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Scenes From Last Night: Steve is Makin' Bacon, and It's Clear Audrey was Fakin'. #BB17

First things first...I took these first three pictures yesterday afternoon, but did not have the strength to post them at the time.  I have been in the midst of a three-day headache that I couldn't get rid of, but finally all of the Advil has kicked in...

Liz was trying to nap yesterday, but unfortunately Austin had his huge grubby paws all over her.  When I saw this I was worried that maybe Liz was giving in...

But then I saw her make some non-verbal moves that I recognized immediately---the "get the hell away from me moves" that are unmistakable to those who know....shifting....irritated sighing...

And then she sat up, trying to put an end to it.  Of course Austin reached out his left claw hand  and started rubbing her lower back.

I've said it before.....Austin's imagination is a busy place.

In the early evening, the mood was still light, as no one was really worried about the outcome of the Thursday live show.

By the way, JokersUpdates tweeted that they were holding tickets to the live show, but received notice not to show up, after all.  I can only assume it will be a Very Special Eviction Episode with no live studio audience.  Because Audrey....

Even Shelli left the familiar confines of her HoH Suite to join the general population as they tried to entertain themselves.  Johnny Mac announced that his "game" in the house has been to try and stay awake until midnight, but has struggled at times to stay awake that long.

James brought up going to roller skating rinks as a kid to be "locked in" all night with the other skaters. No one else was familiar with that particular type of event, though.  Must be a southern thing.

I'm a little obsessed with that towel, though, with the striped seahorses. It's a little busy, but I like it.

The cameras did a slow dance with Johnny Mac.  Because frankly, things were slow around there.

For example, those sexy white shoes.  I don't know about you, but I never imagined the Back Street Boys wearing orthopedic kicks.  Maybe it is a result of all of those hard surfaces backstage in the arenas.

And that pager.  Jason has been asking Production over and over to let him take his home when the game is over, but those are probably useful for props on the CBS lot, right?

I had a pager briefly in the late 90's that was issued by my employer.  You had to actually call an 800 number and speak to a human though, in order to page someone.  Which seems stupid, right?  Why wouldn't you just call them on their portable phone if they had one?  Because most portable phones had to be attached to your car---you couldn't just walk around and talk with it.

Our pagers were cool though, because there was a digital display with the time and also a "breaking news" crawl that included sports scores.  Surely the BB pagers don't have all of that, do they?

While Johnny is having this little moment, the crowd in the kitchen is getting louder and louder.

They are bowling with citrus fruit, and this is the score board they are keeping with cereal.  Those house guests do get creative when they are bored stiff.

A camera shot of Meg's cleavage.  Of course she is aware of's her "thing".

Jackie just threw her grapefruit and here are the results.  That is Clay monitoring the boxes...she missed the Fruit Loop box so she threw her fruit again to get it.

I don't have to tell you that Jackie was successful...just look at that self-satisfied smirk. And that is Julia that you see there...she switched out with Liz earlier today, who is probably receiving counseling about being manhandled by Austin.

Johnny Mac joined the group and told them that Penn State had a bowling team.  Liz (really Julia) told him that there was a Quidditch team at Loyola, where the objective was to grab the golden snitch.  Or whatever.  Not a fan of that genre, so I don't know the exact details.

Julia said she was a good bowler at home, but this game was a little different.

Jason was talking about a teenybopper magazine that he sees parents buy their kids at his grocery store.

Jason:  The kids are like, there's Ariana! (pronouncing it incorrectly)

Jackie:  Isn't it Ariana? (pronouncing it correctly)

Jason, obviously not giving a crap:  I don't know.

***Yellow Beanie Alert***

And not a moment too soon.  We all needed a change of beanie.  She looks like a different person, right?

Liz had a food spill on her pants just now, and now she has spilled something on her shirt.  Johnny tells her that fabric is unforgiving...she's going to have stains.

Meanwhile Steve has learned to cook for himself a little, frying up some bacon.  Shelli made a big deal out of this, saying that Steve has just learned to cook bacon in the house, and now he makes his own BLT every day.

Shelli:  And he's getting fancy with the BLTs now...adding a little shredded cheese..salt and pepper....

Steve: Just pepper.

Shelli:  Oh, and he's just swapped out basil for oregano!

Everyone:  Wow!

Johnny Mac tells Steve that he needs to pack up his stuff.

Steve:  Why?  There is no way you are going home this week.

Johnny:  I'm still going to play by the rules.

Jason wore a bow tie in the Saved by the Smell competition, but had to untie it to wash it and get the paint off.  He'd like to wear it now, but he has no idea how to retie it.

Johnny:  That's the beauty of having nothing to do...we'll figure it out!

Steve announces he is making bacon and zucchini pasta, but might cook up some more bacon later. He's experimenting, having never heard of this before.

Julia:  I had never heard of putting zucchini in pasta, but it doesn't sound so crazy now.

