Sunday, July 19, 2015

PoV Aftermath - Sh*t Got Dirty Last Night in the #BB17 House....

OK so you probably know by now that Vanessa Rousso won the PoV last night.  It was a brainy competition that was a new one last year...that one where they had to detangle wires on a "bomb" before it blew up and splashed paint all over them.

There were several rounds, and each involved wires that had to be untangled.  Once the "button" was pushed, one or more people were eliminated from the competition.  I heard Vanessa say things like this worry her, because it can give you a heart attack, waiting for the explosion.  Vanessa's "bomb" never exploded, so she did not get hit with a paint bomb.

Johnny Mac was in the "red" lane, and looks like a cross between Spider Man and The Devil.

Jason is already scrubbing off his paint, and is in good spirits for someone that is on the block but just lost the PoV.  (He has reason to hope, as we will discuss shortly.)

Meg looks amazing.  She really got hit hard by that blue paint.  She has on a yellow shirt, so that gives her a green look in some spots.

(Because yellow and blue make green, of course. Shout out to all the kids in my preschool class, where ever you may be.)

Steve busies himself with spouting factoids from last year's competition, saying this year at least no one was eliminated on the first round.  He then says that Cody was the first out last year, and got stuck wearing the dinosaur costume as a result.  I guess James was the first out, so Steve tells him how lucky he is not to be stuck with a costume.

I think Meg looks kind of pretty this way.  Like a tie-dyed sea creature.  Jason keeps up constant chatter from his shower stall, as you can see.

Jason:  Did you even have your goggles on girl?

Meg:  I got me really good..and it tasted awful.

Johnny Mac says he's "cracking" right now and Meg says she's really cold.

Vanessa was worried about the glass beakers exploding, but Meg says the paint came out of the tubes, and that the beakers were tied down somehow.    (That does sound really dangerous.)

Meg says the explosions were so loud that she was scared.  Johnny Mac thought his answer may have been correct, so he was kind of surprised when it exploded.  Jason wanted to know the correct answer after every round, so he called out to Vanessa but she says as soon as her answer was confirmed, the answers "went right out of her head".

Meg's mic is a mess, and she wonders why they even had them wear them out there.

Jason:  Because they think we're gonna say something interesting as we're walking off.

Meg:  Well, we're not!

Jason finished his shower, clearing the way for Meg, and started rinsing the painty gook off his clothes in the cold side of the shower.  He tells everyone to throw their dirty clothes over there and he will try to clean them. Meg had a hard time pulling her shirt off, because it was stuck to her.

Meg: chest!

Jason was allowed to look, and reports that Meg has blue cleavage and it's kind of nice.  James starts going on about wanting to take a look, but of course he is denied.

(James you like tits.  We get it, hon.  Now STFU.)

After pouting alone in another room, Audrey joins the group silently.  I don't think she knows how to just chill out and pretend to have fun.  At least Steve is trying to do that, but Audrey seems incapable.

James is excited about walking around in his boxer shorts, but Jason says he does that every day, so what is the big deal.  Meg's bra is tie-dyed, she says.

Jason:  Don't they (i.e. production) have a budget for bras in this place?  And they're so expensive...whenever I go to Victoria's Secret with my girls I'm like OH MY GOD ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

John:  Is it ruined Meg?  Or just blue?

Meg:  It's just blue.

Jason: I have to put on those all-white clothes...(for the Whackstreet Boys punishment) I was just thinking it was time to wear comfy clothes, but now it's like WHAT COMFY CLOTHES?

John:  Yeah.  Huh huh huh huh.  Mine are all dirty already...I need the  lint roller for them.

Austin is still a house guest, in case you are wondering.  He said yesterday that "melancholy" is his favorite word.  No doubt he is enjoying feeling melancholy about his long lost love Liz, who will not return to the house until tomorrow, after the PoV ceremony.  (I think.)

Meg is having trouble getting the paint out.  Vanessa tells her it is like oil-based paint, so she should try using shampoo or maybe body wash to break it down.

Vanessa:  Who won this last year...was it Donny?  (Steve has already left the room.)

They wonder about that for a few minutes...John remembers Caleb getting hit in the face with paint, and Vanessa says Nicole getting blown up "was brutal".

Jason:  It was Christine, because I remember Frankie running up to her right afterwards saying he would have won if he played.  And it was much later in the season, too.

(Meg listens to people like Jason slam  her friend Frankie frequently, but just keeps her mouth shut, which is amazing.)

Clay wonders if they made that the competition today since Steve was perfect as the host, but Jason says everything is planned out beforehand.

So one Whackstreet Boy is clean now, and another Whackstreet Boy is dirty, if you're keeping track.

Somebody asks about Shelli, who also played the PoV today, as HoH.

Clay:  She's up there with the door locked...she's showering....she always does that...she doesn't want the feeders watching...

Vanessa:  Which makes perfect sense

Clay:  You know, people coming in there and talking..

Audrey finally joins in the group conversation and says the HG who didn't play got to watch on a little TV screen, and could see the different camera angles and everything.

Meg: I knew my answer was wrong because the camera stopped right there and pointed at me!

Vanessa's clothes got spattered with green paint (from Shelli) that sprayed over the wall. She doesn't care about them, but may keep the vest as a souvenir.  Someone else may want her shirt, but the jeans are high-waisted and are very uncomfortable.

