Monday, July 13, 2015

Jackie Talks, and Actually Has Interesting Things to Say. #BB17

Jackie apparently has a lot to say if you can get her to say it.  But she needs some prodding...

One of the wake up songs was "Be Our Guest" from Disney, and the other was from Cher.  Austin thought the Cher song was "incredible" but Jackie said she didn't like it, and proceeded to tell Liz why.

Jackie:  It just brought back memories that were bad....I worked in Mexico City as a back up dancer for a Cher impersonator and it was just a bad situation for me.

Liz:  Really, it was bad?

Jackie said that she personally threw a number of "diva fits" during that gig, and ended up walking off the stage to the same song that BB played this morning as a wake up call.  (!)

Jackie:  I've never acted like that before, but I just lost it and refused to do certain numbers, and demanded to be paid in cash, too.  (ha ha ha)

Apparently the lady who was in charge didn't want to pay the dancers for rehearsal time, so Jackie always felt unprepared and does not like to perform if she doesn't feel prepared.

Jackie:  It was just a really bad scene.  I made the Cher impersonator cry, too.

Liz:  Really?  You did?

Jackie: Yeah, after I walked out she knew it was a shitty situation.  She was very talented, though, and it was just like watching Cher sing.  But I am very particular so if my costumes aren't right, or if I don't feel like I know what to do, I'm not performing.

Jackie said that the travel situation for shows like that can be really tough, and has a big impact on how you feel and also how you feel about the experience.  Austin has had to travel for wrestling shows and says the venues can really make or break how successful the show is.

Jackie still sees dancers who live in Vegas who were involved with that production, and they always say stuff like "remember that shit show in Mexico City?"  Jackie has also performed in shows for other impersonators for Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Brittany Spears.  Some of the dancers for the actual performers are involved with hiring dancers for the impersonators, so she's met some of them, too.

Liz was also very interested in Jackie's experience being a dancer for the Miami Heat a number of years ago.

Liz:  That must have been so fun, back when the Heat used to win games.

Jackie was a Heat dancer when they won the NBA championship.

Liz:  Oh, did you get a ring?

Jackie:  No, but we got lots of other stuff.

Jackie was a Heat dancer when Shaq was there, and got to attend the game where they retired Alonzo Mourning's jersey.  Liz seems to know a fair amount about NBA games and the players, and did some cursing about Lebron James leaving Miami for Cleveland a few years ago.

Liz:  The fans in Miami are so bad..if they think they are going to lose the game they just get up and leave in the middle of the game.

Jackie:  Yeah...I's rough to look up and see people leaving.

Jackie said that after you're danced for one season, the team considers you to be a "vet", and you don't have to go to the open call for dancers, or the first week of dance boot camp.  The vets attend the second week of boot camp, though, and perform alongside the new batch of girls to compete for a spot on the squad.  Some of the vets don't get a spot on the dance squad, so that is always a risk.

Liz:  Is the money good?

Jackie:  No...if it was it might be an easier decision to stay there, but it's a full time job for very little money, so I don't think could do that again.


This is Meg and Jeff this morning in the bed they share...she was teasing him about being a bad cuddler.

Jeff is under that blanket, saying to give him a break, because he's "having a bad week".

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