Friday, July 31, 2015

It's Over Now. They've All Jumped Off the Cliff. #BB17

The crowd watching is tired after over two hours, so you can imagine how Shelli, James and Johnny Mac feel.

Steve tells Austin that this comp is incredible, as they watch the wall tilt and their cast mates hang on.

Vanessa is hoping, but she probably already knows.

Austin paces, trying to get a better look.  At the cliff hangers, or of Liz?  A few minutes ago he walked up behind her to massage her shoulders but I think she either shrugged him off or moved.

Johnny Mac is struggling, trying to hang on while the crowd cheers.  James calls out to him, "Johnny have no worries", as Shelli tries to make a deal.

Shelli:  Guys...I've already done this twice, and I want to see Gizmo and ________. (James's dogs?)

Johnny Mac falls, but his moment is overshadowed by Shelli trying to make a deal with James.

Shelli:  I want no backdoors for me or for Clay!  Do you hear me?  No backdoors for me or Clay!

James:  Or for Johnny Mac!

Shelli drops and James wins HoH for the second time this season.


  1. Nice!!! I Really hope james flips the house and gets out a member of the sixth sense.

    1. He is too close to Vanessa and the others. I think it may be status quo. He may even do Six Sense a favor and get out Austin. When in reality they should get Vanessa or Shelli.

  2. The twins aren't very bright. They should each work with different sides of the house then split the money later?

    1. The twins aren't very; what tipped you off?

      "Oh my god, I like hate him!" - Liz

    2. What tipped me off was when Liz said she swallowed a Tums whole because she didn't know you were supposed to chew them

  3. Can we talk about Liz's final message to Jason!! Wow what a B! LOL XooX

    1. I know the "parents' basement" comment was harsh, but Jason has been bragging for weeks about how mean his goodbye messages to Jeff and Audrey were. He said the DR people said "Damn" after they heard what he had to say to Jeff.

      I think Jason can dish it out, but he can take it, too. It was nastier than I expected it to be, but I think Jason can give props to Liz for tossing a zinger at him.

      Looking forward to all of Jason's exit interviews...and also Rob Cesternino said that he thinks Jason will be a valuable contributor to the RHAP BB podcasts for years to come.

      So that's something, right?

  4. Did James agree to Shelli's deal or did she just demand no backdoors before she dropped?

  5. He implied consent, but it wasn't very formal. Maybe he said "yeah" when he included Johnny Mac in the deal, too.

    But he's going to nominate Clay and Shelli straight up today, not backdoor them. And Shelli is going to BLOW when she realizes "Clelli" won't be in the game, nor the Jury together.

    The PoV is going to be a bloodbath this week.

  6. Omg! If James splits that couple up before Jury I'll love him. Imagine Clay crying over her. If one comes down, stick Liz up. Then Austin will campaign for Liz, angering Shelli and Clay. Vanessa has already sold Shelli and a Clay out for selling her out, and Julia HATES Austin. So this alliance is crumbling.


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