Audrey:  I wonder if the paint will come out of Shelli's extensions....she was about to change them out, anyway.

Vanessa:  What color?

Audrey:  She has blonde extensions.

(No shit, Audrey.)

(About the blonde part...I actually had no idea Shelli had fake hair until Audrey said that.  But I am very naive about all that.  I grew my hair out the old-fashioned way.)

Audrey:  The paint spray was green, but there were other colors, too.  Poor Liz...the paint flew over and landed on her white clothes, too.

Vanessa:  I guess they'll get her new ones now.

Vanessa had to use hand lotion to get paint off Meg's back, but reported that it worked very well.


I took these pictures yesterday, but am having trouble remembering why they were important.  I'll just blow through them to get it out of the way, if you don't mind.

I remember turning on the live feeds for the first time yesterday, and the only one up was Julia, getting ready for bed.  She had to move out of the HoH suite which must have been a bummer for her.

And I can't talk about this too much, because I fear it might be a big waste of our time (AGAIN).

But basically before the PoV players were even drawn, Shelli was already crying like a baby about potentially nominating Audrey.  (It's not a backdoor if Audrey gets to play for PoV, by the way.)

There is PLENTY of evidence of Audrey's bad behavior in the last day or so, so Clay is all for showing her the door, but Shelli needs some convincing.  I personally think Shelli is a good enough game player to want Audrey out of there, but she is a sweet girl who is worried about getting backlash about discrimination.

I get that, but I sure wish Shelli knows what we know...that no one even cares about Audrey's situation anymore...she's just another BB player, basically.  And I fear that the DR is going to reinforce her worries and make the Audrey Backdoor an even bigger longshot.

But I would want to cry, too, if Clay Honeycutt was going to comfort and sweet talk me.  I mean, who wouldn't?

So, now that we know Vanessa won the PoV, I am relatively certain she will use it on somebody.  And if she thinks Shelli will nominate Audrey, I think she will save Jason to make sure Audrey leaves.  But if Shelli chickens out, then I worry that Jason will leave.  But in that case I wish Steve would go on the block...

Oh, and there was chatter yesterday between Shelli and Clay that Austin could be backdoored, but I think Vanessa successfully changed Shelli's mind after honestly critiquing Austin's faults in the game, but also the reasons why they should keep him.

I"m pretty sure I took this picture so that I could discuss Austin's creepy moping that he did all day yesterday, but we've already discussed that above.

Oh, but I did see him tell Shelli and Clay that he he has started to try and talk Liz into moving to California "for her career".  Clay immediately mocked him by saying something about how he and Shelli have already named all of their kids, but Austin was too Liz-Crazy to even get the joke.

(Because Austin is probably often The Joke, and doesn't know it.)

Clay made Shelli, Vanessa and James delicious omelets to-order, most of them with ham, salsa, and avocado.  Vanessa said she was getting spoiled, being cooked for like that.

Then Clay somehow "spilled his coffee in the package of ham".  He poured it out of the plastic baggie, but it looks ruined to me.  He gave it a sniff and said coffee-flavored ham is probably gross.

Not sure why I took this, but it is a pretty picture of Vanessa.

Becky told everybody that she hardly eats in the BB house, but Vanessa said she eats so much more there.  Becky explained that in her retail job, she is on her feet for hours and can eat crazy amounts of food without gaining weight.

Becky:  During holiday time it's possible to walk about 10 miles in one shift, so I always lose weight.

I know Shelli was saying something here, but have no clue what it was.  Sorry!

Jackie doesn't just look in the mirror, she lays around, too.

She's sort of vampire-like, right?

I don't know what this mess was about.

This is Clay in his "Clay Cobain" wig and headband.  He really did take a different persona when he was wearing that wig.  A little more aggressive....a little more opinionated.

Meg then later pranced around in the wig, and so did Johnny Mac and also Austin.  When you see that wig on TV, please remember that Meg said it smelled terrible.  She made Jason smell it too, and he agreed it was foul.


  1. love your blog - thanks for all your hard work. i hope that the houseguests stop freaking out about nominating audrey and evicting her! good grief, she'll end up winning the show if they don't stop being afraid to nominate a transgender, the show has nothing to do with her life-style for heaven sake. would they be freaking out if she were gay?? drives me nuts, it's a GAME people.

  2. I hope they get rid of Audrey cause she is nuts. I love Jason too much to see him go.
    Does Jackie never take off her makeup or does she look that way naturally?? Lol. B

  3. It's almost reverse discrimination in a way to NOT want to nominate someone for fear of their sexual orientation or gender or whatever it is called. But, after the craziness of the past month ( IN REAL WORLD) , where everything can be construed as being something that might offend someone, why wouldn't people be scared to offend. We've become a society that is so overly PC it's becoming insane. We should all just be brainwashed as we go through school so we are stripped of all our uniqueness that way we ni longer carry the abilities to offend anyone because we all think and feel the same.

    Sorry, I know I went off subject but I'm so frustrated with the way the world is going crazy.

  4. I hope Production wasn't so excited to cast Audrey that they cut some corners with the screening process. Because I'm not sure she was actually mentally prepared for this.

    About Jackie's makeup...she puts on what looks like HEAVY stage makeup every morning. I heard the other girls talk about it--they think it is just her habit after years of performing.

    In Jackie's defense, she is on TV right now...even though many of the others keep forgetting that.


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