Friday, July 3, 2015

Lots of Action on a Friday Night #BB17

Here is the deal with the timing this weekend.

Every year, CBS puts on a big July 4th extravaganza on the Radford Lot, where the BB soundstage is located.  On Saturday, they will have an event with live music and fireworks, and I think the public can attend. So the house guests will be locked in all day tomorrow, but last year they let them watch the fireworks on the TV screen (probably with no sound).

So that is one of the main reasons why they will have all of this week's competitions out of the way by the end of today, on Friday.  Accordingly, the PoV should happen later this afternoon.

Also, during BB15, if you recall someone won a BBQ dinner prize for July 4th and got to invite a certain number of house guests to eat with them. Jessie didn't get picked and pitcheed a real hissy fit about it.  So maybe Kathy Griffin will call and whoever picks up will win a similar prize.

OK. Moving on.

The following pictures were taken around 2:30 am BBT, after the nominations were made.  The timing of that related to BBAD---they waited until filming was over to hold the noms.  So the BBAD episode last night is full of meetings that both Shelli and Becky took with everyone prior to the nomination's a good one, too.

That's Becky below on the left, wearing the dark top.  She's saying that she's not even going to bother moving her things upstairs until after she finds out if she'll be the final HoH.

Steve:  That's usually the way it's done.

And there's Julia trying to get back into the swing of things.  She and her sister will survive another week, it seems.  But will someone figure out their secret?  

(Last night in the Have Not room Jason entertained the crowd by saying Johnny Mac might be part of a Twin Twist, because "everyone else looks too distinctive to have a twin".  They were all laughing about it and went to stare at the memory wall.  Meg wanted to go wake Johnny up to look at him but refrained.)

And I loved the twin segment on the CBS show last night.  It was so funny when Julia was switching back out the first time and saying that she loved Jeff, and Austin, and that "James loves him some Liz action", and Liz said "who?"

Ha ha ha.  The guy with the damn visor plastered to his head!  And you know it's probably stuck on there, too.

Now on a serious note, Day is somber.  She and her Ride or Die Main Apple Scrapple are both nominated, but on different sides.

Jason isn't surprised.

Jason:  I knew this would happen.  They've been talking about this for three days, girl.  They want to split us up.

Lots of commotion in the kitchen.  Meg cooked up a big batch of slop and everyone milled around, probably either relieved or panicked, and not much in between.

Vanessa made a bag of microwave popcorn and had a detailed conversation with Shelli about the calories posted on the bag.  Apparently the bag says there are 2.5 servings and that is a caloric problem.  But people like Johnny Mac who just got nominated probably want to turn around and slap that popcorn bag across the room, right?

I heard Meg say later that she planned to start eating slop just plain, and then gradually start adding more stuff to make it palatable as the Have Not week goes on.

Note to Vanessa: If you don't want to eat the whole bag of popcorn, you really need to put your portion in a bowl or something.  Because that's how they get you.

But maybe there aren't any clean dishes around there.  So there's that.

Austin poked his head out of the lounge as Johnny Mac was walking by and gave him some words of encouragement, saying he's sure that John is not the target, and there is no way the group would vote him out if he's still on the block on Thursday.

(But don't forget the Last Laugh.....)

I love the way those lighted bubbles look in the hallway, picking up the blue dots running down the hallway.

I'll say it again:  I'm more than ready for Austin to start wearing shirts around there.  Be an adult Austin, and do us all a solid.

Vanessa went up to the bridge area and had a little conversation with Shelli, congratulating her on her nominations.

Shelli:  You have big balls Shelli!  You really drew a line in the sand with those noms.

In this conversation Shelli made it sound like she was open to backdooring Audrey, but I heard her tell Clay later that she didn't want to be the one to evict Audrey.  I've heard Vanessa's thoughts on this topic earlier this week....she says the power and knowledge Audrey had last week will soon be gone since the game will shift and reorganize.  She thinks Audrey will want to work with her, and could be a number for them.

Also, Vanessa also looks at people in terms of having to sit beside them on the block.  She's probably pretty sure that if she were next to Audrey, Audrey would be evicted.  I think she thinks the same about guys like Jeff and Clay...they will always be seen as a bigger threat.

Makes sense.  She's thinking about the percentages and the math, and not about the emotions.

Shelli knows that if Becky is the HoH this week, her plan is to backdoor Audrey, based on personal attacks Audrey has made on her.  (Basically telling people Becky made racist comments, which is not true.)

Inside the HoH room they looked at her pictures.  Sounds like Shelli's hottie twin Wes is married and has a few cute kids.  She wishes she had a better picture of her little brother.  It sounds like they gave her a goofy picture of him that might not be as flattering as it could be.

On a daily basis I think Vanessa looks tiny, but next to Shelli that is not the case.  Shelli said she is 5'4",so that makes Vanessa around 5'6" or 5'7".

Shelli repeated to Vanessa almost exactly what she told Big Jeff---that she wanted to come in and play quietly for some time while she sized everyone up and tried to determine the team to work with.  She told Jeff that she didn't want to make a big move too soon, but she tells Vanessa that this week is the time for her to do that.

She wants Da'Vonne out.

(I hope that doesn't happen, but I'm just reporting the action here.)

Shelli collapsed on the bed while Vanessa looked at her pictures. The room looks so neat and tidy.  I'm sure that won't last long.

This room gives me a headache.  Or maybe a toothache is more appropriate this season.  I guess this is the room where the ex-Have Nots will be sleeping in while they wait for the opportunity to move up to that other bedroom with the chains on the walls.

Austin and The Twin are both happy with the noms.  During his meeting with Shelli after her HoH win, Shelli told Austin to relay to Liz that she is safe this week, and not to worry.  But then she said that Liz was the only person who didn't come up and congratulate her on her win, but that would not influence her decision.

Surely Austin told Liz that, right?  I would hope so, to allow her to make the appropriate adjustments to her game.

Clay came in and started stripping down But the cameras shifted to another view quickly.  Sorry, fans.

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