Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sassy Tweets Fly as Mel Steps to Da'Vonne #BB17

Da'Vonne and Mel, Vanessa's girlfriend, are both enjoying the action on the live feeds today, as are many other Big Brother alumni and SuperFans. After Vanessa won the PoV last night, things are getting testy around there, as Audrey's paranoia collides with everyone else's growing agitation with her.

It wasn't long this morning before Clay started bickering with Audrey, and then Audrey started bickering with Shelli and Vanessa.  (You can see that here.)

The Vanessa Rousso fan club was watching.

And then Da'Vonne chimed in...and Mel had a response for her that was pretty darn specific.

Damn, Mel's got some fire, huh?  But fans rushed in to support Mel, while Da'Vonne....let's just say Da'Vonne doesn't need any help with that.  She did misspell "defend", as "depend".

Unless she was trying to throw shade on Mel living in Vanessa's mansion.  But Mel can just take her own shade under an umbrella out by that big ass swimming pool.  And maybe put one of those little paper umbrellas in her fruity cocktail.

Mel decided to soften up a bit, saying she has nothing personal against Day.  And Day calls her boo.

We know Jace is all about love, bro, but he seemed to enjoy today's fight card.

Buzzkill Derrick chimes in with advice on how to spot a liar.  Note to anyone who might face a police might want to keep your hands at your sides.

Is Derrick shading Vanessa or Audrey here?  He's thrown a few pebbles (not stones) at Vanessa's game already, but if Derrick believes it we have to give the idea some credibility.  Derrick didn't even get nominated last year, so he clearly knows how to play Big Brother.

Jace is digging The Vanessa Show today.

Jace will be out in that backyard with Mel in no time. I look forward to seeing those pictures someday.

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