Sunday, July 5, 2015

Jason and Meg Dish the Dirt and Talk About Production #BB17

I was surprised to turn on the live feeds on the east coast this morning and see this year's Late Night Crew still at it.  Jeff and James were playing pool, while Meg and Jason sat on the backyard couches and chattered like old friends.

Old friends who just met about two weeks ago, that is.

At first I was kind of annoyed because I didn't expect to have to start taking notes so early in my live feed day, but they are the kind of people I would love to sit around drinking with, so I really enjoyed listening.  Plus, I already ran four miles and gave the dog a bath, so all of my important work for today is already done.

OK.  Here goes.

*  They both love Da'Vonne.  Jason told her to go back to the old "Mama Day" (ugh, hate that) in the house with the laughing and joking, to get her game back on track after being nominated.  They both think she did a great job last night, having fun and even playing pool with the guys.

Jason:  I told her, we don't even know who's going up with you. Let's just wait.  (It's gonna be Meg.)

*  Jason spotted Day during the casting process, at a time when they were not allowed to talk to each other.  There was a TV in the room with a news program on, and Jason noticed that Day laughed at all of the things that he thought were funny, too.

Jason:  Then I didn't see her again until we got here, and I was like where have you been hiding her from me?

*  Meg thought Day would be totally different then she turned out to be. When she first saw her, she had on some sort of sparkly dress that was fitted at the waist with a big flared skirt.

Meg:  I thought she was the princess type.

Jason:  She's no princess!  She's from Inglewood, honey.

* During casting, Meg said she "laughed at James".

Jason:  I still do.

Meg:  I was like, who is this?

Jason:  And I still think that.

(Note that during talk about casting, there are frequent feed interruptions that probably blocked out some great juicy info.  Sorry.)

*  Meg, in a smug tone:  Clay threw out my water bottle.

(i.e. during casting, but due to FISH we'll never know if he was doing Meg a gentlemanly favor or if he rudely took away her beverage)

*  Meg thinks she was definitely a casting type, with her red lipstick, crop tops and high-waisted pants.

Jason:  Trendy....but low maintenance.


*  Jason thinks Production can't wait until he runs out of cigarettes because he's always sitting on the couch smoking and bitching about things.  (Personally I think they may try and find a way to smuggle another carton to him...)

*  They think they are all at that point where they are tired of the clothes they brought in, and want to start switching with other house guests.  Jason says that happens every year, but the guys have already taken everything of his that they could possibly wear.  Jason says he is going to be selective about who uses his things from this point forward.  They both agree that Clay is the worst and has taken so many clothing items from everyone.  Jason had a shirt that he almost wore when he entered the house but at the last minute "they took it away".

Jason:  And I had a zip up hoodie that I wanted to bring, but it was old and had different color spots on it and I was afraid I would look like a poor person, but I am a poor person so I should have brought it.

Jason asked for some hoodies in his HoH basket, and Meg says she asked for some warm blankets.

*  Meg entered the BB house on the premiere night, but Jason came in with the second group and everybody was "eating Jason alive" and just loved him, so she just sat back and let that happen.

Jason:  Yeah, I came in here like a cartoon character or something.

Meg:  I knew you when I saw you, but I thought I would wait until it died down before I approached you.

*  Jason is pissed that he had to come in on the second night.

Jason:  What, I'm not premiere material?  (ha ha ha)

Meg:  They probably had to put a few interesting people on the second night, you know...

*  Jason asked Meg if, after meeting Audrey on the first night, did she think there might not be any gay guys this year since they already had a transgender person.

Meg:  I don't know, but I was really shocked about Vanessa.

Jason:  Yeah, lots of the gays this year.  But that girl, you can't trust anything that comes out of her mouth...she's America's Player or some shit.  She probably has four kids and a husband.....sorry Mel.  (Mel = Vanessa's girlfriend)

*  They discussed Johnny Mac's reported bar habits.  He said that he tries to go to the bars early so he can leave by 10:00 pm.

Jason:  He's living that dentist life.

Meg:  Ten o'clock!  We don't even leave the house to go out until 11:00!

Jason:  I know, no wonder he doesn't have a girl at home.

*  Then they started talking about Austin....oh boy.

Jason:  I've never been less attracted to a man in my life.

Meg, in a low whisper:  Do you think he's bi?

Jason, shrugging:  Maybe.  I don't know...

Meg: Maybe he's

Jason:  He says he likes girls that are witches and vampires and stuff like that...remember that story he told out here about the witch?

Meg:  I wonder what his girlfriend looks like.  (We all do Meg.  We all do.)

Jason:  I know...what would he want with me?  I'm ghetto gaudy chic.  (ha ha ha)

Apparently when Austin asked Jason to the "BB prom" Jason got some vibes of some sort about the whole thing.

Jason:  I know one thing....if we have to go on a date it's going to be a lot worse than Caleb and Amber's date...I'm gonna be rolling my eyes and complaining the whole time.


  1. More interresting than the past 4 days of feeds.

  2. Good job on the blog.... Interesting and articulate..... Glad your four legged angel with four paws got his bath before your day of writing began......:)

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    Thank you.

  5. Saw a pic of Austin's gf on another site and she's pretty nice looking. He even looked much more clean shaven than in the house and he had on a shirt! LOL!

  6. Austin's GF is Beautiful.. Im not sure about the Witches and Vampire thing.. But I know He is into Medieval lifestyle.. Many people are, They have major events all over the country every year, Sometimes more than once. They are huge.
    Many Famous people even are big participants.. Its fun.
    I seriously doubt he was hitting on Jason in any way.. He is just very accepting of all lifestyles, and as he has a GF he asked Jason.. No Biggie.. Jason needs to get over himself LOL

  7. "We all do Meg"? You need a comma in there.

  8. Austin asked Jason to the prom because he has a girlfriend and it might be hurtful to her to see him on any kind of date, even a BB fake one. It might be seen as inappropriate.


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