account for years but has never posted.  He doesn't share his feelings with others like that. (He better start doing that....right?)  Steve has a few posts, but they were not frequent.  Jason likes to read what everybody else says.

Now they discuss the "triplets in Bulgaria".  Jason read somewhere that there was a rumor that BB US would have 18 house guests, so he "scoured the internet for two hours" and couldn't find any info about that.  Both Steve and Jason thought there might be twins or triplets this year based on twist rumors on the internet.

Jason says Wikipedia can be sketchy, and mentions the rumor last year that "Frank Audy" (mispronounced that way) would be in the house playing with his dad, but Steve never heard that rumor.

(I did, but I scoffed at that.)

Jason thinks Frank's dad may have said something to someone about it that either started the rumor, or cancelled that plan if it was real.  Steve read about some girl named Danielle who was a model and said she was going to be on BB17.

Jason:  The people who are recruits are not asked to be on the show...they are asked to try out for the show.  And we're here, so we know that it was way too early for her to know she was going to be on the show.

Steve thinks recruits have an advantage in the process.

Jason:  Well, they're obviously looking for something...but they have to go through the whole process anyway.  Like, they found Meg, but she's not the classic recruit.  She's not here because she's a model, they found her at her waitressing job, and thought she was funny and cute.

(Jason Jason Jason.  You don't know that Meg is friends with Andrea Boelke and also Frankie Grande.  I'm impressed Meg has kept that to herself, because that info would definitely hurt her.  However, it would be so fun to hear her dish Survivor and Frankie dirt on the live feeds, wouldn't it?)

Steve didn't know Meg was a waitress.  They think Austin must have been on "Spaceship 3".  Steve says "Calvin Coolidge" told him __________.  We will never know who Calvin Coolidge is, or what he had to say to Steve, because suddenly all cameras switched to Audrey sleeping peacefully, then to the empty kitchen counter.

I can't even find a Calvin Coolidge who lives in California on the internet who might be a Production employee, so I guess that juicy scoop is a dead end, unfortunately.

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