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Scenes from Tuesday Afternoon - A Day at the Breach #BB17

This first picture is actually from Monday night...Vanessa had made a promise to Jackie to give her a glass of her HoH wine, and that is not a promise that Jackie intends to forget.  So Jackie hung around downstairs to see if any booze would materialize in the storage room, and when it didn't, she went upstairs to collect on Vanessa's promise.

Vanessa happily poured Jackie a glass, and I think they ended up draining the bottle.  Vanessa kept inviting her to take another glass, and Jackie kept saying, "no...I couldn't..".  Finally Vanessa poured herself another big glass and Jackie accepted the rest of the bottle.

These house guests don't sip, they gulp.

And now we move on to Tuesday afternoon, when most of the house slept in.  Vanessa got her HoH camera and had trouble getting people to get up and pose for her.  At one point Shelli just took the camera and started snapping.

(Shelli loves to control the camera.)

I like Vanessa's shirt and wonder where she has been hiding it.  I think she is waiting in line for the bathroom here....apparently the HoH room was locked while Production put the computer in there for her HoH tweet session.

Get in line, dude.  Would you let someone like Austin break the bathroom line in front of you?

Me neither.  Hell no.

Becky says she has already laid in the sun for awhile, trying to work on her tan.

In the backyard Vanessa posed with Liz, with Shelli taking the picture of course.

Then Liz took over, directing a picture on the hammock.

After they took this picture, Shelli and Vanessa looked at it and Vanessa laughed.

Vanessa:  Shelli you sit like a girl....I sit like a guy!

They both laughed. It's true.

As they walked across the yard, they discussed posture.  Vanessa said her mom was a model, and was constantly nagging her about standing up straight.

Vanessa:  We had to walk with a book on our heads to practice.   My mom was all about good posture, but I didn't get those graceful genes.

Here is a picture of Johnny Mac and Austin playing air guitar.

And here is Liz and Johnny Mac reprising one of their Whackstreet Boys poses.

Later the group had a "Beach Day" out by the pool, pretending they were at the beach.  Johnny Mac thought it would be nice to have beach sounds piped in, like waves and seagulls.  He admitted he hated seagulls after one took his peanut butter and jelly sandwich one time.

Meg hates the seagulls, too, saying they have taken her food before, too, and that "they are assholes".

They talked about the old Nickelodeon shows like Are You Aftraid of the Dark, Salute Your Shorts and other classics.  Meg says some of those shows terrorized her and that they could never be shown today.

Austin remembers how Nick used to let viewers choose the next show by "turning some dial", and also described Stick Stickley, who was a sort of mascot for the channel.

I heard Jackie tell Vanessa that she brought in special "hi def" makeup to wear this summer, and was relieved to find an extra package, since she thinks she will need it now.

Does Jackie have skin issues?  I've never noticed that, but I have noticed that her makeup looks heavy at times.  But good for her for preparing....if you don't know BB USA rewired the entire house before BB16 to facilitate broadcasting in high definition.

 When I took the next few pictures I didn't realize there was part of a tax spreadsheet in part of the frame.  Sorry!  That's what happens when you multitask.

Liz wore this hat and bounced around in the pool, up and down, up and down.

You know Liz (and Julia) do not get along with Jackie, right?  There is a lot of tension there that Vanessa describes as "female bitchiness".  Vanessa saw an example of this when Jackie was trying to talk to her in front of Liz, and Liz made a "Um Hmmm" sound that was clearly confrontational.

Jackie told Vanessa later that she was PISSED about that, and almost bit back at her, but somehow restrained herself.  Vanessa told Jackie that Liz comes out with some really funny zingers sometimes when you least expect it, but Jackie didn't seemed convinced.

Vanessa also told Shelli later about this, saying that if Jackie had some power in the house, it wouldn't be hard for them to push her in the Twins' direction as far as nominations go.

Shelli:  Yeah...because we never want to be the ones to target them...

Vanessa:  No!

You'll notice that Jason seems to be taking the afternoon off.  He didn't go to bed until after 6:00 am, so it's not really unusual to sleep in, but I'm sure the live feeders would like to have more time with him.

Meg eventually went to roust him out of bed, telling him he's not wearing a "cloak and sunglasses" this week.

And there is definitely a plan in place to get the votes to keep Jason. It is going to take some work, but it can happen.  But Meg can go ahead and do some work on his behalf.  She doesn't have to wait for him to get up to try and plant some seeds out there.

Just sayin', Meg.

Everybody liked Shelli's swimsuit.  I don't think she has worn it before.  Shelli was rather pushy out there by the pool today...I've not really noticed that before, but it was very obvious today.  She cut off  and ended several conversations by interrupting and overtalking.  I know people notice that, and they are going to talk about it later.  Shelli needs to start laying back and blending in, and that won't happen if you boss everybody.

For example, they talked about their favorite subject: booze.

Meg:  Oh..summer shandy is so go...


Johnny Mac:  I love pumpkin beer.  Last October I bought two cases and it lasted until January because...


At this point I noticed that my pictures were messed up and fixed it.  Finally.

Liz would have normally switched out with Julia by now, so there is some speculation about why there might be a delay.  Some people think that if Julia was in the house for the live vote, she might vote to keep Jason, where Liz is definitely anti-Jason.

Assuming Production would prefer to keep Jason in the house for the entertainment value and also due to his popularly, this is something we need to keep an eye on. Because a later Twin switch might leave Julia in there for the live vote....or maybe they won't switch at all....who knows.


  1. Is Thickums mean to Jackie too or is it just Cruella?

    1. Liz is Thickums and she is the one who "Um Hmm'ed" Jackie this week.

      Not sure about Julia--Cruella, who seems to have different opinions about people than Liz.

  2. Oh...that's right. I got them reversed. I like Cruella a bit more then. I remember noticing their size difference more when they were wearing the white pants costume. Maybe it was the material, IDK, but it was the first time it was really obvious to me.

  3. Ole salute your shorts, camp onawana, remember Hey Dude, or Double Dare,and the classic Wet Wild n Crazy great times. Beckys' conversation with Jason last night was interesting, she's no bb fan, but she really feels safe and it def sucks that Jason goes out before her. :( I really hope the tide turns and the other side wins hoh. Shelli might be good looking (I think Meg is prettier) but she is a scandalous firecracker! And do you know if the "condom feeler with lotion on a cucumber got Meg? Another one of james' joke. He's a wild a crazy guy!!!!


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