Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's Saturday Morning and All is Well. Or Is It? #BB17.

Just now, the PoV players were picked, and here is the lineup for today's competition:

*  Vanessa, HoH
*  Shelli, picked by Vanessa as Houseguest's Choice
*  Clay and Becky, nominees for eviction
*  Liz and John, randomly drawn

Jason will be the host for the comp today.  Everyone is chattering about winning prizes, but I think most of these players want to win, hardcore.  Although I've been surprised before about that....


Everyone is up and either eating or primping to get ready for the PoV player pick ceremony.  The group in the bathroom is light and breezy, making light chatter as they go through their morning routines.

Jason says after watching all of the girls put on makeup, he wishes he could do that, too.

Jason:  My skin is VILE right now.

They discussed Vanessa's current breakout issue, and feel sympathy for her.

Jason: I was like, look at my damn skin, Vanessa!

Jason wanted to use Accutane before coming in the BB house, but one of the warnings is that users could experience a lot of breakouts in the first six weeks of treatment.

Jason:  So I was like, no thanks.  And one of the side effects is that you might want to kill yourself, so I was like,...this isn't a good time right now!

Johnny Mac walked in and heard them talking about Accutane.  He's discussed this with Jason before, but he's took Accutane when he was 24 and his skin has been clear since then.

John:  But those side effects are scary....most people with acne problems are depressed about it to begin with, so...

Jason has avoided using Proactiv because he's heard so many bad things about it, including the fact that they keep sending it to you and charging your credit card.  Plus he heard that it lightens your skin and your skin gets "addicted to it" and gets worse if you stop using it.

Austin made breakfast for himself and Liz.  He must feel that something strange is in the air, because I heard Liz ask him why he's worried....he's safe this week, right?

Austin shoveled down his food like a caveman and left Liz there to finish her breakfast without him.

Now it's Clay's turn to man the stove, and he has a lot of short orders to fill.

While Clay was cooking, he gave Meg an assignment to make fresh coffee.  Somehow she messed it up by not snapping the filter basket back in the right way, so coffee started brewing and spilling all over the counter.

There was a lot of joking around about Meg's lack of kitchen skills.  Although it's probably not a joke...Meg is clueless in the kitchen, clearly.

Johnny Mac rolled through the kitchen, flossing his teeth.  Which is kind of weird, right?

Jason calls the kitchen "Honeycutt's Haircutting and Breakfast Emporium" because of all the things Clay does for them.  He made everybody omelets and everyone jokes about Clay being their dad, even though he is one of the youngest in the house.

Meg:  Once I found out his last name is Honeycutt, I can't stop saying it...Honeycutt....Honeycutt...

Shelli:  Yeah, once I heard that was his last name, I was like, everything is perfect, what's next?


It's always so fun to watch the live feeds when they come back after an event.  All of the live feeders scour the action to try and piece together what just happened.

I watched the cameras follow Vanessa as she slowly walked through the house with her coffee cup, and then sitting on her HoH bed, thinking deeply.  Is she happy? Worried?  Would it freaking kill her to talk to us?

Another camera view tracks Austin as he walks around, frizzy hair flowing behind him.  My live feed experience tells me this could be either good or bad for Austin's game.  I heard Liz make chatter about being shocked to be picked to play.

And then I saw Johnny Mac go into the bathroom and confirm that he's going to play to win.

John:  And then I'd save Becky, because that's what people would expect me to do.

Clay:  Yeah.  That's fine.

Then Austin came in and was worried about Clay...he says that if "they" wanted to target Liz, "they" might be doing the same thing to Clay and he should watch out.  Clay kind of brushed that off by indicating he's going to play hard today.

And I'm impressed with how strong someone's Towel Folding Game is...just look at that tight stack of bath towels in there. I don't expect that to last long, so let's admire it now.

As Clay brushes his teeth, Shelli sashays in clutching her own coffee cup, and sits where she can watch Clay.

Clay, in a flirty tone:  What are you smirking about?

So, Shelli was picked to play by Vanessa. They're happy about it.  And let's face it, Shelli is a beast in the competitions.

After rinsing his mouth, Clay came right over and said they need to make sure Liz will use the PoV if she wins.

(I think it's WAY, WAY too early to talk to Liz about that, based on her attitude in there right now...)

Upstairs Jackie and Vanessa are laughing nervously about the situation.  Vanessa complains that she didn't want to have to run another meeting in the house...she wanted Jackie to do it.

Vanessa asked for Jackie's advice....should she try to win today?  Jackie gave her what I think was a great answer, as follows.

