Thursday, July 30, 2015

Scenes From Last Night: Jason Gives Up on His Dream #BB17

Last night Liz and Austin made dinner--salmon, vegetables and brown rice.  But their timing was off and the brown rice took too long to cook, so they had to eat the other stuff without it.

The DR voice sounds very mean when it calls out Liz, they all say.

Liz:  I get scared when they do that.

Vanessa ate it.  She later said she's not a big salmon fan, or any fish for that matter, but it was good.  She wonders what the upcoming competitions might be...everyone is expecting that competition where you slide across the floor to fill up a bowl to come up soon.

Austin:  Since Julia is coming in, they will probably have an endurance comp...they usually do that when someone comes back in the game because everyone is so fired up they they try to hang on forever.

He mentions Kaysar coming back in the game during BB6 and how he was evicted that same week.  Vanessa asked him to refresh her memory about that so Austin told her how they were all in the "pressure cooker" and had to keep their finger on a button.  When Jenn told Kaysar he was safe he let go, but then Jenn turned around and backstabbed him that same week.

Austin: It was rough because Kaysar was so popular.

Vanessa:  Why?

Austin:  Because this wasn't very long after 9-11, and here they had a Iranian house guest that everybody liked.  He put together this big alliance but he was the first one out.

So, was Meg trying to make moves in the game? Maybe help out her BFF Jason, the Gay Glue?

No, she was just sulking, watching him pack his belongings.  Later Liz told everyone that she walked in the room to tell the group that there was salmon in the kitchen for them, and they were all just whispering to each other.

But whispering to each other won't help, now will it?

It looks like Jason is taking home an extra garbage bag full of stuff---I think he put all of his jeans in there.  I know he has some costumes to take home, and I've heard him say he has two of those laminated Big Brother cards to take as souvenirs.  I think one was from the competition he hosted, and the other has an announcement about slop.

He is leaving one of his pairs of competition boots for Liz, since they fit her.

Jason: I have enough boots at home.

(Hello Jason..what about Ebay? You have fans that might spend their allowance on those damn boots!)

I think he said he's wearing "moon boots" or something like that for Thursday's live show.  So we can all look forward to that.

Meanwhile, up in the HoH Vanessa reported that no one had approached her all day to talk game, or to see what they could work out for Jason.

Becky:  Jason said he wasn't even going to try.

Becky also said that Johnny Mac, who calls her "Denver", keeps telling her "Denver, just lay back and take it easy...don't do too much this week."

Vanessa:  Johnny said that?

(Vanessa is SO ONTO Johnny Mac right now.  She knows he is very smart and thinks he is playing down his game skills. She is throwing little digs here and there about what he may be hiding so that everyone else is aware, too.  She also suspects that he has an alliance with Steve and wants everyone to consider evicting Johnny during the double eviction.)

Vanessa asked Becky if she thinks Jackie will vote to evict her.  Becky doesn't think so.

Vanessa: Then why is Jackie spending so much time down there in the bedroom with Meg, Jackie and Jason?

Becky, shrugging:  Those are her people...

(Um, what about her vote Becky?)

Being a Have Not is really getting to Clay.  I've heard him say he doesn't mind the slop so much, because once he mixes flavorings in it reminds him of oatmeal.  But trying to sleep in those dentist's chairs is really making him cranky.

I think he is wearing the sunglasses here to he can pretend to listen to the Drake CD and potentially doze off a little.

Clay:  I know I might get in trouble, but I'll take all the sleep I can get.

That Vanessa is always thinking.  I've heard her tell Clay and Shelli that if Jackie wins HoH next week, she feels like she has "some tools" to use to help push the nominations in another direction.  Early in the game I heard Vanessa evaluate options for someone, asking them if they were on the block against a certain person, do they think they would get the votes to stay?

I think that is one big factor in her game.  She knows she is aligned with a bunch of HUGE targets and this can help her if she is on the block for eviction.  It's a risk, but it's all a risk at this point, right?

Austin and Liz came in and joined the group.  Liz is her usual bubbly self, reporting that Julia can be the new member of the Whackstreet Boys to replace Jason.

Liz:  I'm Liz Business, and she can be J Money!

BB took one of her white costumes, but she hopes they give it back so they can have another performance.  Liz entertained the group by saying that she was in Girl Scout Troup 1719, and worked her way from Daisy, to Brownie, to Junior, to Cadet.

Austin:  Damn.  How long did you do that?  What did they teach you?

Liz:  Oh, how to tie to make a to make a to play checkers, and also survival tips.

This made everyone laugh, as you might expect. She says she was a Girl Scout until she went to high school.

(I don't know about you, but I am SHOCKED at this news.)

Austin says he went to Boy Scouts once, but thought everyone was an idiot and ran away.  His mother had to look for him.

Austin:  I thought it was all bullshit.  I ran away a lot, actually, like from summer camp, too.  They just wanted me to sit in a tent and watch movies...I could do that at home!

They are all irritated over the lack of real knives in the house, particularly for cooking, Liz says.

Austin:  If I waned to stab someone, I could figure out a way to do without a knife.

