Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some of the House Guests Play Games, But a Few are Still Playing the Game. #BB17

Things have been so relaxed in the house since Audrey took to her Dentist Chair that it's kind of easy to forget that we're playing a game here.

Last night Jason went in the bedroom to see about Meg, and she woke up from a sound sleep confused and startled.  Jason couldn't wait to tell her that The Twins switched out again, and Thickums (Liz) just made her debut as a Whackstreet Boy.

Meg just realized that she had funny news to tell Jason.

Meg: Oh...remember the date that Austin had with one of them?  (Yes....we do Meg.) Well, I walked in on Austin telling Cruella about it..he was saying that they had a date and how nice it was...

Jason:  Oh, so he was telling her about the date he had with her....Austin totally knows about all of this.

Meg: Yes, and he's helping her and telling her stuff.

Jason:  This one didn't even know about the chicken nuggets! She wanted to eat some but I had to tell her they're gone!  And I asked her about getting naked so I could wash all of our whites, and she was like, 'oh...that's right'.

They had a good laugh about all of this, and had a little discussion about when The Twins will both be in the game.  It sounds like they would rather keep that option open, since they think that will keep hope alive for either of them that they would get back in the game if evicted before the Twin Twist is exposed.

Meg:  And if they're both here...that will be the next two targets...so that's good.

Jason looks up and sees the cameras on him.

Jason:  Oh great.  Ever since you said that (about The Twins) the cameras have been on Jason as he scratches his ass!

They have figured out the timing of the twin switches, since it seems that each week each Twin gets to be around for one of the competitions before tagging out. While they were talking, Steve came in and did what Steve does---interrupt and stand around awkwardly until leaving the room, except this time he left and came right back before leaving again.

Meg, whispering: He's gonna be next, I think...

Meg was hungry for breakfast (even though it is well after 9:00 pm) and wants to make an egg and veggie sausage sandwich on toast.  She told everyone about the great nap she just took and the dream she had.

Meg:  It was so weird....I dreamed that I was in the DR and they forgot about me.  That doorway on the other side was open and there was a hallway down there.  I could hear voices like it was an office..


James studies the memory wall---they have all noticed that after Audrey is gone, Steve will be the only house guest still there in the far left column.  They openly "joke" about Steve going next, and James says he'll just say that in his nomination speech---"Steve, as the only one still here from the left column, I'm putting you on the block."

It's funny.

Jackie has now had a bowl of slop for dinner, and several pickles and is ready for angel food cake.  She found the one that is freshest and pulled off a big piece.

Meg did, too, and said it was delicious.

(If you don't know, Angel Food Cake is a light and spongy cake made primarily of about a dozen egg whites, lots of sugar, a little flour and vanilla and maybe a squeeze of lemon.  After it bakes you hang it upside down to cool so it doesn't fall.  I tried making one once, and something obviously went wrong because it fell apart and big chunks flew out of the pan after I left it to cool. The cake was ugly, but had good flavor.  We put chocolate sauce on it as a drunk snack.)

Here is a close up of Johnny Mac's chin strap.  He must make the same thing over and over for dinner because when he asked them what they thought he would have, both Jackie and Meg guessed a pizza with chicken and bacon on it, with ranch dressing.

Why even have a pizza if you're going to do that to it?

But Johnny Mac is a Have Not right now, so of course he is having Slop and Gravy.

James quizzed Jackie about how she's feeling at this point in the Have Not week, and concluded she is just about to hit the wall with that "Blah" feeling.

Meg's egg sandwich was very crunchy.

Something is obviously wrong with this picture, once you know about it.  (Half of one twin, half of the other.)

Liz has a funny conversation with Jackie about once the "Left Column Project" is complete, they can start with Audrey and have a "Row Project" to get James out and go right across from there.

Jackie restocked their fridge with more pickles and olives for the Have Nots.  Johnny Mac says he's kind of over the gravy, so he's going to experiment with adding chopped pickles to the slop to make a slop salad.

OK...we're still playing Big Brother here.

Steve had a quick chat with Vanessa in the bedroom, both whispering since they knew Audrey was on the other side of the wall.

Vanessa:  I think I like talking to you in the morning, when no one else is up.  There's too much heat right now after what Audrey said.  This is the one thing --our thing---that no one knows about.

Steve:  But how would Audrey know?

Vanessa:  She caught us talking that time...and got suspicious.  Now people are talking about it, and looking for it, so we have to be really careful.

Vanessa:  Tell me, is anybody coming for me?  Have you heard anything?

Steve:  No.  Nothing.

Vanessa:  Not one thing?  Nobody?

Steve:  Well, Jackie and Becky were annoyed last week about Jeff.  They wanted you to take out Audrey instead of him.  And there is a rumor going around that it was a set up that you planned to target Jeff.

(Oh no...not that mess again.  Vanessa needs to let that die down and stop arguing about it.)

(And that info is a far cry from Steve's first response of "no, nothing", right?)

Vanessa heard someone in the Have Not room, and nipped this conversation right in the bud, leaving quickly.

Here's a bonus for some of you:  a close up of Clay Honeycutt's ass.

Your welcome.

They decided to practice the Whackstreet Boy dance routine, even though they don't have to.  It's that kind of punishment..everybody wishes they had to do it.

Note Vanessa working out in the lower left of the picture.  She stopped to watch the dancing but kept up her workout.

Vanessa wants to win.  She's not taking a break to dance.

The dance practice is really funny.  Jason and Liz take the lead on coaching people, barking direction from the sidelines and demonstrating certain moves.

Jason:  It's pose, pose, bodyroll, oh yeah, turn.

They count to seven at the beginning, snapping their heads up on the seventh count and then doing the elbow arm motions.  Jason points out several times that when you're in a pose, you don't say "oh yeah", but nod instead.

Somehow it starts to make sense, this boy band line dancing.  It's just a series of poses and nods to the beat, with a few connecting moves.

Johnny Mac stands on the sidelines, eating a bowl of slop, and talks about who needs timing work.

James:  OK everybody...from the top!

Ha ha ha.  James needs to go get his aluminum foil headset for this practice session.  Note that earlier Jason told everybody the DR asked about the "backstage dancer practicing", so they know it will probably appear on the CBS show.

Liz:  Clay-ah!  That was almost perfect!  Becky.....you need some work Becky.

They all laugh.

After they run through it one more time, they say that Clay and Meg were perfect.  Jason said into his mic that they need to add two more people to the group, so they need some more all-white clothes.

Jason, excited:  I'll be the only brunette in the group!

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