*  If it looks like Liz is going to win, take it from her and play to win.
*  If it looks like Becky or Clay is going to win, let it happen.
*  If it looks like Shelli or John is going to win, let that happen, too, since it is natural that they would want to use the PoV to save their friends.

Vanessa:  Here's the problem.  I feel like I need to tell Liz now, before we play.  Because what if it's one of those pick things....I need to choose her first, to get her out first, right?

Jackie: Why?  Who cares?

Vanessa:  I care, because she's about to be two people, and I don't want two people against me.

Jackie disputes this, saying it doesn't matter, and that it's too risky that she will tell Austin ahead of time.

Vanessa:  But what if we approach her as a group, telling her that if she's in the alliance, we need to tell her what the situation is.  I know I can tell her girl-to-girl, and make her understand that it's the right thing to do, that it's in her best interest.  I just need her to understand that she's got the numbers, the support behind her.

Jackie: Oh...okay...

Vanessa:  And they both want to win that money....they need the money.  And I would bet my whole fucking life that they're both coming in here next week.

(Jackie is slow to learn about this, so Vanessa is trying to act like she hasn't known the Twin Twist rules for weeks now.)

Vanessa: I just don't want to take a chance at pissing them off.  They're good at comps...they won physical comps and mental comps.

Jackie:  They might switch before the PoV, and we'll get the other one.  That's what Jason said.  But I agree we have to prepare for her winning, and then deal with it later.

Becky Burgess came up to the HoH, and is obviously on edge, about to lose it.

Vanessa: Hey!  What's up? Is it Liz getting picked?

Becky:  Shelli....Shelli is the top competitor in this house...did you see her when you picked her?  She started jumping up and down and cheering!

Vanessa, rushing over to calm Becky:  Honey, listen, you are not going home this week..

Becky:  I'm just....Shelli is the top competitor, and she's going to play for her man.

Vanessa:  John is going to play for you...John is playing for you!

Becky: But Shelli is the top competitor!

(Uh Becky....John is no slouch at the PoV comps, either...)

Vanessa:  Look I had to pick saw us earlier talking about it.  She's been the HoH twice and kept me safe both times....

Becky's trying to hold it together, but she's rattled.  I think losing the BoB when teamed with such a strong player like Clay (and against James, who was trying to lose) has shaken her confidence.

Vanessa:  Look, if it looks like Liz is going to win, that's the only time you're going to really see me compete to win.  I would prefer you guys to win it, really I would.

And you know this was coming:

Vanessa:  You've already seen me, Vanessa Rousso, take a bath in blood...I don't need any more of it on me!

Becky actually cracks a smile, but clearly she doesn't want to be left on the block on Thursday night.  That is a fear Becky will have to deal with...her friend Jackie has...

Becky:  I just got nervous when you picked Shelli....I got worried.

Vanessa:  I should have prepared you for that...that's on me.  But no matter how this goes down, I'm sticking to the plan and you have nothing to worry about.

Becky:  I understand.  I'm not crazy.  I won't go crazy.

Jackie:  Just beat Liz..that's all you need to do...beat Liz.

(Well, that didn't work so well yesterday, Jackie...)

Shelli is in the room, too, and they start discussing whether or not to tell Liz, and when to tell her.

Shelli: Maybe I shouldn't say this....but their connection is strong...Liz and Austin, and she's going to tell him if we tell her.

Jackie:  I think so too.

Shelli:  She'll either tell him, "why did you betray me?" or tell him that he's being targeted.  And then she might not want to use the PoV.

Vanessa:  That can't happen...that can't happen.

(Oh...but I think it could....)

Shelli:  But if there are prizes....she's already down there talking about winning prizes, so maybe she'll go for those instead of the Veto.

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  1. I find it hilarious how the house guests talk about their skin and use irritant products on it. I'm such a natural health geek and DIY beauty product peron it's crazy. I put lemon on my face for a fair complexion. Because I react to like all the chemicals in regular skin products, I can't use traditional creams. I need to buy them from Green Beaver or Mountain Rose. Or make them myself. I feel like telling the house guests ''guys, come on, grab some lemon, will help complexion and acne, then dab on some oil. Ask BB to order you coconut oil. You can use it for your face and you can bake with it too!'' A good temporary measure. Hehe I guess how people obsess over expensive products when they can have good results from inexpensive natural products is beyond me. Maybe I'm too much of a DIY beauty geek, but I'd be in there and improvise beauty products for them. They would be amazed LOL :p Speaking of lemon, I need to get that going on my face.


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