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Scenes From This Afternoon - A Little of This, A Little of That #BB17

***Important Giselle Update***  

She slept in the Have Not room last night.  Giselle has a whole lot of neck for that dentist chair.

(You can meet Giselle here.)

Liz made banana pancakes this morning and was very happy with the outcome.  She went down the hall announcing that there were "pancakes ready to be eaten".  Jeff and John didn't need a second invitation---they went right to the kitchen and started chowing down.  They were almost like banana muffins, everyone agreed.

Shelli and Vanessa did the dishes. That's a lot of work, with fifteen people in and out of there.  At one point Vanessa was almost finished and John walked up to the sink and put his dishes in there.  Vanessa just laughed and said the job was never done.

Vanessa bought some packages of bandannas at Wal-Mart before coming in the house and is wearing a patriotic version today.  Shelli has a pair of sunglasses with the American flag on the lenses.  She said she tore the room up looking for them when she had only an hour to pack for the show, but couldn't find them.

Other tidbits of kitchen conversation:

*  They wish they had a watermelon to eat tonight.  Shelli would like a spiked watermelon and they all like that idea.
*  Jeff would like some spiked gummy bears.  He explained that you just put a package of gummies in a Ziploc bag and pour vodka in there.  Then freeze it and defrost for a few hours before eating.  Becky is surprised that they don't get too squishy, but Jeff says they are a great way to imbibe.
*  John used to make "jungle juice" with Jolly Ranchers in vodka, but has never tried the gummy bears.
*  John had Invisalign braces and because of that there are spaces between his molars now where food gets caught.

Then Shelli went upstairs and collapsed in bed.  Clay wanted a kiss and asked her a few times, but Shelli said "no".  Shelli didn't realize that Clay's mother was a vet in Texas.

Shelli:  You mean, like a licensed vet and everything?  That's why she does that wildlife stuff, right?

Clay:  Wildlife conservation.

Shelli wanted to be a vet growing up, but gave up that idea when she realized she'd have to put pets to sleep and do surgery.  Clay said that's a tough part of the job but it has to be done.

Clay's family has a 2-acre lake in front of the property.  They made the lake themselves (?) after finding out that there was a sandpit under the topsoil.  (Or something like that.)

Shelli, doing the math on that:  The lake is 2 acres big?  Wow.

The town of Dickensen is really small, but kids from surrounding Texas counties traveled to the high school in town.  Clay said that there were over 800 in his graduating class.  Shelli says she went to a large high school, too.

(Walton?  Lassiter? )

Shelli had some questions about daily life in Dickensen Texas.  Clay said that there is a little general store a few miles away they can go to for quick trips.  But if they want to really go to the grocery store it's a few hours away.

(Wow. Can you imagine?)

Clay's mom is into Pinterest and Clay himself says he likes to paint and is pretty good.  His last project was an old claw foot tub that they painted with a base coat of dark blue.  Then Clay painted some Texas-themed items on it for decoration, like a cowboy boot, for example.

Shelli: So did you use the tub to plant flowers then?

Clay:  It's got strawberries growing in it now.

(I was trying to picture that Texas tub in one of the bathrooms, so I'm impressed Shelli didn't even go that route in her head.)

Later in the day, they were all getting ready for the holiday evening.  I think the feeds are getting shut down for awhile so that the July 4th concert music can be piped into the house.  Or maybe just songs from the radio or something.  In any case, they can't broadcast music over the live feeds without paying for it, so that is why we can't watch that.  Or watch the morning wake up music.  Or hear them singing.  And so on.

John asked Audrey about her dating life.

Audrey, quickly:  I take what I can get. No, really there's not much going on there.  I haven't really focused on that...I've had too many other things to deal with.  Maybe when my career is more set then I will feel ready to take that on.

The back of Da'Vonne's shirt says "BYE" in big letters.

And the front says "HI".

Jason's tolerance for slop is already plummeting.

Jason:  This is comdiment soup.  It's mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, barbeque sauce and hot sauce.  And that 188-3 sauce....the poor man's A-1.

