Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jeff: This is Audrey 101, and I'm So Mad I'm Shaking #BB17

It's after 6:00 am on Sunday, but it looks like Jason, Meg and Jeff pulled an allnighter.  But not a good allnighter, where you closed down the club and then hit the Shoney's breakfast bar and then home to get high and watch Pee Wee's Playhouse on DVD.

This allnighter is the bad kind, where you're tossing and turning and so worried about the next day, and the rest of your life.  Like you're watching the clock and thinking every car you hear turning on your street may be your boyfriend, who never called when he said he would.

Oh...have I said too much?  Ha ha ha ha.

OK..back to the patio.  As much as we'd all love to see Jeff get totally blindsided during the PoV ceremony, that won't happen, because he knows he's going on the block.  And he knows there isn't much he can do about it.

But that's Vanessa's plan....after yesterday's PoV Fiasco she needed two things:

1.  A reason not to backdoor Audrey to avoid the wrath of the house
2.  A reason to backdoor Jeff that sounds plausible

So she and the other Sixth Sense members started an Anti-Jeff campaign last night that basically culminated in Vanessa announcing that James is no longer her target, because Jeff is.  And she pulled the Gay Card by saying that as a lesbian, she doesn't want to boot the transgender person.  I'll try to summarize all of last night's crap in a later post, but if all of this crazy late-night live feed action continues I may need to move to California so I don't have pesky time-zone issues.

***UPDATE***  You can learn about the 4:30 am fight here.

Jason thinks he sees his arm muscle in the window reflection as he lifts up his arm to smoke.

Jason:  Oh, hello Jason's muscle. Didn't expect to see you, here.

Meg:  I look gorgeous right now.

Jason: You'e so Lady Di I can't stand it.

Jeff is blowing through Jason's cigarettes.  Because like, he's so stressed, dude.

Jeff:  Jason, can I have another one?  You might need to help me with some cigarettes today.

Jason:  ***crickets***

They wonder what the hell happened around there, and end up pointing the finger at Audrey.  After all, it's not surprising that Audrey would lay low until after the PoV competition and then start causing trouble.  They noticed that Audrey spent a long time upstairs in the HoH yesterday, and with Clay and Shelli last night.

Jeff:  Why does Austin think I threw him under the bus?  Who's been talking to him?  And the conversation that I had with Vanessa, every word was true, but why does she care?  All of the fights that happened....none of them were really about her.  This is Audrey 101, and I'm so mad I'm shaking.

The three of them started throwing Clay and Shelli's name around, too, since they know Audrey is linked to them.  And they think Vanessa is getting unhinged, too, which apparently keeps her above suspicion .

Jeff: Who's the master mind here?  Who's pulling the puppet strings?  Is it Austin?

Jason:  It's Audrey.

Jason:  And Vanessa....she came up to me and said that after I talked to her, what I said made sense so she took a shower and listened to her CD for awhile, and then she felt better.  Well, all I did was tell that bitch to calm down, so if last night was her calming down then I don't want to know...

Jeff:  How can we turn this around?

Jason:  I don't think we can, now.

Jeff:  So now I have to campaign against James?

(Jason is probably're going home stop smoking my cigarettes!)

Oh, and they have had a big Gronk Party situation on their hands.  Here is the message Vanessa had to read to the house guests:

Vanessa:  House guests, Gronk said no Have Nots, but Gronk's party will kick into high gear. You have to do what he says, or you will become a Have Not.

So at various points of the evening, Gronk comes on the screen and orders them to do the limbo, etc.  Meg and Jason said yesterday that they had won some sort of party, but they didn't expect this.

Jason:  Watch them have a margarita party for us now....

Jeff:  Oh no...god no.

Jason:  Thanks a lot Gronk.  I thought you were a patriot.

Jeff just can't make sense of Vanessa fighting with him last night.  She didn't come after anyone else, he says.  Meg brings up her little altercation with Audrey yesterday and says Audrey never budges from her stories.  Why would anyone (i.e. Vanessa) be so stupid to believe anything Audrey says now?

Jason:  I'm scared to say anything, because she (Audrey) will come after me.

Jeff:  I feel like this is not Vanessa's original plan.  I expected them (Vanessa & Austin) to put up Clay.

Jason:  It's not.  It's being fed to her.  Vanessa doesn't really know what is going on in this house very much.

Meg agrees, noting that yesterday during her sit down with Audrey and Vanessa, it seemed like Vanessa believed both sides of the story.

Meg:  How can she agree with both of us?

Jason:  C'mon.  Let's go to bed before we have another fucking Gronk party.

Meg:  I wish I'd kept my fucking mouth shut and never said anything to her (Audrey).

Jason:  C'mon Princess Di.


These kids have NO IDEA that Vanessa and Austin are working with Clay and Shelli, much less Audrey.  (Confused about Vanessa's alliances?  Here you go.)

And Vanessa's hastily slapped-together plan to justify putting up Jeff instead of Audrey while minimizing future backlash sounds like it has legs.  But there is still plenty of time for the likes of Austin and The Twins to mess things up.  You know, flop on the river, or whatever.

At least all of this drama seems to have put everybody off Twin Watch, so that might be an unintended benefit for the Sixth Sense.  And Freaks and Geeks.  And Vanessa's Angels.  And The House.

(This makes The Hitmen seem like a toddler's birthday party, doesn't it?  I wonder how Derrick would have tried to handle the likes of Vanessa and Audrey? Now THAT would have been interesting..)


  1. Great blog, from small town in London, UK

  2. Thank you. Love your scones, babe.

    And you might want to be on the alert---Jace is over there, running loose about the countryside.

  3. Do you think that by Vanessa making it look like Shelli and Clay are the puppet masters, she has insured her safety next week by creating bigger targets than herself? I do.
    I think Derrick would have spotted Vanessa's game play, but I don't think he would know what to do with it.
    I think that with Audrey he would know immediately that she was the perp that he'd need to keep his eye on.

  4. "Vanessa doesn't really know what is going on in this house very much." Hilarious!!! They will be so surprised when they get out and watch the season.

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