At some point Meg joined the group, and they immediately tried to make her feel comfortable by asking her about music, etc.  She sees Clay wearing the headphones and says there is no way he is still listening to Drake, because it's been hours.

Shelli:  He's listening because he's a Have Not and this bed is comfortable.

Meg:  Oh.

(Meg needs to keep Clay's name out of her mouth around Shelli....)

Jason joined the group a few minutes after Meg did, and they gave him the headphones so he could listen to Drake.  Vanessa pointed out that there was a Nicky Manaj song on the CD and asked him if he wanted to sit on the bed.

He said no, he just wanted to sit on the floor.  He brought a box of Good and Plenty's with him and Shelli says she "loves that he loves those".

Jason says it is such a "non sugar house" that he feels like that is all he has.  Shelli immediately corrects him by listing each sweet food she has eaten this summer.  And she goes on and on and on.

(Does she know that she irritates the shit out of Jason by doing this?  Is she doing it on purpose?)

They watched Steve and James meet at the chess board to play a scheduled chess match.  Vanessa asked if Jason wanted to play but he said he plays at an elementary level, only just learning how each piece moves and hasn't had time to learn strategy yet.

Jason started kind of rapping along with the music, repeating the last word in every sentence out loud.  It's funny so everyone laughs.

Jackie came in the room and Jason talked about his nightmare dream he had about the Finale again.

Jason:  I could hear Shelli's voice reading off a teleprompter, and Liz was there, too.  And Jason was just sitting in the same place Jason always sits, in the corner of the smoking couch.

(Jason told Becky he dreamed that Liz won, and was acting out in a bad way.)

Jackie shared that after TAR was over, she stayed home for months, trying to get herself together.

Vanessa:  What?  You stayed home for months?  Were you just bummed that you lost?

Jackie:  Well, I think I really missed Jeff, because we had been joined at the hip for a month....I'll probably feel the same way about all of you, because we're all so inseparable.

(You shouldn't have told Vanessa that, Jackie, because you are confirming everybody's suspicion that you lied about how close you were to Jeff.)

Vanessa asked her if she got a lot of Twitter followers after TAR, because "they" told Vanessa that being on a big reality show could get you 100K more followers.  Jackie says she's not really into Twitter--she probably had about 10,000 followers after TAR.

Vanessa tells them that she and her ex-husband applied for TAR in 2011, and were chosen as alternates, but didn't make the final cast.  After that disappointment, she only watched one more season of TAR, but has applied for it every year since then, and has also applied for Survivor and Big Brother every year, too.

Jason mentions that Johnny Mac has only seen one season of Big Brother, and it pisses him off that recruits in the house are going to go to Jury and get paid for it while fans like him don't even make Jury.

Vanessa:  That you know of....he only told you he watched one season.

Jason:  He said they found him while he was drunk on the back of a golf cart, and some guy came up to him and told him he was weird.


I had a fun little exchange on Twitter today with Johnny Mac's friend and Shelli's big sister about this comment.

(Yes, Johnny Mac is a liar!  Ha ha ha)


Jason thought he might be able to be on Survivor, but after this summer he realizes he's not cut out for it.  Vanessa wonders if Audrey was recruited for Big Brother, and they realize that none of them every really confirmed this.

Jason:  I think she was going to be on some other show called the Science of Soulmates, on A&E maybe?  And maybe that is where all of that horoscope and astrology stuff comes in.  And I know she played the online reality games, too.  And James said he was listed on that Reality Wanted casting website and was supposed to be on, like nine shows.  But I just wanted Big Brother and that's it.

(I think James told Jason he was interviewed for Party Down South, among other shows.)

Vanessa told Jason that he shouldn't give up so fast.

Jason:  For this?  Now?

Vanessa:  Yes.  I know we've talked about it, and you're a realist, but you shouldn't give up so easily.  You are so funny and your personality just fills up the room, so if you want to be on TV, I think you can do it.  Just don't give up.

Jason: Thank you for saying that.  I told them in the DR that being on this show is my highest aspiration in life. And they said, "THIS" is your highest aspiration?


Jason: As a fan of Big Brother, I know that you are really nobody if you can't make the Jury.  Even Jocosta made the Jury last year...

(Yeah, that hurts.)

Note that all of this happened after 10:00 pm, BBT on Wednesday night.  If Jason plans to make some moves, he is running very short on time.  Sadly, I think our Gay Glue has given up.


  1. If Jason would have fought he might have gotten Johnny macs , steves, jackies, Meg's, and James's vote. Watching Becky on BBAD kinda makes me sick. No it does. She is making plans for next week already and we aren't even there yet, ohhhh how I wish she goes home, oh how I wish.

  2. As sad as this makes me, it doesn't compare to Frank's eviction. He tried so hard to stay. It was heartbreaking.

  3. I agree, Vanessa has been very good about talking game to anyone, Jason knows how smart she is, he should at least try to argue that he deserves to last one more week and swear loyalty to Vanessa, then double evict Shelli and Clay...that's the back door I'd like to see.. lol Thanks as always, can't wait for the live eviction in an hour and a half! XooX


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