Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lots of Tension as the Live Feeds Return - Clear Winners, Clear Losers, and Some In Between #BB17

And we're back....and Vanessa is clearly counting those four votes to keep Jeff in the house tonight.  I'll bet her green beanie would fly right off the top of her head if she knew Steve and Liz were two of those votes.

There's a reason why Lady Maverick wears those sunglasses at the poker table.  She may have a Poker Face, but she does not have Poker Eyes.

Audrey probably feels hope at making it another week in the house.  They know it is going to be 90's week and are guessing who the Takeover personality might be.

Someone guesses the Fresh Prince but they say he's way too big to take that job.

Jason:  Maybe it'll be Flava Flav...he'll do anything for a check!

Someone says maybe it will be Roseanne..  Jason says he would love that.

Steve Moses, photobombing Jason's camera shot.

Liz is walking around breathing, and trying to stay calm.  I heard Audrey say it was cute how excited Liz was at winning.  (Even if Shelli is the eventual HoH, I don't think Liz is in any danger, and she knows it.)

Jason went into the bedroom and started pulling off his shoes.

Jason:  Jason is screwed again....I'm going on the block again. Jason has been counting everything...I can tell you how many blue dots are on that wall, but I didn't know how many damn dancers were out there.

Audrey:  At least you can save yourself.  And it's good we didn't go out on the first round.

Jason:  I DID!  I went out on the first round.

Audrey knows it's her turn to be a Have Not, and Jackie kind of curses as she realizes it is her turn, too.

Jason:  Well, Jason isn't volunteering.

James came in the room and flopped down on a bed, saying he's glad to be there, but the vote was closer than he thought it would be.

Vanessa:  Yes, it was closer than I thought it would be.

James joked that with True or False questions, it was really hard for him to throw the competition.  This struck Vanessa as hilarious.

Vanessa:  Especially hard to throw when you don't know the right answer!

James:  Yeah.

(Aha...maybe they've hit on something there. It's hard to throw a comp like that, when you have no clue what the answer's a good way to prevent floaters from throwing all the HoH comps)

Steve is a little Judas, isn't he?  Doesn't he have a Final Two (sort of) with Vanessa?  Maybe he was just trying to cause trouble with that hinky vote.  If he overheard what was being discussed in the HoH Room last night, than he knows that Clay's vote is sure to be questioned, after the whole 90% comment he made.

The bedroom is silent, but you can hear the wheels turning.

Becky is on deck for the Have Not room.

And Clay is due for his turn in the dentist chair, but now that Shelli will be sleeping upstairs he's got to be hating that. I'll bet he'll get out of it, right?

Austin is stoked with the HoH results, telling Clay that they'll have a "double date in the HoH" with a "wink wink nudge nudge" sort of way.

They wonder if Steve voted for James, assuming Jackie, John and maybe Becky are the other votes.

Clay and Shelli stieal a quick moment to talk about the Have Not situation.  Shelli says they have three volunteers already, so she's hoping they can get someone else to step up.

Most of the house guests were trying to note the dancer's clothes, but Jackie was also watching how they broke into groups several different times.  She's just glad she made it a few rounds before being eliminated.

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