Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mixed Messages and Bad Ideas. #BB17

I'm trying to figure out who's who and what's what in that house right now, after that the Crapfest that was Saturday night.  It probably doesn't matter, anyway, because whatever the story looks like now, it will look totally different by tomorrow.  Or in a few hours, anyway.

So far Jackie has been the backdoor target, then Becky was going to get voted out, then Steve was considered to sit next to Becky on the block, then Meg or Jason.  And Austin is still lurking in everybody's mind, of course.  It's exhausting, but no one can be more exhausted than the editors on the CBS show....what a mess their lives must be this summer.

Last night Liz slept in the HoH room with Vanessa, but she went downstairs to check out the situation this morning.  She gave Austin some words of encouragement, saying she thinks he has a good chnce to stay off the block.  Why is she letting Austin claw her leg like this?  While he was talking he ran his hand back and forth, and up and down.

Move your leg Liz!

Back upstairs in the HoH, Vanessa and Liz talk about the options, and what they should do.  I think Judas has popped up again, as Austin has apparently been pretending to overhear conversations that make it seem like the other side of the house is gunning for them.  This is putting a bad light on Jason, of course.  And Austin really wants Steve to go on the block, too.

Liz:  In that purple room it's Becky and Jackie in the same bed, and Jason and Meg in the other one.  And then James on that couch.

Vanessa:  Oh, they're all together now, huh?

Liz:  And Jason is the Gay Glue....without him they're nothing...

(Surely that is something Jason told Liz, right? Because that is what he told Big Jeff in the pre-season.)

This is what it looks like when they watch views of the dining area and the hallway outside the HoH Room on their Spy Screen. (aka "Netflix")

For someone who seemed so perceptive and shrewd in the early weeks of the game, Vanessa sure is saying and doing a lot of stupid things now.  In the last few minutes, she's said the following:

*  Vanessa went on and on about trying to figure out the "phone booth" thing.  She knows everyone is saying that Da'Vonne won the last laugh, but she says no way that is possible due to the three people whose votes were cancelled.  Vanessa feels there is no way that Da'Vonne would not have cancelled Clay's vote, since they didn't get along.  So now Vanessa thinks that Jackie must have won the Last Laugh, and is going to try and grill Becky  to see if this might be true. (A total waste of everybody's time, including our's.)

(In reality, Day was trying to plan ahead, wanting to deflect attention, instead of cancelling votes that might have helped her stay in the house.  It was not smart on Day's part, trying to plan ahead when she should have been playing in crisis mode.)

*  Vanessa is positive that Becky is the one who voted for Jeff to stay (one of the two hinky votes that week) and says Becky is a terrible liar.  Liz wondered if Vanessa already interrogated Becky about this, but Vanessa says she did ask Becky about it.

(Liz placed one of the hinky votes!  Liz, who is right there while Vanessa is saying this!)

*  Vanessa wondered what would happen if Clay didn't use the PoV.  After waiting a moment, Liz told her Shelli would never let that happen.

(Clay's ass would go home, Vanessa!  Duh!)

Back in happier times (yesterday afternoon, before the PoV competiton), the mood was a lot lighter in the HoH room.

Jason visited Vanessa and they bonded over both having bad skin right now.

Jason:  These bitches don't know what it's like!

Vanessa:  I know...why am I having this problem at 32?

Jason:  When I get out of here I'm going on Accutane.

Vanessa:  Once I have kids, I'm going to do that.  They say you can have kids a year after you stop taking it, but I still don't trust that.  The side effects are too serious to risk it.

Vanessa got a card from Big Brother that instructed her to pick three Have Nots this week.  That was an easy task, though, because three people had already volunteered.

A bunch of house guests gathered in the HoH room and had some laughs with the Spy Screen.  They saw Clay come out of the Diary Room and all screamed his name, watching him look around to figure it out.  He walked here and there in that room, and they screamed whenever he came into view.

Everyone cracked up and someone later said that the five minutes they played that "game" were some of the most fun they've had this summer.

Clay came upstairs and was a good sport about it.  Becky was in the DR now and they planned to do the same thing to her when she came out.

Jason was listening to Jackie's Drake CD and was dancing around and lip syncing so the cameras didn't want us to see it.  But I could tell from Meg's reaction that it was really funny.

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  1. I wish someone would think of backdooring (or at least nominating) Shelli. She acted all remorseful about getting Da'Vonne and Audrey out, but she has been the safest person all season and says stuff like how she hates it when Steve joins a group in a conversation without getting permission. Who in the house (or irl) always waits for permission to join a conversation? That would be weird. What's Steve's alternative? Walk/sit/lay around the house away from the group? That bothers everyone too! I think he lacks some social skills, but people are harshly judging his normal behavior too. Steve doesn't seem to know everything going on, but made a really compelling argument to Vanessa last night on BBAD about why she needs to keep Austin over Becky.

    Speaking of Austin, his talk on the hammock outside with Jackie was unbelievable. He said that staying in the house is about so much more than the game because he is reaching some new level of understanding about who he is, so someone like "a Steve" should go home instead. He mentioned something that was said during the music. Is he referring to their wake up music, and is this a window of opportunity for Houseguests to talk when they know that Feeders can't hear it?

    Also, I was confused about Austin's vote to evict John. That was supposedly to mislead people that Steve or Clay did it. Has everyone heard the part about Clay and is that part true? I would expect all of their alliances to consider that unforgivable.

    Finally, Liz needs to do something to fix this. As creepy as Austin is, I don't think he would feel this amazing connection if she wasn't flirting and leading him on (and whining in such a sexy way-ah)!


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