Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jeff Hits the Town in Tampa...With His "TAR Bestie" Hayley #BB17

Well well well.  Jeff is back in Tampa and spends his first evening with his "bestie" Hayley from The Amazing Race.  Hayley was one of the "blind date couples" cast on Jeff's season,, but she wasn't paired with Jeff.

I told you about Hayley here. What I haven't mentioned is that I heard Jeff talking in the backyard during the first week of the game, and he said that instead of Jackie, he wished they had cast Hayley instead.

Except he only got out the "Hay" part before the feeds went to FISH.  Production didn't like that, which is understandable.

I guess that is Eric, Jeff's twin brother,and his date.  Or maybe Eric has a "bestie", too.

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