Liz:  Yeah, I'd never heard of that before I came here.

Meg said that sounded so gross and she would not be eating it.

Jason:  It's the best thing I've had in the last few days.

Upstairs they had a nail party with Becky, Austin, Liz and Shelli.  Becky says anyone can borrow her nail polish, but she doesn't like to share her emory boards.

Liz understands that, and says it's so frustrating to be sawing away with it and not get any results.

They discussed how good the banana pancakes were today, and can't believe they didn't make them sooner this summer.  Becky says they always eat the bananas too fast, but she is going to make some chocolate-covered bananas for dessert tonight.

They have a lot of Hershey's chocolate "left over" so Becky is going to slice up bananas to make them go further and dip them in the melted chocolate.  Liz says she is going to make french fries tonight and "has a few ideas about it".

James and Steve had a super-boring conversation in the Have Not room.

I only mention it here because Giselle is lurking nearby.

Liz told Jason they planned to make some great All American food tonight for everyone to enjoy.  Jason has been complaining that everyone in the house eats so healthy, but at home he just likes to eat crappy bar food like chicken wings and burgers.  So he starts cursing at Liz for finally cooking a meal that he would like and  now he can't eat it.  (Cursing for fun, of course, not to really insult her.)

Clay had a low-voice conversation with Audrey where she was saying she would never screw over him nor Shelli, unless they were just all-out mean to her in a personal way.  Clay was glad to hear that.  Audrey thinks they should backdoor Becky this week, because she is going to keep winning competitions this summer and they may be sorry later.

Vanessa and John laid in one of the beds and had a long talk about many topics, as follows.

*  Vanessa dated some people who were not good for her, but she was able to figure that out before it was too late.  John said most of the girls he's dated have been good people, but not necessarily right for him.
*  John said dealing with some of the dental patients is really hard and some of them require extra scheduled time just to talk to them.  John has a dental assistant who is really good with the patients.
*  John's office charges $125 for a basic extraction, compared to $800 for a root canal for the tooth, and about $1,000 to restore the tooth with a crown.  But if you do decide to extract, a bridge to replace the tooth can cost up to $2,500.
*  John says you can't just do what the patients want to do, and you have to be careful with the advice you give to prevent getting a bad reputation.
*  John may or may not want to stay in Scranton.  If he had his choice, he might have wanted to pursue music, but he didn't really think about that option.  He thinks that if he just did dentistry three days a week he would make enough to start paying off his loans.
*  Vanessa was very inquisitive about all of this, and encouraged John to pursue taking music classes online like she did, through the Berklee School of Music.
*  They both like the song "Mr. Jones" and we got FISH while John tried to remember the chord progression. ( It was actually a very technical conversation that kind of turned music into math----a surprise for a CPA like me because I always assumed music was more about feelings and instinct.)

Becky learned to give employees positive feedback before suggesting improvements, but in Germany that didn't go over well at all.  The Germans thought it was condescending and wanted to hear the negative feedback at the beginning of the conversation, so that is an adjustment Becky had to make.

She told a story about Jace hogging some of the wine before the other house guests had come in the room to get a glass.  Jason confirmed he was sitting right there when Becky told him Shelli hadn't had a glass yet, but Jace just poured the rest of the champagne in his glass and chugged it.

Becky:  Then he was telling a story really loudly and banging his hand on this glass table.  When he did that my glass shook so I told him "Shush!" and that is what started everything bad between us.  I heard him telling people that if he was HoH he would go after me.

Austin has actually attended the CBS fireworks show on the Radford lot and says you can buy tickets for it.

Austin:  My dad actually used to cater it...the fireworks should be about 8:00 or so, then everyone will clear out.  We should get the backyard by 11:00 or so.

Vanessa and John let that important information sink in before going back to their music conversation.  Steve joined in at one point and it was a real nerd connection in there, talking about music theory and composition, as well as software and hardware.  (Hard for me to follow.)

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