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Scenes From Last Night - Long Hair, Blank Stare, Totally Unaware. #BB17

Last night the Kool Kids lounged around the HoH Suite and talked about the state of things in the house.   And even though Jason vowed after last week's HoH competition to stop discussing the details of what he knows about potential BB competitions with the other house guests, he just can't help himself.

Jason:  I sit out there and smoke my cigarettes and recite all the numbers to myself, over and over.

It sounds like he has memorized a string of numbers that correspond to the days that competitions were held, in order to quickly access the order of things that have happened in the house.  Shelli cautioned him about that July 4th weekend where some things happened after midnight, because tha might throw off the days.

They checked the spy screen and saw some people in the kitchen.

Meg:  I can tell that is Steve because of the (bad) posture.

Jason:  Oh, and Steve has been trying to give me the wrong information about the days in here.  For example he told me the day that Da'Vonne was evicted, and it was a day off.  I just let him tell me that, but I don't tell him what I know.  I never give him mines....

Shelli:  So did ya'll hear that?  Don't study things with Steve, because he's going to try and fool us.

Jason:  I was talking to him about the game the other day, and I did give him some real advice.  I told him that people  see him scurrying around too much, and told him I didn't want to offend him, but he is coming off like Andy Herren, who was known as a rat because he kept showing up in every conversation and then told everyone everything when he left the room.  So at least I wasn't a total dick, and did try to help him.

Meg:  But he hasn't changed at all.

Shelli agreed, and added that she can't stand how he just includes himself in conversations without being invited.  For example, someone came to get her the other day and called her into the bathroom to help with something.  Steve automatically jumped up and went with her.

Shelli:  And most of the time it has nothing to do with anything.  Like you can be doing dishes with someone and see him in the background, just sitting there.  And then in the middle of the conversation he will interrupt and say "What did you just say?" and then start asking questions about the smallest things that don't matter.

Meg:  Look, I hate to say this, but we are supposed to see Steve as a peer in this game.  But it's hard to see him that way because I feel like we have to baby him or tiptoe around his issues.  For example, Shelli if you did something stupid I could say "Shelli!  What are you doing?", but if Steve does it I don't feel like I can say anything.  It's just hard to see him as a peer competing on everyone else's level.

Jason:  Yeah.  I understand what you mean.

Meg:  I'm just like, you are not going to steal $500,000 from me!

Meg told a little story about someone asking where everybody was while she was in the kitchen.  Meg said a group was in the HoH, including Steve.  Then a few minutes later when they discussed something, Steve's head popped up over the railing---he had been laying on the plastic couch upstairs outside the HoH room.

Meg:  I mean, wouldn't you have popped your head up to say, "I'm here" instead of just lurking there?

Shelli described how he will sit at the chess board for hours, trying to overhear what is being said in the HoH room.  They wondered how close Steve is to Johnny Mac.  Jason thinks the two of them used to be closer than they are now.

Meanwhile, Austin and Clay have a little talk in the Hammock Room.  All Austin can talk about is the Twins, and also his growing irritation with Steve.  Austin assured Clay that he will be safe this week.

Austin:  Even if you stay up there, we have the votes to save you.

Clay:  I hope so.

Austin thinks Steve is the backdoor target and says that even if Steve is picked to play the PoV, he will probably throw it so he doesn't have to make any decisions.

Clay: It's important that he not know the real plan, then, so he doesn't try to win it and not use the PoV.

(Clay better hope not.....because then he might be in big trouble this week.)

Vanessa came in and had a little breakdown over the skin problems she is having on the left side of her face.

Vanessa:  I think it might be bug bites because they're all in a row!  And I've been battling this for days now, but I can't even go 10 minutes without wearing makeup in here because "they" won't let me!

As if to taunt her, BB called for Vanessa to put on her microphone.  As she left the room in search of it, Clay told her not to stress, because that will make things worse.

Austin feels like he and Clay are in the same boat in the BB house, since they both have showmances.

I have to say that Clay is a real smooth talker.  He doesn't even really have to lie because he diverts your attention to an adjacent issue.  I don't even think people notice that he slightly changes the subject.

Say what you want about Clay (and I know some of you are....), but he is in it to win it.  And yet he's not being a pig in there, he is always respectful to everyone including all of the girls.

Austin, on the other hand, is becoming obsessed with other matters.

Austin:  The idea that she (Liz) might go home to Miami and have Jeff lurking over there in Tampa just makes me sick.  If she leaves I will just lose my shit.

(I hate to tell Austin, but the dudes who may be lurking around Liz in Miami will make Jeff look like chump change.)

Austin:  Look, I think that Jackie might have been targeting Liz this week, but we really don't know.

Clay, smooth as silk: Yeah, we don't really know.

Shelli came in to join them and is apprehensive about being a Have Not for the first time with Clay (also his first time).

(I'm not sure if they know for certain who will be Have Nots, or even if there will be Have Nots, but they seem to think it will happen tomorrow along with the PoV.   I know America didn't vote for additional Have Not foods this week, so take that for what it's worth.)

Austin gave them advice about eating protein and such this week.  He seems to think they should start their day with slop, and then "eat at least a tablespoon of olive oil" so you can keep burning fat.  Shelli wants to have ice cream tonight, maybe even an ice cream sundae while they still can.

Well, enough talk about food.  Austin has other topics that he needs to get back to, like his love for Liz, of course.

Austin:  I just see Jeff being the kind of guy to ask Liz out on a date, and then get her really drunk and then do stuff to her while she's blacked out.

Shelli:  She seems like she'd be really fun to go out with and party.  You know, I have to say that I've really grown to love Julia as well.

Austin:  Really?  I'm glad someone does.

Shelli:  She's really sweet and I like her.

Austin:  You know what?  I was told at first that both Liz and Julia like, liked me, and I would have to like, choose between them.  I was worried that Julia liked me.  And then I was told that Jackie liked me, too, and also Jason.  I was like in the Pentagon of Love in here!

Shelli:  Well, I don't know about Jason.

Austin:  Yeah, I'm kidding about him.  But Julia kind of isolates herself.  She's always, like, doing dishes or something.  And its weird because I want to touch her like she's Liz, but she's not Liz.

Shelli:  She's probably really worried in here and that's why she keeps busy.

Austin: Anyway, I'll just be glad when it's Thursday and I can say fuck it and not hide anything anymore.  What are they going to do about the Memory Wall?  Where are they going to put her picture?  Are they going to split screen it?

Clay says they will have two keys.  Austin says Liz swears that picture on the wall is just her, and not mixed with Julia's face.

Austin:  Liz is the only one who went to Media Day.

Austin thinks the week after Julia enters the game, they will have a Double Eviction and then start the Jury then.  Shelli asks a few clarifying questions to make sure she understands the potential timing.

Austin:  It's going to start going really fast, so we just need to enjoy this.  We still have a lot of power in here and a lot of these people don't even like to win.


If you don't know, Austin might be getting backdoored this week.  Saturday (today) is a very big day, because we will know who will get picked to play for PoV.  If Austin is not picked, chances are very good that he is getting the boot.

Unless Steve wins the PoV and messes things up.  He wants Becky gone, and might worry about using the PoV to save Clay because he might want to be sure Becky gets the votes to leave.

I guess it's possible that Vanessa could tell Steve about Austin targeting him, and the plan to backdoor Austin, but it's kind of hard to predict what Steve Moses is going to do...

I heard Clay and Shelli discuss when and if to approach Steve about the plans.  Clay thinks Steve knows everyone is talking game tonight, and not including him, so he might be worried.

Clay:  Let's wait and see if he gets picked to play PoV.  And then we can approach him.

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