While Steve's bacon cooks, it's Jason's turn to describe his room back home in his parents' basement.  Meg is literally on the edge of her seat, waiting for this.  A few details of Jason's room include:

*  His headboard is black, made of "those wood slats" (like a painted pallet?)
*  He has an orange comforter (Someone:  Is this real?  Jason:  Yes!)
*  He has a "Liza Manelli" black desk (Austin:  Of course you do.)
*  There is ugly faux wood paneling that is the color brown and olive green would create if those colors had a baby.
*  His closet was his dad's old gun closet.  Jason didn't have the patience to paint it, so he used colorful Duck Tape to create stripes. (Jason: It's like PINK! YELLOW! BLUE! stripes in there.)
*  Jason sleeps under a huge gold dollar sign!  (Everyone just loved that.)
*  Jason has "really nice sheets" but he mixes up the sets so they don't match.

Shelli:  It sounds like you made that up!

Jason: No, when Production walked in to film my scene they were like, "OK!".  Don't worry, you'll see it when you watch my first episode.  I told you I'm Ghetto Gaudy Chic!

Then it was Vanessa's turn to describe her room.  She says she just recently moved, so it's not really decorated yet  (is she out of the million dollar mansion?). A few details are:

*  Her mom likes to do interior design, so when she visited Vanessa for two months two years ago, she made a headboard out of faux black crocodile leather.  It is tufted with shiny silver buttons and is "rock star glam" and is "massive".

*  It's a queen sized bed, which is barely big enough for she and Mel plus "two huge dogs".  The dogs sleep on top of the covers, so Vanessa sometimes feels trapped in one spot under the covers and can't move.
*  The sheets are dark green and they have a down comforter with a dark duvet.
*  "Something cool" in there is her birthday present from Mel on her last birthday.

Vanessa, choosing words carefully:  As you can see, I like accessories like hats and sunglasses, so she got me a sunglass know, the kind that spins.

Julia:  Fucking cool.

Shelli  Because you have that many pairs?

Vanessa:  Yeah.  I have a lot of pairs.

(Lady Maverick is known for her sunglasses and hats, you know.)

Jason:  You never think about that, but the stores will sell you that when they close.

*  Vanessa has a plain black dresser, and doesn't have nightstands right now.  They are using upside down boxes for their lamps now but hope to change that soon.
*  Vanessa says anytime you have two women sharing a closet, things are going to be a mess, and her's is no exception.  The bathroom is cramped with stuff too, she says.
*  She doesn't have any pictures on the walls, but for her anniversary on May 12th,  Mel made her a collage.  Vanessa hasn't seen it hung up yet but it might be up when she gets home.

Julia:  She loves to make stuff...that is so cute.  Are your turntables in your room?

Vanessa:  No.

Meg: You live in an apartment, right?

Vanessa:  I live in a two bedroom home, that I rent.

Julia had questions about the dogs.

Vanessa:  The dogs don't have their own bed, but they're in our bed all night and most of the day.  Maverick sleeps up by the pillow and Bear sleeps at the foot of the bed.  Mel gets grossed out by dogs using her pillow, so Maverick uses Vanessa's pillow.

Jason and Julia hated the "flame bedroom" in the BB16 house because it was so dark.  Austin used to have blacked-out windows in his room and this brings up vampire jokes, of course.

Audrey walked through the room shrouded in her blanket and went into the storage room.  Jason immediately started cracking up with Meg and said he couldn't say what was about to happen, but something was.

Shelli thinks they are being mean, but Jason assures her that they're not.

Jason:  Just wait until you see it.  It's actually the lightest I've seen her in awhile.

Jason:  She actually scared the shit out of me when I walked in the bedroom, but she called me over there.  Just wait...

Then Audrey comes out of storage looking like this, saying "whos' ready for a takeover?"

Audrey:  I'm the other Twin!

(The whole Twin Twist is out in the open, except I'm not sure everybody knows the exact details.  Steve wanted Julia to just come out an introduce herself, so that people wouldn't think it is sketchy and be afraid of them. Julia wanted to sleep on this idea and discuss it with Liz when she sees her.)

And Julia came over to give her a hug.

Shelli is squealing like crazy, saying "what is happening?  this is so exciting!"

Julia reads the green card, calling Audrey "sister".  They try and pretend like it is an actual "thing", but it is just a card telling the house guests it is their responsibility to put certain items in the freezer for storage.

Meg:  Oh Mylanta.

There is awkward silence interspersed with nervous laughter, trying to pretend this is normal.  Audrey just stands off to the side and they continue talking about the new description target..each person's cell phone "lock screen" and also their prized possessions.

Audrey stood awkwardly off to the side for a moment.  When it seemed that she would not become the Next Big Topic in the house, she walked off awkwardly, disappearing off camera.


A lot of stuff has happened.  A lot of stupid stuff.  I will be reporting on all of this later, but basically Austin has "outed" the twins and is now telling people that he wants to evict Julia when she comes in the house so he can have Liz to himself.  Or something scary like that.

It should be no surprise Austin has made himself a leading target for eviction next week.  At this point I think he may be more unbalanced than Audrey.

And Julia later said she was mad that Audrey put her on the spot like that about being a Twin.  She thought it was very rude.

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  1. I can't stand to be constantly touched, even if it was Jason Momoa, (quite possibly the sexiest man on the planet) doing the pawing.....and Austin is no Jason Momoa. I would have absolutely snapped on Austin by now.
    The picture where they are in the bed and he has one arm under her and the other hand clutching her head is so creepy. He makes Caleb BB16 look like a gentleman who only had a passing interest in Amber.


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