Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Scenes From Last Night - The Nominees Compare Notes #BB17

Jason and Becky sat outside and had a chat last night.  For two people who are both facing eviction on Thursday night, they seem relatively calm and composed.

Becky had a dream that she left the BB house to go home for a visit.  In the dream she was confused, and wanted to know if she was still in the game, and when she needed to report back to BB.

Becky: And then I heard BB call Vanessa to the DR, and that woke me up.

Jason:  Well, not to be an Audrey.....but I had a dream about the Finale...and you bitches better not let Liz win this game, because when she did she was acting loud, ignorant, and ghetto about it.

Becky thought that was funny, but also probably a little horrifying.

Jason:  Well, if Liz wins, then I'm Miss Cleo.

Becky points out that people like Austin were cast because they are characters, and those people always end up staying longer than the real gamers.

Jason:  But I think Austin may be a bigger gamer than you think he is...he is just very selective about who he talks to about it.  That's why that time he talked to me I told everybody...he had never talked about game with me before.

(But Austin is lying about it and telling everyone it was a personal conversation "man to man".)

Becky is pretty confident that she's staying this week, and estimates that the vote will be 6-3.  Jason agrees, saying that Meg and James will vote to keep him, and then he might get the "random vote" since that seems to be the pattern.

(But Jason is working on staying...James talked to Steve about voting to keep him, Jason and Meg have been working on Jackie, and they also want to work on Clay and Shelli. But Becky is oblivious about this, of course.)

Jason:  If America gets to choose that extra vote, I'm sure they will pick me because I've been more outspoken and clashed with people.

Becky:  I was just talking to the fairies about this.....the vibe this year is that the vocal people leave, but the quiet ones stay.

Jason:  Well, it's really that the people who are in "their" way leave the game, because they can't manipulate those Day, and Audrey..and me.  I was hoping they'd cast some strong girls this year for a change, so I'm glad for that.

Becky:  That's why they came to Denver...they wanted girls who were strong and fit.

Becky said that reality casting "never" comes to Denver, but BB came to set up shop because they wanted girls like her.

Becky:  They saw my fitness pictures on Instagram and contacted me.

(I had heard they found Becky on Tinder, but this makes more sense, actually.)

Becky went inside for a minute and Jason talked to the cameras while she was gone.

Jason:  Why would these people want to keep a big, fit girl like that over me?

Becky put on a squirrel hat that was sitting on the table as they continued their chat. Becky said she hasn't been in the DR much this week, but mentions that Clay has been in and out of there a lot.

Jason:  That just proves he was behind all that this week.....but he's been in the DR more than anybody from the start of this.  Remember when Shelli got upset because Clay kept getting called in there the first week?

(ha ha ha)

Jason:  I don't think we have Team America this year, but if we did he is the kind of guy they would pick...also Vanessa, who is sharp poker player and is the Derrick this year, and also Steve, who is the oddball of the house.

They agree that Steve has been throwing the HoH comps, and also that James has, but he has actually been admitting that. They speculate that Clay has been throwing them too, since he hasn't won any HoH comps at all.  They both agree that once everyone knows that they are going to the Jury, they will start playing hard and try to win comps.

Jason:  It just pisses me off that here I am, someone who wants to be here and play hard, and I'm going home while these bitches sit on their ass all summer and take home $10,000.


Jason:  And it also makes me mad that part of the reason why they switched their nomination to me is that supposedly nobody cheered for Clay when he won the PoV.  Didn't nobody realize that we were trying to show some sympathy for you?

Becky:  Yeah...I was crying out there.

Jason points out that when he won one of the HoH spots the first week, he wanted to nominate Shelli.

Jason:  And now it turns out that my first instinct was right, you Ho. (Shelli, not Becky)

They both went inside, where a large group was discussing what they did for their BB intro theme--that little video clip where they are introduced as the cast.

Shelli went on and on and on,saying that "what they tried didn't work", and how if she had only had a mirror to look at during shooting, she could have figured out how to do it.  Someone asked her what the plan was, and why it was so hard.

Shelli:  I was supposed to spin, and spin like this, and then blow a kiss, and spin, and spin, and smile, and spin, and then spin some more.

I'm exaggerating a little, but Shelli was going on and on in a VERY LOUD way.

Jason noticed. But Jason kept his mouth shut.

Which is something Shelli needs to learn to do, because she is grating on everyone's last nerve in there.  And when you are considered to be part of threatening couple, you don't need to layer on other annoyances.  Repeatedly.  Repeated layering of annoyances.

Becky described how she "jumped" in her intro video.  (Which makes no sense to me at all.)

Someone wondered why she jumped.

Becky:  I was the hiker girl.

Someone was surprised that she didn't wear a bikini in the intro.

Becky:  HR wouldn't allow that.  (her employer's HR, I'm sure)

Liz: I wore a bikini.

Jason:  I'm surprised at that.

They all laughed.

Liz:  I think I'm the only one who wore a bikini, like Amber last year.  But I didn't know they were buying everybody else clothes to wear for it...I just wore my own bikini.

Becky corrects her, saying that they only replaced part of her outfit, since all of her own workout clothes were gray and black.

I noticed that Vanessa just laid back and floated to the outskirts of the group during this conversation, not joining in.  I'm sure she could have lied and said she was doing DJ stuff, but why tell a lie when you can just avoid the topic?

(Because she is shuffling cards in the air on her intro....)

Jason walked straight back to his bed, where Jackie was laying to nap.

Jason:  I can't stand these people!

Jackie:  They're so fake with the other's so obvious now that they just want to evict them one by one.

(She's talking about Clay and Shelli.)

While they lay in bed, the sounds of Shelli squealing and shrieking ring through the house.

Jason:  Clay told me that he didn't want me on the block and I said "OK sir...".

James came in and kind of joined in, but he seems wary.  James is a little thrown off this week, and isn't sure who his real friends are.  (Vanessa told James that his friends said some shit about him, but wasn't specific about it.)

But then he started pranking again, which is his favorite thing to do.  A few days ago, James put a large zucchini under Meg's pillow, and it has been on the nightstand since then.  James decided to put lotion on it, and then a condom, and then put that under Meg's pillow.

Jackie went and got some lotion, and tried to help him with it.

But there was way too much lotion and he ended up dropping it, laughing hysterically.

Becky happened to walk through right at that moment.

Becky:  What the hell is that?

James told her.

Becky:  You're rachet!

James wiped his hands off on a towel and then carefully put the defiled zucchini under Meg's pillow.

Sweet dreams, Meg.


  1. Jason's face while watching Shelli talk is everything.
    I like Vanessa's intro. I think it's so much better than the spin and smile.

  2. Vanessa and Da'Vonne are the only two house guests who have sound effects within their intros.

    Some of the intros are god-awful. Why couldn't they show Jackie dancing? And why was Audrey acting like an extra from Hee Haw? Why can't Johnny Mac spin some dental instruments around or something?

    It just seems like they ran out of ideas. They should have consulted Shelli, since she seems to know it all here.

  3. Looks like they forgot to hire any artistic design people lol Only comp set designer. (And all of a sudden I forget how to spell and wonder if I'm spelling things right lol I need more sleep.)

  4. I hope the twins split and they both go to different sides of the house. That would be best for tv right?

  5. That would be awesome^


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