Saturday, July 18, 2015

Post-BoB, Johnny Mac Keeps his Secrets...and Lies #BB17

As the BoB aftermath starts to wind down, Johnny Mac got into his bed and was joined by Becky.  I think they are alone in the room, but they still speak softly to keep the conversation private.

Becky:  Well, now I have to worry about you, too.  First it was you and Jackie, but now...

John alluded to something that he did not want to discuss, saying that if it got out he'd be in trouble in the house.  I can only assume that he did throw the BoB competition, or at least didn't try to win it.

John:  I already told you a secret....only you remember?

Becky looks confused....she apparently doesn't remember.

Becky:  Apparently you told a goldfish...because I can't remember now...but last week when Jeff was after me I was so worried about saving myself....I guess I was just focused on that..

They discussed the two hinky votes, and Becky says she already told both Jackie and James that she voted Jeff out, and those are the two people she needs to be concerned with now, since they are both in the game.

(Is The Secret that Johnny Mac knew about Steve's hinky vote?  Since they were playing chess and eavesdropping on the HoH drama last week?)

To date, they do not know if there will be any Have Nots this week or not.  They apparently have (or are getting) pagers, which were a big status symbol in the 90's believe it or not.

John:  I wore a pager last year,when I worked in a hospital.

Becky didn't know that he worked in a hospital, so he reminds her that he was on call for medical emergencies that involved dentistry.

John: It wasn't like I was a surgeon or anything, but the weeks when I wore the pager I could never really get to sleep...I woke up every 30 minutes in kind of a panic.

Becky:  Well that sounds like living in the Big Brother house.

Becky is rather concerned about being backdoored this week, saying she knows that Clay doesn't like her.

Becky:  Shelli likes me, I think...she's very genuine with me.  But Clay won't even talk to me anymore...he won't look at me or have side conversations with me when we're in a group.  so I've got to keep an eye on that and maintain my relationship with Shelli.

John:  Does it feel like...there's sort of a ....haze...over everything?

Becky:  Yes!  Usually I'm a very productive person...going here and there,...seeing people...but here I have nothing to do!  It's like, what will I do today...paint my nails for the hundredth time?  Maybe clean a dish or make people food?  If we get the backyard, I'l be okay.  I can work out...tan...whatever..


I've said that I think Steve's goal in casting the hinky vote was to frame Clay, the Golden Boy. But now I remember a conversation Steve had by himself, trying to talk to the live feeders.

He said he didn't like Becky's connection with Johnny Mac, because Becky was close with Jackie and apparently dilutes his own potential alliance with Johnny Mac.  And then I did see Steve talk to Vanessa after the live show about suspecting Becky of casting the hinky vote.

So maybe Steve's ulterior motive was to get rid of Becky Burgess? I don't think that will work this week, so he'll need to try harder if that is the case.  But I don't think he would have discussed that plan with Johnny Mac, under any circumstances.


Clay came in and flopped on a bed nearby, putting an abrupt end to the John-Becky conversation.  Becky said that this should be a great competition to watch on TV, maybe even one of the best.

Apparently Clay was "Clay Cobain", as I previously suspected.

Steve came into the room, and Clay made a quick exit.  Then Becky left, nudging John and saying she was "going to paint her nails".  Steve tried to make an awkward joke about Becky leaving because he came in, but it did not flow.

Becky:  Well, I'll be at the kitchen table if you want to join me there.

Steve and John had a little whispered exchange, with Johnny Mac nodding at Steve.

So I guess he did throw it....damn you Johnny Mac.

Austin came in and flopped down, stopping that whole conversation, with a bunch of "dude, I thought you had it", and so forth.  He also announced that "they" are taking the second HoH room back, so Liz is having to move her stuff back downstairs.

(Oh, and surely CBS will show us Austin's grief over saying goodbye to Liz yesterday, before she had to switch out with Julia.  So look forward to the thrill of that, and keep your barf bucket handy.)

After Austin left the room Steve resumed what he came to say.  Apparently he had run up to John earlier and "barked" out an alliance name and now he realizes how abrupt he was and wonders if Johnny likes it.

Johnny does.

Steve:  Fight hard for the PoV, but if you don't get it, you're still okay...don't worry.

John:  Yeah, I think we're good.

Steve turns to leave, but turns around and says that Johnny will "keep going up, but as long as this happens he will be the safest person in the house".


This all happened yesterday before dusk fell, which was a million years ago.  Apparently now Shelli and Clay are talking about backdooring Audrey or even Austin.  (!)

So it looks like Jason is somehow getting in their good graces, which is an interesting development indeed...

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  1. Austin or Audrey? WoW I think this season is alright, better than the last 2 imo.


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