Friday, July 17, 2015

Shelli Evicts Clay...Out of the HoH Suite For the Night #BB17

It's been a long night for these house guests, and they have gone back and forth, and forth and back, trying to think out every single permutation of nominations, as well as potential BoB and PoV winners.  I am overwhelmed with the amount of information I need to catch up on, but it seems that both HoH's agree that Jason or James would be a good target for this week.

But how to get there?  And how does Audrey fit into this?  And if she doesn't fit into this, how do they handle that?  Jackie is a name that is on everybody's lips this week, too. She is sure to see some time in the nomination chairs, but I think her loyalties will be tested as they try to figure out what kind of game she is running.  Or not running.

Oh, and Becky is in the house, too. Lest we all forget.  I did hear Vanessa make a strong case earlier about how strong Becky is in comps, and how that could wind up being a problem.

The weight of the world is on Shelli's narrow shoulders.  And I have to say she is making the ATL proud by not being afraid to play this game, nor to win competitions.

And she snagged the hottest dude, too, but her behavior has not been slutty in the least.  If you just saw these pictures, you might think it was Days of Our Lives or something, or maybe even the Red Shoe Diaries, but it is actually much more wholesome than that.

As a matter of fact, while Clay is sighing and smooching Shelli (Shelli insists any real kissing will take place outside of the house.) she is reciting her options, and fretting about the possibilities of failure for each.

Shelli is thinking Steve is someone to consider getting rid of, and is still not in favor of eliminating Audrey, or even putting her at risk.

Shelli:  If I had to backdoor somebody, I would rather choose Austin over Audrey, because we know he's not trustworthy.

(Now THAT would be a story for this week.)

Clay really likes Johnny Mac, and would like to bring him into an alliance with the two of them and Vanessa, but Shelli's not sold on the Johnny Mac idea.

(Let's face it, with these genes, their kids won't need a lot of discount dentistry or orthodontics.)

Shelli's eyebrows are worried, too.  She is just as focused and intense in this game as Vanessa is, but in a softer, more gentile way.

They realize that tomorrow will be a busy day, with the nominations and BoB.  Shelli is worried about what time it is, and steps outside the HoH suite to check the time on the clock, peering over the railing.  Liz is already tucked in for the night in her half of the Suite---Shelli is in the second room with the Fish Tank Table, and has to walk through Liz's room to get to the door.

Shelli: It's 5:00 am, and I need to get my two hours of sleep, so I think I'm just going to lay here and listen to my music and get some rest.....alone.

(Cue the suspenseful music as Days of Our Lives goes to commercial...)

Shelli softens the blow by teasing Clay that if he stayed up there with her, she would only be "googling" his gorgeous face (really Shelli...his face?) and would not get any work done.

Clay:  That's okay.  I understand.  I'll just evict you next week!

So you'd think this is a romantic clinch, but the whole time Clay is murmuring nomination possibilities to Shelli, trying to get a last word in about what she should do.  Shelli is smart, so I know she's already considered the fact that Clay might be sleeping in the Dentist's Office this week, starting tomorrow night.  And that might be the best place for him, since Jackie, Becky and Audrey will all be in there, too.  He can keep an eye on things.

(Production might flip the script on their Have Not plans though....using a competition to choose them instead of their "who hasn't done it yet" approach.)

Yes, Shelli would surely be staring at Clay's "face" all night.

(As a contrast, anybody remember watching Brenchal on Showtime's version of BBAD?)

How great is this picture?  I'll just go out here, on a high note.

PS:  What are we calling these two?  Is it "Shlay"?  I like that better than "Clelly".

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  1. I like Chelli personally.

    Usually I would be worried that the "same people" are in power again. But this group of HGs is so fragmented, there is no one solid alliance running the whole house. Thanks for the updates!


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