Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rumors, Lies and Missed Social Cues! And Vanessa Struggles to Keep Her Cool! BB17

While Austin is trying to fling woo upstairs at Liz, Jeff has his own methods.

Jeff:  Hey Liz, what's your phone number?

James was across the room and at first said "Meg can't tell you that now!", but then started guessing with Jeff what the digits were.  Jeff first guessed the NYC area codes, but then realized it was "probably a New Jersey number" and they just kept guessing.

James: Meg just let us guess the first three numbers!

Then they did a fast round of guessing before they finally could tell from Meg's facial expressions that they had the right area code----it's "856".

And yes, that is a New Jersey area code.

Meanwhile, Austin and Liz relax upstairs after Date Night and talk about the events of the evening. Liz got "steak grease" all over her dress and tried to wash it out in the downstairs bathroom. We'll know soon if that worked or not----meat grease is kind of hard to get rid of, once it's made it's nasty mark.

Vanessa joined them and had some bad news about the way the noise carries in the house.  She says that anyone sitting at the chess board can hear every word that is being said in the HoH room.  Austin immediately thinks about what he might have said on his "date", but Vanessa says the conversation they had before the date is the problem, because "they" were outside the door.

Vanessa:  I just got in the biggest fight with Clay!

Austin:  Just now?

Vanessa: No!  Before your date!  He said he was only 90% sure that he would vote Jeff out, and I was like, that better be 190% sure, because I took a bath in blood to put him up on the block...I didn't even want to, because I could have sent James home with no problem!

Liz: Oh my god-ah!  No-ah!  How did it end-ah?

Vanessa says they hugged it out downstairs later, but she admits she was so mad that she felt the blood boiling in her face.  She hasn't been that mad in the house up until that point, she says, even when she was mad at Austin (about the PoV-throwing he did).

Austin reports that Shelli and Clay were down there in a room with the door closed, with Jackie and Audrey. Vanessa is suspicious about that and says she knows everything about Shelli and Clay's game and will expose them if they go against her, and will also "fucking kill Audrey" if she crosses her in the game, too.

Austin blurted out his suspicions about Shelli and Clay, saying that they are teaming up with other twosomes all over the house, using himself and Vanessa and The Twins as evidence.

Austin: They're down there now, setting up for next week!

Liz:  But with Jackie?  Come on-ah!

Austin:  Jackie was a twosome with Jeff!  They're trying to figure that out now!

Vanessa is thinking....and doing math in her head, calculating the odds.

BB:  Audrey, Shelli, Clay and Jackie, STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION!

They all laugh, and Austin says "score one for the good guys....they're trying to let us know what's up".  A minute later, the same announcement.

BB:  Audrey, Shelli, Clay and Jackie, STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION!

A few minutes later, Audrey comes in the room and wants to know what is going on..she can feel the weird vibe in the room right now.  Vanessa tells her what Clay said about the 90%, and Audrey takes that in as there is a knock at the door.

Then Steve came in the room with a beach ball.

Steve:  Anybody want a beach ball?

Vanessa:  No thank you. It's not the best time.

Steve starts batting the ball around at Liz, who is sitting on the couch with Austin.  Austin is mad about it.

Austin:  Steve...dude.

Audrey, in a sing-songy voice:  Social cues!

(ha ha ha ha ha)

Steve:  Every body loves a beach ball!


***more crickets***

Steve:  I guess I'll leave now.


Finally Steve leaves and Audrey says she was in the DR and they were grilling her.

Audrey:  The fairies were driving me nuts....asking questions about next week, and I can see where this is all going...

Austin asked her what they were all talking about in the bedroom together, and Audrey says they were talking about their goodbye messages.  She says Clay is acting weird, though, and Austin talks about how Clay is the one who started riling him up about Jeff and the things Jeff has said about him.

Audrey:  Meg told me today that she would vote out Jeff, but she said that she's worried there is something else going on, and she's scared she will get left out of it.  And I was like, what do you mean?

Austin:  I feel like you should talk to her one more time. comes Shelli.

Then Shelli came into the room and Vanessa immediately asked her what was up with Clay...why is he being so strange all of a sudden about voting Jeff out.

Austin: Yeah, what's so good?  What kind of offers does he have?

Vanessa:  Was he in the same room I was in last week?  To me, this is borderline's like if I said to you last week that I was only 90% on voting out would you feel about that?

Shelli started speaking and then noticed that everyone was giving her some special looks.

Shelli:  Oh no...don't everybody look at me like I'm the one who's in trouble right now...oh better SHUT IT DOWN! Don't worry..he's going to vote out Jeff.  But it's hard for him..

Audrey claims that Jeff said he only wanted to plant seeds about splitting up Shelli and Clay with his comment, but that doesn't fly with Shelli, Liz or Vanessa.  Hell no.  They believe he meant what he said when he said that Shelli needed to go so the guys could start working with Clay.

Shelli assures them that Clay will vote to evict Jeff, but that he had just spoken to Jeff and Jeff got to him.

Austin:  Jeff does that...he's good.  And Clay's been drinking a little bit.

Shelli begged them for permission to go get Clay, so he can talk about his own words for himself.  She went to get him, but I've heard enough.  I'm ready to move on.

Check out the graphics CBS is using to promote the live show tonight, really playing up Vanessa's profession.

HoH is really a big deal tonight.  I know it's a big deal every week, but this is really crucial, because the lines are getting drawn, and there are enough players in the game to switch things up at any time.

I don't think the competition will be as elaborate as The Wall, because they are usually locked down indoors for several days before one of those comps.  The Wall set-ups are just too elaborate, and there are special effects like earthquakes or storms that take a long time to put together and test, etc.

Also, they will have the BoB tomorrow and the PoV the day after that, so they need some relatively simple set ups at this point in the game.  At least until BoB is over.  But I'm just guessing....who really knows?

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  1. Again thank you..After Dark turned off right before Shelli came in..and btw Steve came in before Audrey, I think that's why he was acting weird, Vanessa was talking about the whole 90% thing to him when Audrey walked in and everyone changed the subject but then Vanessa told Audrey what they were talking about, I'm guessing so Audrey doesn't know that Steve knows. . Tonight's show looks to be fun. Final note I agree, we/they have to stop comparing twins based on body shape!! I can see it in their faces now!!! lol See ya tomorrow! XooX


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